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I’ve been attending with Stan a working cocker spaniel who definitely had his own agenda!! A great foundation for anyone just wanting to bring their puppy on or work towards being a fully fledged gundog. We've been attending classes around 3 months, met lots of lovely people and made friends. The information he provided was clear and concise. ... but it was us who were out of practice! We are still working hard on our heal work but I’ve seen a huge improvement in him! Wish I had discovered Acer sooner!”, “We’re really impressed with Mark’s classes. Teal was 5 months when we started so she was a bit older than the other pups, but the small group made it quite easy for us to fit in and both owners and their dogs made us all welcome. More... Great scent & retrieve session today at Buntingford with Emma. I can’t recommend Acer enough.  I saw Acer training in a local magazine and contacted Mark to find out what was involved. Whether you’ve a working dog or a pet, I couldn’t recommend Acer Gundog Training enough!”, “Archie our working cocker spaniel has recently graduated puppy class and is currently attending beginner gundog classes at Acer. Mark has really helped establish a strong bond between me and my Labrador, Harley. Really enjoyed our session the other evening & will definitely go back in the daylight”, “My wife and I take Wapi to the Beginner Gundog Class with Mark. He is our first dog so I needed help with training and Acer were recommended by a friend. I’ve learned so much and so has she. The training is done.with kindness and rewards. He is fully qualified and accredited by both The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and The Gundog Club. I have attended many dog training courses, classes and workshops over the years where you have been training alongside a variety of breeds, but there is something very special when you are in a group of just gundog owners where you can chat, share tips and advice and talk about the highs and lows, the joys and frustrations that only another gundog owner would understand. The spaniel classes which Acer have been running over the past 6 or so months have really helped my dog to excel and allowed me to learn from a dedicated trainer who really understands a spaniels view of the world. We have been attending classes with Acer for nearly a year and she has progressed through Puppy and Beginner Classes and is just about to move to Junior. Find Acer Gundog Training Chigwell Area in Romford, RM6. There is no pressure to be perfect and the dog will take the time it takes to learn. Couldn’t recommend more highly!”, “100% love our training sessions. From day one I was taught in a very easy to follow step by step method. You have given me the tools to enhance my relationship with Poppy. The classes are enjoyable, informative and Arro learns so much, all whilst having fun! – Emma B. kind, compassionate, professional and listen to your needs and questions. The classes are very relaxed and Mark takes time with you individually, as well as working together in a group, have already learnt so much, would thoroughly recommend him.” He has really made massive improvements in a short space of time and I can not praise Acer Dog Training enough. They certainly don’t want to have their arm yanked out of its socket and to suffer the frustration of seeing their dog disappear over the horizon and completely ignore them every chance it gets. Acer have been great with breed specific advice and have helped us to understand what motivates Margot. If any member of the group has a particular problem with their dog Russ gathers us in and explains that to us all and a possible remedy. Spider also loved it as he put no pressure on her and went at her pace! We would be happy to recommend Acer.”, “I have an 8 week old Golden and cannot recommend the 2 hour puppy home visit enough. Freyja will be attending Mark’s puppy classes in the New Year and Vinnie continues to grow in confidence around other dogs and I now know when he is happy to play or when he is not. We’ve been attending classes around 3 months, met lots of lovely people and made friends. All our tutorials use modern, scientifically proven methods that are based on reward and not punishment. From the day we collected her, I thought our pup had a lot of potential, and she proved it by sailing through her basic training at a local general obedience school. Mark answered all of my million questions, and gave me really important tips about things I hadn’t even considered, even after reading all of the recommended books. Jacob’s bond with Bolt is now so strong and they are definitely best friends. I’ve learned so much and so has she. If Russ was informed of a particular problem that one of the group that was having with their dog we are all gathered in, had the problem shared and the necessary remedial advice given. I have been training with Russ at Acer now for over a year. In just four sessions bolt is a much more well mannered dog. I really liked how it had a club feel to it as everyone was social to everyone else, great friends. As a first-time dog owner, the task at hand with a puppy often felt overwhelming but the patience and reassurance provided by Mark has been second to none. I’m surprised every week at what a clever dog I have and it’s thanks to Mark and the team that I’ve been able to bring out the best in him. Would definitely recommend.” If you are thinking of working your dog or just want a well behaved family pet I highly recommend Acer.”. It makes for a happy dog - what could be more worthwhile? The classes are friendly, Informative and progressive...Thoroughly recommend if you are looking for a gun dog or even just a lovely well behaved family pet. but apart from the odd bit of chewed post and stolen food she is fabulous to be with and a huge amount of that is down to the leadership in training given by the team at Acer. Mark has helped us both with our confidence & Rufus really showed it today which was so lovely. I believe that due to this high level of understanding Woody has come on leaps and bounds and we couldn’t be more proud of him!! It gives me ideas of things to practise at home and also fulfils her desire to learn. Acer Gundog Training uses positive reward based training which has really helped Bentley to excel. It is worth the 45 minute journey each way!  Thank you, Mark!”, “We have been bringing Billy our GSP to Gundog Puppy Classes since he was 10 weeks old, after having our at home visit from Russ. I would recommend Acer to anyone no matter what level they want to take their dog training to.”. Enroll Now. Also a much happier dog . Not only do we go through the purpose of each exercise in relation to gundog specifics and everyday scenarios, Gemma also explains the process of how dogs learn and why each step of each exercise is important. Russell was spot on in his initial assessment of us and offered encouragement whilst highlighting areas where we were going wrong. Would recommend these classes to you and your gundog.”. Mark is a great trainer and very focussed, and our puppy has learnt so much with his support. Each week we learn new exercises which gives us material to practice and keep Harvey enriched for the week ahead. The classes are not too big so that it feels like personal instruction and we have seen tremendous progress. I signed Leo up without hesitation and we started our first class a week later. So a big thank you to all the trainers but especially to Mel, who always has a ready smile, encouraging words of advice and practical suggestions for any behavioural issues. Sarah Richardson & Rustie (Golden Retriever), John Green with Millie & Alfie (Sprockers), doing lots of research we then found the Acer website, and it sounded like this might be exactly the kind of reward based training that could work for us. Running off, chasing sheep, chasing rabbits, not listening, not looking at me etc. The class dynamic is really good with a good mix of completely different people with different breeds of dogs. .. Teal is first and foremost a pet but hopefully will eventually attend shoots in a year or so. “We had been taking Cali (our Vizsla) to some different training classes, and a few people had mentioned specific gundog training classes with Acer so thought we would try it out. I believe that gundog training should be about making sessions fun and easily accessible to all gundog owners. We were keen to get started quickly and take advantage of his young age and although Acer were fully booked straight away, they were able to accommodate us within a couple of weeks of enquiring. The puppy course in conjunction with the online training course has been the perfect combination to allow us to make the best progress possible. ... Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within Reviews are those of the author and not the views or opinions of Yell Limited. Mark and Tori are really friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgable and are always able to mould the training to make sure your dog succeeds. Luna really enjoys the sessions and they are challenging for her. Chatting away over a drink we discussed what I wanted out of the training and they even gave me some useful information on what food I maybe should be looking at for Leo. And I was correct!After a prompt response to my enquiry, Mark and I had a one-to-one initial session where he listened carefully to my concerns and needs, and after which he sent me a comprehensive summary of our meeting with a clear structured plan. Mark’s ways of teaching are fantastic and are always very positive, Isla, my Cocker Spaniel enjoys these classes very much (Wednesdays have become her favourite day). Special mention here for Russ Grant who throughout our training is so supportive of both owners and their dogs. questions, for the puppies to be around other young dogs and to talk to the other owners!  Acer are also completely force-free unlike most other gundog trainers. Coming to class is a pleasure both for her and me. What could be better than gundog training? We started with Mark at Acer and almost immediately, by following Marks instruction and advice, both Loki and I we seemed to be well on the way to becoming a “team”. I have had experience of other trainers and must say that it is great the way Mark tailors his instruction for both the dog and the handler. I think that Loki is probably easier to train than me but Mark perseveres. These lessons have also allowed me to talk to other spaniel owners about the day to day spaniel related issues and experiences we all encounter at some point or another. Are you looking for an opportunity in our Pet Franchises section? I’m so thrilled to have been recommended the classes via a friend of a friend. It is so good to have training geared towards the instincts already there in Paddy’s breeding. It is so rewarding to see how well he has progressed & also how I have learnt how to work with him. We followed this up with a one one-to-one session together with Alfie, where I was given masses of clear advice, encouragement and instructions with activities to work on with Alfie at home. I’ve had just seven 1:1 lessons and my whole relationship with Monty has changed. Flora and myself absolutely love our weekly sessions – we have so much fun, but are also learning so many valuable life skills in the process.”, “We would 100% recommend Acer gundog training. Acer Gundog Training Chigwell Area. So, there you are, even with some years of having dogs there is always something to be learned. The trouble is, these environments won’t equip you to deal with all the tempting distractions that your dog will face when you are out and about together in the countryside. Your dog does not have to be a highly trained gundog to do these. We have also loved meeting all the other pups and getting to know them and their owners. No Ratings. Thank you all at Acer. We both look forward to our class each week.”, “I have had both 1 to 1 and group classes with Mark and couldn’t recommend him more. She is very good at tailoring the exercises to meet the needs of everyone, gently introducing newcomers without overwhelming them, and individually challenging any more experienced members of the group. The team have got amazing knowledge on dog psychology, and we feel like we understand a spaniel brain better as a result. We've learned so much together, such as getting your puppy to make eye contact for permission. Our clients tell us that they want to live harmoniously with their dog. We’ve shared your details with the professional and asked them to get in touch. Didn't receive a code? Sandra Prior & Harley (Working Cocker Spaniel), owledgeable with any questions or problems l had. Minimum Investment: £15,000.00. Mark has loads of experience in gundog training which shows in his classes. He has really made massive improvements in a short space of time and I can not praise Acer Dog Training enough. Highly recommended.”, “Scarpa our Labrador Viszla cross puppy loves these classes and has improved so much. More... After 7 months of training with Acer, Lucy Labrador is completely unrecognisable (for the better of course) and I couldn't be happier! Acer Gundog Training Ltd. Dog Trainers. I highly recommend Mark and all at Acer Gundog Training. Mel has built up a knowledge of the individual dogs & can offer really helpful advice. You can expect to earn a healthy income as well as achieving a better work/life balance. Looking forward to starting in the classes & seeing Phoebe develop. & their trainers.Everyone you meet here is very friendly.I Cannot recommend enough, We were chatting to our vet and she mentioned gun dog training (amongst other things) so I started doing some research and discovered Acer Gundog Training. Mel and Mark have both been fab, always gentle and positive, no force or punishment advised (which some places still use!!) it'seeze franchise from Mark describes his methods as evidence-based and practical. Would definitely recommend. Well, that made me determined to carry on. Simply amazing.”, “Brilliantly constructed and comprehensive lessons. I'm enjoying using a whistle for recall, practicing a sit stay and our 'wait' trick which we learned early on was great fun and a good confidence booster. She is never without a smile even in the rain. We are so glad to be keeping Mel as our beginning gundog class’s teacher after we graduated puppy classes last week. Once you’ve completed our 6-week Beginner Gundog Foundation Course, we build upon the good foundations your dog has already learned.The skills your dog will progress include heelwork, steadiness and recall. Working with dogs all day and having run our own puppy classes before I felt somewhat prepared BUT the advice was targeted to us, our weaknesses and strengths and so useful. We were recommended to Mark at Acer and on day one I could not even lean away from Kenda let alone try a stay com and. But please remember there is no magic wand. It is so rewarding to see how well he has progressed & also how I have learnt how to work with him. ess on a weekly basis is great. Acer Gundog Training helps gundog owners understand their dog’s motivations in order to channel all of that drive and energy and put it to good use to stimulate their dog's brain. If you have a Gundog and you want it to be obedient as well as have a sense of purpose, then I’d highly recommend Acer. or Having never owned a GSP before we wanted to make sure little Poppy had the best start possible so we signed her up to start as soon as she had completed all of her vaccinations. We have now been going for around 3 months working with Mark, Tori and Russ on a weekly basis, the training is informative and fun, and the class sizes are just right. “I take both our dogs to separate classes, all of us love it! The classes have helped with his general obedience and he now walks to heal (except when dummies are flying) he even likes the other dogs. Heel work and his general obedience have improved enormously. There is nothing better than training your dog in the great outdoors, seeing improvement & knowing that the bond between you & your dog is only getting stronger. I knew the basics, but I have learnt a huge amount more already. More... We have been coming to Acer Gundog training with our Gordon Setter Margot since she was a tiny puppy. There is a real sense of fun, community and wanting everyone to succeed. We couldn't recommend Acer more, their positive approach to dog training makes it fun and enjoyable for both dogs and humans! This has made a huge difference to training. Previously it was far from safe to let him do this as Bolt use to pull like a train. I will always recommend Acer.”, “Kind, compassionate, professional and listen to your needs and questions. He used positive reinforcement reward based training methods and each owner/dog can progress at their own pace. I have no hesitation in recommending Acer Gundog Training.”, ll, walk to heel without pulling on the lead. Please enter additional details before continuing. Russell was spot on in his initial assessment of us and offered encouragement whilst highlighting areas where we were going wrong. Aside from enjoying watching my dog developing and putting to good use all his spaniel skills, the training has really helped me bond with him. When we joined in February 2017 I was doubting my judgement in having kept two siblings. I enrolled Harley into the Saturday puppy class with Russ teaching us. We have most recently been in a class led by Mel & the structure of being with one trainer has worked so well for us as Archie is a dog who loves routine. Thank you to Mark, Russ and Emma for everything so far! ... Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within Reviews are those of the author and not the views or opinions of Yell Limited. Thanks to Mark and Tori for all your help.”, “Highly recommend the 1-2-1 training with Mark. Of course as puppies they are each developing at different stages, just like the owners understanding but Mark allows for that and makes the whole thing a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience.”, Vinnie when around other dogs by teaching me how to read Vinnie’s body language and the signals he was giving me which I had been missing. Could not rate high enough. However what ever she does we know that she will be disciplined and well behaved thanks to Mark’s help and encouragement. I found Acer Gundog Training on line and after reading nothing but positive reviews, I contacted Mark and was lucky enough to be offered a place for Murphy at gundog puppy classes which we both thoroughly enjoyed and learnt so much thanks to the expertise of Mark and Tori. Russell was spot on in his initial assessment of us and offered encouragement whilst highlighting areas where we were going wrong. Freddie is so much more attentive now to instructions, he actually listens and responds, retrieves (never did before), is walking so well on a loose lead and we’re building on whistle training for recall. Having previously owned a chocolate labrador, I was expecting the worst which is why I signed up for training with Acer. We can really see an improvement in our dog’s recall & retrieving and we continue to work on everything we’ve learnt.  Basil and I look forward to developing into a great Handler and Retriever team in the coming months and years!“, Registered Address: Acer Gundog Training Ltd, 41 High Street, Royston, Herts SG8 9AW, Copyright © 2016 – 2020 Acer Gundog Training Ltd. (All Rights Reserved), “I highly recommend using Acer, many thanks to Mel and Mark for their continued help and support.”, All we want from training is to have a dog with good manners, that does not jump up, does not pull on a lead and comes back when you call it so my wife is able to walk the dog without being dragged down the street or being pulled over.Â, I love the training with Russ I like that he is calm, patient and always takes time to answer any questions. She is an incredibly kind, knowledgeable and encouraging trainer and we both really enjoy her classes. A daily 20 minute session practising our newly-learnt skills at home has resulted in a calmer, more settled dog (and owner!). !”, “We got in touch with Acer Gundog Training as we were about to get a new puppy and felt that we needed some help with our 5 year old Hungarian Vizsla, Vinnie who was very nervous around other dogs. s. After the first five minutes it was clear that Basil had the bug and it only took another five minutes for me to follow. Whilst we cover the syllabus, the knowledge and experience imparted has been priceless in integrating Bertie into our home life.”, “Every Sunday, I attended the puppy classes. Dog Trainers. I came across the Acer site and was very impressed by what l read on the site. Whether you’ve a working dog or a pet, I couldn’t recommend Acer Gundog Training enough! I love that there is no schedule so each week what we are working on is a surprise. Write a review. Now at 6 months old she has just graduated from the Puppy Class and up into Beginners, and I can see all the things we have learnt along the way have really started to pay off. Mark also helped me to reinforce Vinnie’s recall and taught me a whole bag of other tricks to use in different situations. Being a first-time puppy owner of a Labrador Retriever, we thought this would be a perfect place to train – we have not been disappointed! Everything is explained thoroughly and help is there when you need it, it is great to learn in such a positive way, whether you want to work your dog or to achieve a pet to be proud of.”, “We signed up to training classes by Acer after a recommendation from a friend, and couldn’t be happier with our choice! We're looking forward to the day when Wapi graduates to the next class. “I had been training my three year old Labrador since he was a pup, but like many owners I hit a plateau with our training and wanted to get some expert advice on how to progress our training further. Excellent puppy training from Mark.He really gives an insight into what Rosie will respond to.Good fun too! I can’t recommend his puppy classes enough – wish we’d started sooner!”, “As first time dog owners, we needed as much training as Murphy and Mark has really helped us all. yes this seems expensive (£125) BUT it was the best money I have spent. We have now graduated from Puppy class and have moved up to Beginner class. This is Cooper; what a handsome puppy he is too with his grey beard and toes. I’ve been able to bring out the best in him.Â. Teal is first and foremost a pet but hopefully will eventually attend shoots in a year or so. I looked around for other things to mentally challenge her and found acer gundog training. .. We chose Acer after a recommendation from our obedience trainer due to their Positve+ only methods and techniques. Well, that made me determined to carry on. The course has been brilliantly constructed, and is so easy to follow. Looking forward to learning more about the gun dog world from Mark on this fantastic accessible for all course”, “Mark is really knowledgeable offered great support in the training (and ongoing) with our Springer Spaniel puppy! We have just graduated from puppy to beginner training and I can’t wait to see us progress further with our training. We couldn’t recommend Acer more, their positive approach to dog training makes it fun and enjoyable for both dogs and humans! His recall is excellent & already tuned in with the whistle too. Small friendly classes and I can see Brinkley really starting to focus and enjoy the lessons too. As first time dog owners who don t go hunting we were a bit anxious about ending up in a traditional gundog group with people with years of experience in that field though.. After doing lots of research we then found the Acer website, and it sounded like this might be exactly the kind of reward based training that could work for us. We will soon be starting group lessons now his focus is much better. I don’t intend to work Lyall but I wanted to take him to gundog classes so that he could use his HPR brain to its full extent and also learn how to behave in every day life. I have been around gun dogs and seen them trained in various ways throughout my life so really wanted to get a feel for it from another IMDT member. Gemma’s classes are the highlight of our week. Of course training is always ongoing but when hard work is teamed up with such fun - the results are there to see. This really is a big achievement for him as he has such high levels of excitement and energy. We contacted Acer and got booked in for a 1-2-1 session with Tori, which was fantastic! Acer Gundog Training - Franchise Opportunity Gundogs are hugely popular throughout the UK and Acer Gundog Training have specialised in training both family pet and working gundogs. In the few sessions that I have been to with Mark, Basil is almost unrecognisable. We can thoroughly recommend Mark and Acer Gun Dog Training! Thanks Mark!”, “We have worked and bred Golden Retrievers for nearly 40 yrs and our latest youngster has got off to a super start alongside her 3 brothers, having just graduated from puppy class at Acer Gundog Training.They respond to the whistle well, stop and recall, and the loose lead walking is coming on beautifully.Marks methods gain focus and pleasure to puppies as they learn methodically to achieve new goals, and develop into the gundog you enjoy a relationship with.”, “I joined Acer Gundog Training having been recommended by a friend and the puppy classes are fantastic! Teal is first and foremost a pet but hopefully will eventually attend shoots in a year or so. “Our dog loves these classes and has improved so much. It was great that I was able to bring Pepper to a class on the very first day she was allowed out in the big wide world – no frustrating, time wasting wait for a new term of classes to begin. Mark also helped me to reinforce Vinnie’s recall and taught me a whole bag of other tricks to use in different situations. I would heartily recommend Mark to any owner looking to train their animal and gain a greater understanding of their dog’s psychology.”, “On behalf of Fausti the Gunpoodall “this is the best school for learning to gundog”, “My Wirehaired Vizsla ‘Roo’ and I have been attending beginner Gundog classes with Mark for a couple of months now. Mark was great, he explained everything clearly and we learnt loads. I wish I had enrolled much earlier. Teal is first and foremost a pet but hopefully will eventually attend shoots in a year or so. Mark teaches how to mentally stimulate your working breed and he comes home much more relaxed than he would after an hour of just running around. I would defiantly recommend Acer Dog training to anyone and I’m sure Forrest would too”, “Harry has been training with Mark for a couple of months now and the transformation has been amazing. Only positive training methods are used, which is something that is important to us. Emma’s classes focus on training me and harnessing his natural abilities to bring out the best in him. We can thoroughly recommend Mark and Acer Gun Dog Training!

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