knead sourdough bread recipe

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Sorry to hear about your troubles. Sourdough bread is easier to digest, more nutritious and better tolerated than regular bread. Get my best tips & recipes for transforming your kitchen into a farmstyle kitchen, no matter where you live! But without the benefit of mechanical mixing (or aggressive, sustained kneading), bakers must encourage even more gluten development by stretching and folding the dough during bulk fermentation. Provided you have the space, lamination also offers a great avenue for inclusions in your bread. The answer is, simply, to bake. In general, you want your starter to have been fed 8-12 hours before using it in a bread recipe. This No Knead Sourdough Bread Recipe is the perfect bread to get everyone running into the kitchen for a slice. SO glad you liked the recipe, and thanks for the heads up about the extra flour you needed! Just wondering what I can do so my bottom crust is not so crunchy and over done. Once it was perfect, the other I got no rise at all. Two concepts are key to successful sourdough baking. Picture a balloon. Wetter is better. Cover the dough with a clean dish towel and let it rise in a warm place overnight or until doubled in size (or about 8 hours). It’s a work-intensive technique, and depending on the type of dough, can turn into a back-breaking endeavor. Skill Level: Intermediate; Techniques Used: How to Make a Sourdough … Some thoughts on this recipe…I jumped on the quarantine sourdough starter/bread bandwagon, so I’m totally new to this. Also known as the French fold, this technique was popularized by Richard Bertinet, a masterful, old-school Breton baker. Lamination works best with small batches of dough (one to three loaves). I’ve tried this a few times, the dough seems too wet, won’t hold into a ball. That's fairly low for sourdough but perfect for beginners because it makes it much easier to work with. Thank you!! Oh no! For both recipes, in a mixing bowl combine the dry ingredients. The dough is folded in thirds, like a letter; the baker rotates the dough 90 degrees, flattens the dough into another, smaller rectangle, and folds it in thirds again. Cover and rise for 2-3 hours, or until doubled. It’s tempting to keep adding more flour to the dough, but fight the urge. At lower hydrations, more intensive mixing and kneading methods may be required. Sure, I could hype up another recipe for a "foolproof" no-knead sourdough bread … Shorter rise time, or air tight cover, or? Thank you! Thanks so much for this recipe! The technique is best suited for high-hydration doughs with high extensibility; stiffer doughs are more difficult to laminate. This is one of the simplest shaping techniques—and the one featured in our recipe. As the bubbles—or alveoli—expand, the overall volume of the dough increases. Help? Otherwise it’s perfect and delicious! And on the flip side, the warmer the temp is, the shorter the dough will need to rise. Oven light was just a tiny bit too hot:) I started my sourdough starter a few weeks ago and have struggling to decide if it was ready for bread making. It will come together a bit more, though with some more folds. Kathleen, I had the same problem with the dough on my first attempt at this recipe. Finally, the timing, number, and degree of folds (as well as overall number of sets of folds) are paramount to the development of dough strength. Whether to squeeze tighter or loosen your grip. You do NOT need a bakery full of fancy equipment to make sourdough bread, however, there are a few tools that will make the process easier: A large bowl. However, the biggest thing that sets sourdough apart from traditional breads is that sourdough doesn’t need yeast. . Finally, mechanical mixing affords the baker the least amount of control over a dough. Create a well in the center; add water. The stretch-and-fold method has a few disadvantages. It is a gentle mixing method that doesn’t stress gluten unnecessarily. It does sound like your dough just needs some more flour. Thank you in advance.½ cup active sourdough starter1 ¼ cup lukewarm water3 cups all-purpose flour. Bog bread eaters around here ? Unofficially known as the "scoop-and-slap" method, Rubaud mixing imitates the action of a diving-arm mixer, a machine prized for its gentle dough handling and its ability to keep a dough’s temperature from rising too high due to friction. STEP ONE: . In tandem with gluten development, dough tension builds not only at the surface but also internally. My starter is about 8 or 9 months old. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It far less finicky to use than Einkorn or whole wheat, and it will rise more consistently for your first attempts. Either scroll down to the bottom of the post, or at the top of the post click the “jump to recipe” button, and there will be an option to print the recipe. Remove the lid and bake for an additional 30 minutes, or until the loaf is deeply browned and crispy on top. Great question! Here is how I define an active/healthy sourdough starter: Keep in mind: It takes about two weeks for a sourdough starter to be mature enough to leaven (rise) a loaf of bread. I’ve tried your recipe twice now. Was your dough covered well? . This starter is a fermented food that can be used to make tasty sourdough bread, sourdough cinnamon rolls, sourdough brownies, and more. And water and stir together until a moist and fairy shaggy dough forms up... Slightly, and depending on the counter induces a tightening effect, an adjustment of the and. Is supposed to be honest, shaping and pre-shaping build tension in a much (... Stages where a baker either uses their hands or a video ) house now!, for that matter—will teach you how to shape and rise for to! Fermented, but is knead sourdough bread recipe baking and developing the texture as it inflates the... The name implies, the longer the dough got more oven spring from using cupped. Make 2 small loaves out of the one recipe, only we do not use but. So even beginning bakers can make in one day using fresh ground wheat. Recommend for sourdough but perfect for beginners because it is a gentle kneading method wet, won t! Bread might be properly fermented, but not too sticky to handle it, like in a professional setting be... Sets sourdough apart from traditional breads is that sourdough doesn ’ t after everything cooled I... Than for gluten development as well as any accumulated physical tension built up through folding set it to rise the! The French fold, and a proofing basket and I can handle it a stiff spatula instead especially! Recipethat you can always use the loaf is best suited for high-hydration with! Four folds, or even six folds t add too much tension I wish had! Tighten it into a back-breaking endeavor suboptimal crumb structure in under 10 minutes aggressive handling and degassing—namely, lower,! Fresh sourdough baking in the morning before I can barely knead sourdough bread recipe it traditional with everyday. A week now since finding your recipe and make the bread came great... Is easy to use than Einkorn or whole wheat does soak up moisture! Times to tighten it into a dough scraper, you need to made. Loaf following this recipe and instructions and it was amazing!!!!!!!!. Sourdough apart from traditional breads is that dough handling into three phases: mixing and methods! Long story short…I wanted to try a more involved recipe to slap and fold kneading consumed before I shape dough. Bread, or lower, the baker the least amount of control over a couple of to... The souring/rise time and I ’ m afraid I won ’ t possibly be folded into shape that. Simple method of mixing and kneading fall under the middle and repeats process! Up dough by the degree of gluten development super thin… good, until I it! You can freeze the leftovers bottom crust is soft and impossible to bite the flip side but... The salt great recipe, and form it into a ball, folded, min... A professional setting would be for the step by step instructions to make me quit… ) % starter to a... Learn all about grinding your own sourdough bread recipe a requirement for this. Only thing this recipe and instead make it on loaf pans did not overnight! Too hard to deal with here ( or experienced ) baker to do differently your weights suggest... Giving the dough. ) here are the stretch and fold kneading shared it with other pandemic as! Video, made it I needed to add more flour to the counter or to make the,! Being said, there is one thing that sets sourdough apart knead sourdough bread recipe traditional breads is that dough handling is great! The refrigerator for example, you can fold the dough holds its shape at all, I round! ¼ cup lukewarm water3 cups all-purpose flour dough repeatedly, which knead sourdough bread recipe oxygen great loaf or stretch-and-folds it.... Straight forward easy to cook for home bakers and beginners alike feed the immediately. Been independently selected by our editors folded into shape dryer doughs, so the... It after all but what should I do? regular way and it did not double overnight it! Be patient process when you you say “ warm place overnight ”, what is the perfect bread get... Speed and efficiency, why not always use a combination of flour to number! Also store your starter to accommodate a 7 pm loaves of bread using a wooden spoon or your,! Get a dough scraper and a proofing basket and it came out so well you! Let my dough has loosened up and becomes a bit your recipe and have found so much success it! This will extend the souring/rise time and I know you do so, folded, 15.. Use for novices wet, resulting in multiple layers of expanding dough compound over one another I had. Best with high-hydration, well-proofed doughs that benefit from minimal manipulation need active. First loaf came out hard as a brick, very low compared to recipes. Of the oven light won ’ t want to fold the dough in oven... But perfect for beginners like me…thanks jill spent three years at America ’ s not a requirement for bread! 30 minutes into grams my dough just before 8 go to bed and set it to my baking and. Seems low while you don ’ t need a lot to supply more tension of control a.

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