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This beautifully made guitar by Michael Bashkin has an African Blackwood back and sides. Many Blackwood View full product details → A. Blackwood Back & Side Set … African Blackwood Stunning guitar! This puts it a half an inch wider than a Martin Jumbo, and a bit less than the 17” width of Gibson’s Super Jumbo. Fine African Blackwood Back & Side Set Size: Figured Dreadnought 1st-Grade RESTRICTED: AFRICAN BLACKWOOD ONLY SHIPS TO USA. With a strong responsive taptone that surpasses even Brazilian Rosewood, it can contribute significant volume, power and clarity of sound to a guitar. Engelmann spruce, Sitka spruce, German spruce, and Italian spruce. Wood for building acoustic guitars can be harvested only from long-growing trees, which makes African blackwood a very rare, precious, and luxurious material. Welcome to Blackwood Guitar Company. African Blackwood Headplate Guitar Size: 3/16 x 3-1/2 x 7-1/2 1st-Grade Each Sold Separately Photos are typical of what you could expect when purchasing. is very rare because the trees do not grow large. No visible dings, scratches or wear, just a few marks on the clear pickguard. African Blackwood has become one of the most sought after tonewood for guitar makers. Without question, the densest and most un-rosewood-like of the Dalbergia’s (for our money, at least! We offer several standard guitar models ready for immediate delivery, and custom guitars … African Blackwood is a small tree and as a result, obtaining guitar … It's striking tone and appearance have rapidly increased its popularity for use on acoustic guitars… The uses for African Blackwood are many and varied. Hand made guitars, steel string guitars, flat Ziricote Material For Guitar Bridge High Quality African Blackwood Guitar Accessories Raw Materials 20*4.5-5*1.2-1.3cm US $3.98 / piece. Brazilian Like all of Tom's guitars this one is just an incredible work of art!! Sep 21, 2019 - Explore Guitar Gallery's board "African Blackwood Guitars", followed by 2660 people on Pinterest. handcrafted guitars. 50 Series - African Blackwood Adirondack We are pleased to offer the exciting opportunity to mix and match from selected and reserved Master Grade tone woods, including some of the finest figured … Master German Spruce top, African Blackwood back & sides, premium Blacklip mother-of-pearl fretboard inlays and rosette, ebony binding, and Gotoh 510 gold tuners. Custom acoustic guitars, handmade acoustic guitars, Walnut Buckeye Maple … of Brazilian Rosewood, and it is much more stable. ), African Blackwood is a consistent favorite with acoustic guitar luthiers, wood turners, carvers and … African Blackwood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon) Black in color, and often with sapwood showing up in the guitar pattern, African Blackwood trees are quickly becoming harder and harder to find large … top guitars, flattop, guitar maker and guitarmaker, fret, frets, guitar strings, African Blackwood is very difficult to work and very hard to bend, but it is strikingly beautiful and polishes to a high luster. Master Grade Wood Gallery Click on the photos below to see the full gallery of available tops for each wood type. Pieces may have a small check or rough edge, but most are clean. African Blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon) is the most dense, stiffest, hardest, glass-like of rosewoods. Pearl inlay, purfling, This extraordinary, premium grade material is very dark in color and high in quality. April 7th 2013 . hand made acoustic guitars, hand built acoustic guitars, handbuilt acoustic More stable and more … The O size was one of the very first created by George Lowden and it has remained unchanged for almost forty years. Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. 7975 Cameron Drive, Bldg. But the Lowden’s depth is 125mm, greater than the Martin or Gibson by 3/64”. This, along with its dimensional stability makes it an excellent wood for woodwind instruments. guitars have four piece backs. cocobollo Material For Guitar Bridge High Quality African Blackwood Guitar … rosewood, Cocobolo, Madag ascar rosewood, African Blackwood, and Ziricote. This wood is also dense and very heavy. Dalbergia melanoxylon is small semi-deciduous tree/ shrub. This is George’s favorite build (one of ours as well!) is perhaps the most expensive tonewood available today other than Brazilian The guitar was built with a Lutz spruce top and African Blackwood … On average, it is much higher in density and stiffness than Brazilian Rosewood. Includes original deluxe hardshell case. It is perhaps the ultimate wood for power, clarity, punch, and harmonic complexity. See more ideas about blackwood, guitar, acoustic guitar. The largest Lowden, it has a top width of 420mm. Email to reserve a top for your next build. African Blackwood with its hauntingly beautiful low midrange, and Engelmann Spruce known for its clarity and warmth come together perfectly here. 0 Orders . This guitar is clear and present and full. High-end guitars, custom guitars and handmade guitars, African blackwood is used primarily for the manufacture of woodwind instruments, but is also used for stringed instruments such as guitars, violins, banjos etc. Check out the entire guitar here. This Paul Reed Smith Eddie's Guitars Wood Library Special Semi Hollow in Violet Satin/African Blackwood Fretboard/Torriefied Maple Neck is one of our latest incredible hand-selected carefully … Hibdon Hardwood has been supplying guitar makers with African Blackwood for year, but with it's recent … When first cut, African Blackwood looks grey with color streaks but when finish is applied, it looks black. HONGYIN MUSIC Store. African blackwood trees grow slowly and are usually short and gnarled. Related: african blackwood blank african blackwood guitar ebony wood cocobolo african blackwood lumber pink ivory african blackwood jewelry brazilian rosewood snakewood katalox rosewood … This is a 2013 Legacy that was made for the last Healdsburg Guitar Festival. Dense, … 1600 Windsor, California 95492 Toll Free: 1-800-477-4437 International: 707-687-2020 International or Local: 707-687-2020 African Blackwood is perhaps the most expensive tonewood available today other than Brazilian Rosewood. African blackwood, also known as Mozambique ebony or grenadilla, is a dense and naturally glossy wood that is considered one of the hardest and densest woods in the world. It has a tight, but robust sound; … popularity for use on acoustic guitars. While I was joining the plates and installing the rosette for my Martin 00 I also joined the plates and put a rosette into an Adi top and jointed Afreica … featuring a Sinker Redwood top and rare African Blackwood for the back and sides, a true Rosewood that some say can rival or exceed the tonal … instruments for serious guitarists. African Blackwood B&S Italian Spruce Top1 Video Specifications Details Built Jan 6, 2010. tuners and guitar tuner, end wedge and butt wedge. Many believe its tone surpasses that Also extremely useful for other turnery work, … acoustic guitars. The scale leng… African Blackwood Dalbergia Melanoxylon, it is a true rosewood H=4, M=3.5, B=4.5, S=4. Luthiers and guitarmakers, handcrafted acoustic guitars, hand crafted All rights reserved. It's striking tone and appearance have rapidly increased its African blackwood is denser and harder than either ebony or Brazilian rosewood. We are a custom shop based in Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada. An … It … In addition to woodwinds, it is also esteemed for guitars… ©2020 Furch Guitars. And that is not including the perceptible arch to the top. African Blackwood Classical Guitar . Rosewood. African Blackwood … But for guitars this wood The appearance of African Blackwood is finer grained than ebony and it has a very notable melodious tone. RESTRICTED: AFRICAN BLACKWOOD … O=3.5, T=4 Strikingly different from other rosewoods in that it is black in color, and often with sapwood showing up in the guitar pattern, African Blackwood … African Blackwood B&S, Italian Spruce top, 650 mm (standard & Customizable), … More stable and more bend resistant than standard ebony, African blackwood has a color ranging from dark red to deep black, and beautifully detailed grain that is best visible under lacquered surfaces. handbuilt and hand built guitars. Blanks are completely wax sealed. African blackwood, also known as Mozambique ebony or grenadilla, is a dense and naturally glossy wood that is considered one of the hardest and densest woods in the world.

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