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Years of experience and investment in wholesale overseas Durian export. DURIAN PASTE. Compared to vertical VSP machine, inline VSP machine is also for VSP pack of pre-made trays, but much more convenient, and much higher budget of course (4 times of the budget of a vertical VSP machine). in 2019. With a little more investment into vacuum skin packaging machines, you will see a significant rise in both unit price and sales volume of durians in market, especially in supermarkets. Ideally, you can use 1 machine for vacuum packing of both whole frozen durian and frozen durian pulps. MAP modified atmosphere packaging is also used in packaging and storage of durian pulps. The packaging centre for the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TPC) has come up with three new packages for fresh fruit – a box that keeps out the odour of durian, a corrugated box for transporting ripe mango and a smart label indicating the level of sulphur residue on packed longan fruit. Before invest into durian industry and durian packing machine, as in any other industry, you always need to consider 3 main factors: The industry market prospect, Your advantages in the market competition, Make the right decisions in purchasing the right machines for  you. When the pressure was reduced to 100 bar, this amount was reduced to 95.17%, and biocomposites that were completely untreated showed 93.23% weight loss,”​ said the authors. Countries with Biggest Export Unit Price Rise . Durian processing factories can always choose their ideal packaging equipment that fits their requirement. Vertical VSP machine is semi-automatic, that you need to put durian pulps into pre-made trays, then put the trays into the cavities in mold. During the off-season, Malaysia imports durian from Thailand to meet local demands. Packaging, Durian, Malaysia There are larger quantities of imports, all provided by Thailand and Malaysia. Although research is still ongoing, already it has been found that the addition of cinnamon essential oil (CEO) and treatment with supercritical carbon dioxide (SCCO2​) on the material can greatly help to improve its properties for food packaging. 1. Packaging efficiency of double chamber vacuum sealer is double of the efficiency of a single chamber vacuum sealer machine. To import to China, durian should meet certain hygiene standard, very long shelf life, and very good packages to protect them in international transportation. The team developed a biocomposite made from polylactic acid (PLA), durian skin fibre and epoxidised palm oil. Rising awareness about health benefits of durian, including anti-oxidant, anti-aging, antidepressant, cancer prevention, and maintenance of blood sugar levels, has been fueling the demand for the product across the world Genuine SUS304 stainless machine body make sure longest service of the machine, no rust at all. Map of current and potential growing regions. vOut = vOut.toLowerCase(); The weight and size of whole durian is very various, so before packaging,  the process of size sorting is necessary. Durian market is thriving, and certainly the market will keep growing in the next 5-10 years, as the China market is keep growing. Agromas; Recipes; Journal of Agribusiness Marketing . { “Durian skin fibre (DSF) has excellent features as a reinforcement or filler (to improve physical and mechanical properties) in PLA biopolymers,”​ said the researchers. Firstly, once the fresh durians are collected from the orchard, they will then be sent for chilling for a duration of 3 hours. Subscribe Belt type continuous vacuum packing machine GB1000, Modified atmosphere packaging machines (MAP), Ultimate guide for durian packaging machine. You can also choose from box, gift packing durian packing, as well as from food, apparel durian packing, and whether durian packing is frozen, or dried. A special thick layer of paper and plastic wrap will be used for packing. The most advantage of double chamber vacuum sealer is it owns 2 working chamber and 1 swing chamber cover, so that there are no more waiting and time wasting after placing the bags to the vacuum chamber. With approximately 10 years of experience, ARD Durian will increasingly maintain the quality of durian fruit choices for consumers, whether locally, between provinces, and even international. Cara Mengemas Durian agar tidak Bau #deldido - … You can always vacuum pack frozen durian paste with a double chamber vacuum packing machine for a general output capacity. Durian flesh is canned in syrup for export. Company also provide durian paste for the dessert market. According to output capacity, there are often 2 types of vacuum packaging machines for frozen durian pulps. “The supercritical fluid treatment of [this] biocomposite could be an alternative for active packaging industries to ensure that the [packaging] meets consumer requirements [in addition to] being an eco-friendly product,”​ the authors added. Put durian pulps in plastic trays, fill in mixed air with a certain ration, typically 3-5% oxygen, 5-15% carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, then store durian in cool temperature, the shelf life can be prolonged to 8 weeks. Check EXPORT OF FORZEN DURIAN PULP TO CHINA from Malaysia government. Storage is capable at maximum 10 tons of durian pulps (minus the husk) or 20 tonnes of durian paste.. More. Price Range For Last 5 years $ 0.00 $ 1.00 $ 2.00 $ 3.00 $ 4.00 $ 5.00. Check how the exporting of Malaysia durians to China market is growing fast. $(document).ready(function() { However, with us you do not have to worry about these things, as we pack our durians in easy secured packing, which keeps our durians fresh, and their taste and aroma intact. Durian packaging machine is a series of packaging equipment for whole durian, durian pulps and durian paste. Cost of a standard DZ800/2S vacuum packaging machine is between USD8600 (China brand vacuum pump200)-10100 (BUSCH vacuum pump 200). Durian fruit is available in many countries, like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. Your Message Let us know more details of your requirement, including what product to pack, package size, output requirement, etc. Döhler – Natural Food & Beverage Ingredients, Analysis of Dietary Supplements and Health Foods, Reduce Sugar | Total Sweet Solutions from Sweegen, Deep-dive into improving packaging line efficiency, GELLANEER™ ELA – Gellan gum innovation that maximizes manufacturing and cost efficiency in gel-based applications, BL Agro optimise CAPEX & OPEX on their edible oil PET packaging lines, Sign up to our free newsletter and get the latest news sent direct to your inbox, https://doi.org/10.31436/iiumej.v21i1.1220, Survey Report: State of the Food & Beverage Development Sector in Asia-Pacific 2017, News & Analysis on Food & Beverage Development & Technology – Asia Pacific. VSP pack can effectively prolong durian’s shelf life while presenting the original shape and color of durian pulps in a vivid way, consumers can be easily attracted by the appearance and decide to make a purchase. Import Export. vOut +=', '; if(i!=(aTags.length-1)) With this machine,  all you need is 1-2 operators to put the durian pulps into the formed containers. Now we have many type of durian’s packaging for export. The purpose of the packagings is to solve the problems of thai's fresh fruit exporting industry's. VISION & MISSION. Here we will only talk about factors you need to pay attention to before buying packaging equipment for durian: Well, if you have any other questions regarding durian packaging machines, please don’t hesitate to leave me a message. Rank in. Since a whole durian is a relatively large product to be vacuum packed, the packaging machines commonly used are chamber vacuum sealers, specially designed with deep cavity around 20cm. Both whole durian with shell and durian pulps should be quick frozen and vacuum packed. for (var i=0; i < aTags.length; i++) Subscribe, By Pearly Neo Durian Export from Topfruits Sdn Bhd (Durianseller.com) - your wholesale Malaysian Durian Exporters. } PRODUCTS. “The biocomposite treated with SCCO2 ­​at 40​°C and 200 bar pressure showed the highest degradability with 96.58% of weight loss. And in a foreseeable 5-10 years, the increasing trending will continue. Blocks of durian paste are sold in the markets. … Until now, ARD Durian tonnage able to supply about 80 ton – 100 ton durians per season, and InsyaaAllah will continue to grow. Another operator is required at the other end of the machine to collect the completed packs. 6. He noted that Malaysia’s current total durian export only accounted for 5.8% of the durian production in the country. “3-D printing uses material layer-by-layer to build objects [and] currently, a wide range of materials are used,”​ said IIUM. Using the skin to produce DSF can help with reducing environmental pollution.”​. Export. return vOut; Operators only need to put durian pulps in trays, and place the trays onto the conveyor belt, the machine will complete the follow steps automatically: Move forward into the chamber – Vacuum – Film trim – Move the completed packs out of the chamber. There are thousands of durian farms and durian processing factories in Malaysia and Thailand, that are of various production output capacity. Durian vacuum skin packing machine for durian pulps. ABOUT US. In April 2017, FoodNavigator-Asia.com conducted its inaugural ‘state of the industry’ survey on its user base of food industry professionals. Be cautious in purchasing packaging machines, in some cases, they are not made of genuine SUS304 while the seller claims they are, and the machine is relatively cheap. Durian packaging machine – Vacuum packaging machine for whole frozen durian, How does it work – Vacuum packing machine for whole frozen durian, Why should you choose double chamber vacuum sealer for whole frozen durian, What are the output capacity and cost of double chamber vacuum sealer for whole frozen durian, Double chamber vacuum pacakging machine for durian pulps, Thermoforming packaging machine for durian pulps, Seal the vacuum packed durian pulps in trays for retailing purpose, Durian packaging machine – VSP vacuum skin pack for durian pulps, Thermoforming VSP packaging machine for durian pulps, Frozen durian paste vacuum packaging machine, Tips to consider before purchasing durian packaging machines, how the exporting of Malaysia durians to China market, © Copyright 2006 - 2020   |  KANGBEITE  PACKAGING|   All Rights Reserved. Malaysia's durian production is mainly consumed locally but a significant amount of good quality durian is exported to Singapore with smaller amounts to Thailand and Brunei. How is Malaysia durians processed and packed? The top countries of supplier is China, from which the … Musang King Durian from Malaysia in San Diego, CA 2016 ($10 per pound) - Duration: 10:18. Click to View; Trademarks on this page. We have GAP certified growers and HACCP and GMP certified packaging house. In Malaysia, the whole frozen durian needs to be vacuum packed before importing to China market. The durian husk was extracted for cellulose or fiber using sodium hydroxide and then lignin removed with hydrogen peroxide. Volume 7; Volume 6; Volume 5; Volume 4; Volume 3; Volume 2; Volume 1; Marketing Information . Ultra packaging solutions for durian pulps vacuum skin packaging, with higher budget than any other durian packaging machines. “The control samples without CEO negatively inhibit any of the tested bacteria, which resulted in no inhibition zones (0mm) bring formed around the bacteria, [whereas the CEO-treated samples] formed clear inhibition zones and showed that bacterial growth was prevented,”​ said the researchers. The inhibitory zone against E.coli​ was slightly larger at around 15.1mm as compared to that against S.aureus​ at around 12.5mm, indicating that CEO is slightly more effective against gram-positive bacteria than gram-negative ones. 2. dataLayerNews.related_tags = sanitize_gpt_value2("Packaging, Durian, Malaysia"); 28-Apr-2020 at 00:26 GMT. But till today, the most well-known durian is MuSang King originate from Malaysia. In May of 2011, Malaysia finally settled an agreement to begin shipping durian to China, breaking Thailand’s monopoly on the industry for the first time in about 30 years. No need to purchase pre-made trays anymore. ​The presence of durian fibre was also hypothesised to speed up the degradation process due to ‘poor adhesion between matrix and reinforcement [material]’​ – the reinforcement material being durian fibres. INDONESIA DURIAN & TROPICAL FRUITS EXPORTERS. Durian exporting is a relatively new business in Malaysia. Durian vacuum packaging machine for durian pulps, 3. Some durian processing factories use VSP vacuum skin packaging technology, to prolong shelf life while present a very nice 3D appearance of durian pulps. Durian husk was selected because it had holocellulose, which could produce package and paper. 10:18. Click to View; Customs Import Duty of: durian. function sanitize_gpt_value2(gptValue) Phytosanitary Certificate; 2. Usually a ripe durian fruit weight is between 1.5-3 KG, and of course there are smaller and larger ones. The main concern for people who buy durian from an exporter is the quality and packaging of the fruit. Focused on sales for fresh durian. In its new packaging, frozen durian can be stored longer and has a high potential to expand its market both locally and for export. In addition to food packaging development, the team also sees potential for this biocomposite as a 3D printing material. Of course these machines are highly customizable, there are also DZ500, DZ700, DZ900 available. Export Price. South East Asia, … There are 282 suppliers who sells durian packing on Alibaba.com, mainly located in Asia. “Only about 55% to 65% of a durian by weight is flesh, which is consumed – the remaining 45% to 55% is generally considered to be waste, including the seed and skin, which was used in this study.

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