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Follow up with guestsSend an email or postcard, or make a phone call thanking the guest for attending, and asking if they’re considering membership. The best recruitment ideas for any type of club are those that showcase everything your club has to offer. Click here to return the education section. Make membership growth your club’s top priority - and make sure every member understands that. These are not scary numbers people! Terms of Use. Have a meeting in a public location like a park or squareIt draws attention and is a low-commitment way for curious potential members to check you out. “It took my workout partner two years to convince me to come to a meeting,” says Gump, who joined the club in 2013 after attending just one meeting. Volunteer as a groupYou’ll get to do good as well as meeting other volunteers in your space. 1. Offer a trial period for new members before they pay duesIf there’s no cost for trying it out, potential members may stay long enough to see how much they like your club. If Gump’s fowl finery is any indication, this is a tip he takes to heart, dignity be damned. One alumni association did this to great effect. Create perks for club members who recruit new members Introduce your club to local businessesSend a letter or stop by and introduce yourself. Visit a Chamber of Commerce meetingConnect with your local movers and shakers — some of them are looking for clubs to join, or will be willing to share your information with others. Some of the ways your group can do this are outlined below. Put up flyers around townLook for community bulletin boards and high traffic spots like grocery stores and coffee shops. I would say that these five tips ( could make use of the ones that you outlined and become super effective. 8 Steps to Increasing Health Club Membership Sales. “And most people were happy I asked, even if they did have to decline.” And remember: It’s never not a good time to invite a potential member to a meeting. Writing association? Contact to get started. Review our Membership Satisfaction guide for more information. “He has already become a Paul Harris Society member, leads our beer tasting committee, and led our 100th anniversary celebration for The Rotary Foundation.”. In the first year, the card only offered discounts to 9 businesses. When it comes to finding new members for his Minnesota Rotary club, Tom Gump doesn’t just walk the walk, he trots the trot: the turkey trot. And don’t overlook some obvious suspects, such as members’ spouses, Youth Exchange host parents – “they already have a taste of what Rotary is about” – and even former members. Get feedback from current members. Host a guest speakerGuest speakers attract non-members who share your interests. This will ensure the photos show up in their friends’ feeds as well. This was really an excellent post. Conduct a Membership Drive 1. New members bring new energy to a club, he explains, and mean more people to serve on committees, work on projects and events, and raise money for the Foundation. Host a charitable event like a run or walkYou’ll raise money for a good cause, and introduce your club to new people who also support the cause. In February, Rotary welcomed its first LGBTQ club, the Rotary Club of San Francisco Castro. We dropped the membership fee for families and made it free and sent out a donation campaign which said, ‘We are asking everyone to donate $25, but for $50 you can not only pay for yourself, but offer for someone else to pay for your services.’, “With all the ones that we waived, we actually made more money in the donation round. A bonus idea: recruit new members by allowing attendees to bring a “guest”, gratis. Switch up your offerings to attract more people. “You have to make potential members feel wanted,” Gump says. Sorry, this blog post is closed for further comments. If for some reason this is a mistake, please. All rights reserved. Host a yearly event to say “thank you” to your members. Set up Google Analytics or link tracking using or More on that shortly. Make sure your contact information is up to date on national and organization-wide directories. Talk too long and speakers are cut off by a “cheesy disco song from the ’70s,” Larson says. Please help us improve. This was the strategy from Kim Elliot of the Klamath Rental Owners Association. Involve community members and organization in defining and creating solutions to the problem or goal. The list can serve as a template when sending an email or letter to a potential member. To address this problem, the neighbourhood association looked “outside the box” and created a membership card that gave members a 10% discount at local businesses. Sending out a post-event survey can also help you see what went well and what you can improve for next time. Usually you can submit your information quickly online, and get listed quickly. 8. The initiative to form the club came from the top down after local Rotary leaders acknowledged that members of the LGBTQ community were underrepresented in District 5150, which encompasses San Francisco and other towns in Northern California. Help members develop an “elevator speech” about their membershipWhy are they members? ‘Hey, it’s a free membership, please join us and we’ll ask those who can give to give.’ That worked really well for us and we’re raising $25,000 just from that campaign. With 94 members, the club “went from being classified as a medium-size club to being one of District 5950’s large clubs,” says Gump, who will be the 2020-21 district governor. Hand out promotional … You can also ask them for feedback regarding the reasons they left, which can help reduce your churn overall. Offer club business cards to your membersIt’s an easy way for them to point people to your club and share more easily with their network. More memberships equal more revenue, but achieving an increase in sales takes a planned approach. And there are many ways to do so. Here are some strategies to help increase the number of participants in your club, and ways to encourage those participants to show up with greater regularity. You offer the blueprints to becoming a bestselling author. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing your website so that it’s more easily able to be found by Google. “If someone doesn’t fit your format, recommend them to another club.” Keep in mind that the point is not just growing your club, but boosting Rotary’s capacity to make a difference in communities around the world. Read More: 13 Membership Certificate Templates for Any Occasion (Free Download), Published Friday, 09 August 2019 at 3:59 PM. “We are the next generation of Rotary,” proclaims its website. Unbeknownst to Recto, their destination was a Rotary meeting. Give members a button or pin and encourage them to wear itMake sure it’s stylish so members will be more likely to wear it, and people will ask what it’s about. Create a membership drive budgetAds, events, and promotional materials all cost money. News & Features(down arrow opens sub-menu)>, By Geoffrey Johnson Host activities for members and non-members alikeA group activity is an excellent way to meet new people. Network with other clubsWork together to increase your visibility. For example, you could meet near public transport, or provide childcare to members during meetings. Generation X is slowly but surely handing over the keys to the finally-come-of-age Millennials. Use Membership Management Software to automate your admin tasks and free up your time for member engagement and growth. Asking club members why their membership was important to them, passionate younger golfers (under 30) cited it as a way to reducing the cost of playing, while collectively golfers under 50 stated that competitions and retaining an official handicap was a major factor in having a membership. Want some suggestions about attracting younger members? So if you’re looking to add members to your club, consider taking a page from the Edina/Morningside playbook. Here are additional ideas to increase membership value: Create an online community for club members (such as a Facebook group) Offer opportunities for branded club merchandise and swag; Ensure social calendar offers small group events; If possible, offer family events/days where members’ families can also get involved; Do you run a club? Members should take turns inviting prospective members to club meetings. Members can share it with their contacts, and you can share it on social media. Attract Your Target Audience With Valuable Content. Which … Pour all your marketing resources into giving current members a better experience — and word of mouth will likely increase. Host low commitment meet and greets at a local coffee shop. We give our members “business cards” to hand out to prospective members when they meet them. All members had to do to attend was bring a non-member friend. Conduct exit interviews with departing membersWhen you know why people are leaving, you can start figuring out ways to keep them. ... and you need new blood to keep the book club alive. I’ve included over 100 ideas that your club, association, or nonprofit can use to attract new members — many of which I’ve seen used to great success throughout my time at Wild Apricot. With so many options available, it's increasingly important for organizations to come up with strategic ways … In fact, that’s the fourth item on a list of 10 tips to attract and retain members which has been prepared – and practiced – by the club. See Rosie’s Story as an example. are 20 simple, proven methods for boosting your club’s membership. The point is not just growing your club, but boosting Rotary’s capacity to make a difference around the world. Develop an annual membership drive and reward those who generate the highest number of new members. According to Steven Aquilina, past president of the Rotary Club of Southbank (in Melbourne), Australia has a well-established LGBTQ Rotary network. “It attracts between 3,000 and 4,000 people, and everything is branded so there’s no mistake who’s organizing it.”. Submit your club information to local directoriesYour chamber of commerce or other local groups may publish a directory — list your organization! Every year, the Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association chooses a new city to host its annual conference. “Our club recruited and inducted three new members during the holiday season.” Nor is there a bad place to talk about Rotary: Gump landed one new member he met at Chipotle. Each year, make a list of all the events, services, and educational opportunities that were made possible by your membership fees. “We host a family fun event that’s going into its third year,” says Bassett. For example, CIVSA hosts regular growth check-ins with regional chapters to share strategies. Please wait 10 seconds. During the event, they promote the benefits of joining the organization. Consider the affordability of dues and events. Sarah Rintamaki of Connecting for Kids made their membership completely free or by donation. Recruit Members from All Available Resources 1. Please try again. Even if your club is the optimum size, it’s no reason to stop recruiting. Item 48. The cards have a line for the referral source so the member gets credit for referring someone new.”. Plus, encouraging online participation will increase engagement with all your members, so really it’s a win-win scenario. Encourage members to share club activities on social mediaCreate a photo release package so that you get permission to tag them in pictures. For instance, gym membership spending has increased in the UK in recent years because people see the value in getting healthy and in shape.. “I have been called a good salesman,” says Gump (who, for the record, is a real estate lawyer and a developer). And with any luck, that other club will send you a potential member one day. This is the strategy of Sarah Rintamaki from Connecting for Kids. “This makes it fun since people do their best to finish before the dreaded sounds of an old Bee Gees tune or the theme from Rocky tells them time is up.” Finish your “commercial” in 90 seconds or less and the Rotary bell rings, meaning the speaker gets invited back for a free lunch with the club and another opportunity to speak. In fact, this is the single strategy of TED — the nonprofit that spreads ideas through powerful talks of 18 minutes or less. Talk to other similar organizations to see how their membership efforts are going. “People say it’s a bad time, for example, because it’s the holiday season,” says Gump. The solution: adding value to membership because it has the potential to increase membership, revenue generation, and customer loyalty. “We feel that having a meal and weekly meetings puts some people off joining,” says Bassett. “We had two founding members rejoin recently,” Gump says. Place club materials at related businessesIf you’re a group of knitters, put your information at the yarn store. Facebook Groups are great for this! Read on for the club’s 10 tips, as well as five suggestions for increasing membership from other Rotarians and Rotary clubs. Kelly (name changed for privacy), the Executive Director at a small cycling club held a charity cycling event in her city. If you’re a bunch of sportsmen, put up a flyer at the bait and tackle shop. 4. Remind current members to greet newcomers and avoid club jargon when there are visitors. Then, continue emailing them with ideas and tips so that they can see the value of joining your organization. Some ask if they can take the poster home. Make online registration as easy as possible. Cut ineffective ways and pour more resources into the ones that actually work. Not easily deterred, his friend picked him up for a lunch date one day. Existing Users Log In Username or Email. Riseley endorsed the event and encouraged other clubs to welcome people of diverse backgrounds. The club plans service projects three months in advance so members can plan ahead, and it regularly schedules speakers for its Adulting 101 series (topics have included “Paying Off Debt” and “How to Buy a House”). What’s the biggest benefit of membership? Make special efforts to welcome new members and new ideas. “The focus is always on Rotary.”, In April, at his induction ceremony into the Arch Klumph Society, Rustico “Chito” Recto Jr. explained how, almost against his will, he came to join Rotary in 1980 when he was 26 years old. Once she no longer had to devote so much time to managing members, she could come up with better member recruitment ideas. If your organization is more on the creative side, you could create a feedback program. McCoy recommends that clubs hang a banner and attach name tags of club members who are already in the society. “We need to be open and affirming to everyone. Their membership fee was only $15, but all events were free for both members and non-members. Consider membership tiersIf full membership requires too much commitment, maybe a lesser commitment (with fewer privileges, but also lower dues) would appeal to new people. By leveraging the personal relationships among classmates, the alumni association was able to grow its membership significantly. It collaborates closely with other clubs in the district – the Rotary Club of Wrexham Yale helped Glyndwr get on its feet – and relies on high-wattage events to raise its profile. Give away something free to new membersThe chance to win a prize always attracts interest. She even beefed up the registration forms with an overview of the club and testimonials from a few current members. Think about where people who share your interests are likely to be. Make it easy to join your club without paper forms or checks. Give these four reliable inbound tactics a try to increase your club membership: 1. Offer online registration and paymentMake it easy to join your club without paper forms or checks. At times, it will take more than one or two requests to get someone to attend a meeting. Membership Management Software on Your Mind? Can they explain the purpose of the club? Hold diverse events to appeal to a variety of age groupsIf all your events appeal to one group of people, mix things up by hosting an event to appeal to a different one. Exude a warm and welcoming attitude A warm and welcoming executive can translate into a warm and welcoming club. Sorry, you are posting comments too fast. They simply listed all their prospects and contacted them one by one over the phone. If you meet in the morning, you’re probably a good fit for someone working 9 to 5. Assign especially engaged members a “recruitment role”. There are always reasons people leave. “We want the game changers and move makers, people who are busy and thriving in their everyday lives. “I always tell presidents and presidents-elect that the best way to make their year as president easier is to bring in more members,” says Gump. This is a great demonstration of the kind of value they will get if they do decide to join -- which you should be sure to mention during said event! “By using our public Facebook page and also by finding prospective members in various groups, we can reach out to them directly to recruit them.”. You may even be able to offer this as a member benefit. This could even be a recurring event so that new members are continually bringing new friends! Report on your membership numbers and goal progressKeep the members up to date on how recruiting is going to motivate them to help. “We have a relationship with our local university, University of Central Florida Continuing Education, who gives educational credits for our qualified programs,” said Carol Emmett of the Greater Orlando Organization Development Network. “Sometimes people need to leave for a reason and then later they have more time and just have to be asked to come back.”, Most things are strengths if you target the right audience. Discuss the list at board meetings – not just the concept of bringing in new members, but the specific names and who’s going to contact them and when. Provide a member’s name (typically the VP Public Relations), e-mail and phone number on your web site and encourage visitors to contact him or her with any questions. Conduct exit interviews with departing members When you know why people are leaving, you can start figuring out ways to keep them. Create a welcome packet for guestsInclude things like the mission, calendar, and contact information, as well as information about becoming a member. blogger is moderating comments. Create perks for club members who recruit new membersLittle perks and freebies can really motivate people. “We follow up by sending all participants a PDF with everyone’s contact information as an added convenience.”. Put up a sign at your meeting placeIt’s amazing how many people discover organizations by simply walking or driving past their sign. From De Zordo’s perspective, the formation of the new club recognized what was already a reality: Many members had already been participating in Rotary events and projects. Rotary International provides a wide range of resources, tips, and tools to help clubs build and sustain their membership. Students may be interested in joining, or you can partner with them for events. 5. At press time, the club had 24 members, aged 21 to 33, as well as 20-plus “Friends of Roc City.” Members are recruited through word of mouth and social media; it helps that Roc City convenes during happy hour at a local pub. Do you have any other strategies to increase membership that you’d like to share? “We did not let not being chartered get in the way of our service,” De Zordo says. The message has not been posted. You can learn more about how to do this in our on-demand webinar. “We meet once a month and have a solid turnout at every meeting,” says Kristina Chartrand, who co-founded the club with her longtime friend Kelsey Christiansen (they met in 2005 as Interactors while in high school). “What we did was an experiment which actually turned out to be very successful. For instance, if someone is interested in international work, your email or letter should focus on that. Over the last 30 years, they’ve brought in nearly 100,000 speakers to speak on everything from beatboxing to self confidence. Upon coming home to the Philippines, he was so upbeat about Rotary that he practically twisted my arm to attend a meeting.”, Initially, as Recto confessed after the ceremony, he did not share his friend’s enthusiasm. Create an invitation email template your members can useMake it easy for members to send invitations by doing most of the work for them. An increase in membership enrollments should follow. As a business, you're 'selling' your club to potential new members. Something like a beach clean up or other community service projects can attract a wide range of prospective members. If you’re not a cycling club, but want to run a similar event, it turns out that Fun Runs are the most popular way small nonprofits maximize funds, increase member participation, and minimize coordination costs. Create a club bumper stickerPut your name out on the road! This content is reserved for JVA members only. It really does work.”. This is the strategy of Sarah Rintamaki from Connecting for Kids. Offering up free, valuable content prospective athletic club members can use is a reliable way to attract members to your club. 2. This is particularly good for professional associations. This is a strategy used by CIVSA every time they plan an annual conference. For more information, go to It’s tip No. And in June, Monica Mulholland completed her term as the first transgender president of the Rotary Club of Queenstown, New Zealand. After attending a Rotary event with her mother, Fiona Bassett decided her town in the north of Wales needed another Rotary club – to complement the three it already had. “When somebody signs up on our website for our event, either at that event or afterwards, I will follow up with each one of them personally and ask them if they want to join… Probably about 95% want to join after that.”. 4. You can also hold special recruitment meetings to give these members tools and encourage them to recruit new members — or give them a few minutes in every meeting to announce their results and ask for help. Many people are giving $100, $200, $500.”. During her tenure, the club hosted an LGBTQ “information night”; in a letter, then-RI President Ian H.S. Have a history of success that people will want to be a part of. Take turns inviting guests. You have been restricted from commenting. 11 Things You Can Do To Increase Member Retention at Your Golf Course. Increasing the membership list requires a focused marketing campaign targeting those people most … “A few took me up on the offer – and some of them joined. The start of a new year is a good time to evaluate your membership plan. Here are all the categories, in case you want to skip through to a particular section: Or, just keep reading to see every way I’ve seen used to increase membership — and how you can use them too! Get Some Deep-Pocket Corporate Clients A guaranteed way to increase gym membership is by giving large businesses rates to corporate clients. We spoke to a neighbourhood association who fit this profile. It doesn’t matter if it’s a paper list or if it’s kept on the desktop of your computer. Introduce your club to local governmentSend a letter or make an appointment to introduce yourself and share your informational materials. Have a membership drive. The United Club Infinite Card entitles cardholders to a United Club membership, along with access for two adult companions or one adult and dependent children under the age of 21. For example, if filling out a paper application and mailing it in is required, you might gain more members simply by shifting to online member application forms. Add a “Join Us” section to your websitePeople need to know you’re accepting new members and how to join you. Not only will your members appreciate being able to bring someone along, but you’ll also have the opportunity to introduce visitors to your wines and attract new members to your club. “Everyone in Wrexham knows who we are,” says Bassett. This effort could be conducted in alphabetical order, based on the members’ first or last names. Make it easy for others time find and join for free, then add other incentives to join your organization. This short, seminar-style program is a great way to attract new members. If you ensure that they are having a good experience and realizing the full value of their membership, the club’s current members will be proud to invite a guest to a meeting – and those guests will want to join an attractive and welcoming club. Create an informational brochure about your clubInclude the club’s mission and activities, as well as contact information. Instead, focus efforts entirely on your own members. Keep Members Happy. The list should also include information about dues, attendance guidelines, and other club expectations – and it should emphasize the many benefits that come with being a Rotary member. To start building your plan, focus on the following objectives. Once potential members have come to your website, ask them for their email in exchange for something they want (for example, if you have a beekeepers’ association, offer them a downloadable guide on selling honey). Of the 31 members who joined Edina/Morningside in 2016-17, eight eventually left the club: Three had a job transfer, one had a family issue, and two had conflicts with work. “While the event definitely has the potential to build membership in the long term, we use it strategically as a supplement to more direct recruiting efforts,” Larson says. Eventbrite Eventbrite is a global ticketing and event technology platform, powering millions of live experiences each year. 7. Invite guests to meetingsLet prospective members see what they’re getting into by inviting them to your meetings. If your customers don’t maintain an active subscription, your revenue from each customer soon dissipates, and growing a profitable membership site business becomes nearly … Offer an alternate meeting time to attract people with different schedulesIs your meeting time leaving out a whole group of people, like those with 9-5 jobs or early bedtimes? Ask your members for recruitment ideasThey may have an idea you haven’t thought of before, or know about opportunities within their own social networks. Ask to include your club information. “Our club makes a poster of the individuals after they’ve been voted in, and we put it in the front of the room at our next meeting. Corporate wellness programs are … This can also include a discount or other incentive to rejoin. For example, if you’re a sailing club? The Association of Talent Development: Greater Philadelphia made a goal to reach out to all the prospective members in their contact database. If you usually have one rate for members and another for non-members, pick one signature event and offer it to anyone at the members price. Besides providing a delicious lunch, the chamber gave a 30 minute presentation at the end, which talked about the benefits of joining the organization. Look at what’s going on at the Roc City Rotary Club in Rochester, New York. For example, offer free information related to your membership, personal training or other services to generate telephone inquiries or website traffic. Recto went on to assume a number of leadership positions, including president of the Rotary Club of Lipa South and governor of District 3820 (Philippines). Potential members learn basic speaking and evaluating skills. “But to me, recruiting new Rotary members is not really selling. “It was invaluable.” She especially singled out two past district governors – Eric Schmautz (“he planted the seed”) and Leah Lambrecht – and lauded her former club, the Rotary Club of South San Francisco. Golf clubs face increasing competition for members, both from other clubs and from additional sources of leisure and entertainment for busy professionals and families. Give a talk about your club at other organizationsShare your mission and activities with other civically-minded people. If you’re thinking of bringing in a speaker at your organization, but don’t know where to start, we put together a simple guide that can help you out. De Zordo thinks it’s essential that Rotary embrace diversity if it intends to grow. Those are called retargeting ads, and you can set them up too for your organization! As a membership site owner, finding ways to increase your customer retention rates is likely one of your top priorities. Create member-only sections on your website. 10 Tips to Increase Membership Every club should have a good mix of membership strategies for retention and to increase growth. Last December, the club’s annual Christmas Lights Switch On drew about 10,000 people, thanks to promotional help from local celebrities, radio hosts, and the town council. List your star members, the advantages of your meeting location, how many members you have, the kinds of projects and events you host, and so on. If you’re a registered nonprofit, you can also apply for a Google Ad Grant of up to $10,000 yearly. “So many people see us and what we’re doing and just stop by,” Chartrand says. Consider if the dues and event prices are a barrier to potential members. © 2019 Rotary International. I think that content marketing could also help recruit for organizations as well, and you've definitely covered a lot of bases here. Tiered membership or special rates may result in more interest. Then, make the most compelling membership discount or bonus time offer you can afford to convert these inquiring health club prospects into new membership sales or personal training clients. Though this sort of program may not be viable for all organizations, it makes a strong case for creating value for members.

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