barnstable house history

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A History of the Cape Cod House The term “Cape Cod House” was used as early as 1800, in a comment by Yale College president Timothy Dwight on a visit to Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Marina Davalos is a freelance writer who lives in Cotuit. HISTORIC FIRE. Patricia graduated from Seneca High School in Louisville, Kentucky in 1969. Sheriff James M. Cummings, the 34th Sheriff of Barnstable County, was elected into office in 1998 and subsequently re-elected in 2004, 2010 and 2016. Sheriff Bassett served from May, 1692 until 1699 when newly elected Sheriff Samuel Allen was sworn into office. Even by then, the type had spread; by 1740, such houses had been built throughout most of New England, and also on New York’s Long Island. The house was sold by Hope Shaw (and her brother) in 1832 to Abner Davis. Formerly a colonial-era tavern, the Crocker Tavern House is now available as a vacation home rental. Constructed in 1644 for the Reverend John Lothrop, founder of Barnstable, the house which forms the original part of the Library is the oldest Library building in the United States. Early settlers of this area were primarily farmers. The house has retained many of its period details and provides a genuine experience of staying at a pre-revolution landmark. Documentation of the first Barnstable Sheriff dates back to the 1600s when William Bassett was appointed Sheriff in 1692. In 1971 she was entered into a beauty contest by her mother; she won the title Miss Kentucky in said contest and was the fifth place runner-up in the Mis USA pageant. We Chose Cape Cod, by Scott Corbet (NY: Thomas Y Crowell Co, 1953). With its simple, no-frills shape and cozy, cottage-like aesthetic, the Cape is perhaps the most iconic of all American house forms, evoking a sense of nostalgia unmatched by other styles. The house is an integral part of the Cape’s history, and is just steps away from all that Barnstable Village has to offer. In 1690 Edward Coleman, Jr. built the first permanent residence at the head of Lewis Bay and settlers from England incorporated the Town of Barnstable in 1639. Three centuries later, the style remains as popular as ever—and it's not difficult to see why. Cape Cod's Way - An Informal History of Cape Cod, by Scott Corbett (NY: Thomas Y Crowell Co, 1955). The Crocker Tavern House (circa 1754) is a lovingly restored historic landmark nestled within Barnstable Village. The Cape Cod house form was first developed in America in the early 18th century. The history of deeds recorded in Barnstable County dates back to 1686. Since 1602 Hyannis has enjoyed a rich and powerful history. And This Is Cape Cod!, by Eleanor Early (Houghton Mifflin Co, 1936). The building is also one of the oldest houses remaining on Cape Cod. The house also has a history of people experiencing spooky sounds and doings, including Pazakis-Gonzalez’s own aunt who – during a tour years ago – thought she watched a … Of more than passing interest is the historic court house fire which destroyed the original Registry of Deeds. Hope Shaw had a second claim to fame as she was the stepmother-in-law to the famed Moby Dick author, Herman Melville who is rumored to have written portions of Moby Dick while residing at The Barnstable House. Sturgis Library Yesterday & Today . The Cape Cod Lighter- 23 Short Stories, by John O'Hara (Random House, 1962). (Prior to that time the land records were recorded in Plymouth County).

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