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A tasty treat, but not one for which I have a photo. Stir in the sesame paste. Peel the skin of remaining garlic before mixing. Looks soooo delicious! Before pork browns, add beancurd, sliced in thin 1-inch strips. Serve warm with bread. Best of luck with your book and site! Oh wonderful! Cook over high heat, stirring occasionally, until water evaporates and onion begins to brown. These recipes are therefore divided into a choice of the above specialties. Looking at your post made me miss living there so much!! Basically, when the craving for something deep-fried struck, there was no shortage of fried vegetarian offerings on the streets in the big cities. Sprig chayote leaves into 2 inch lengths of leaf and tenderest stems only. 1. Pone Yay Gyi is a bit regional. Burmese Prawn Curry (Bazun Hin) Burmese Fish Curry; Duck. Fry until golden brown. :). It’s often a bit drier when ordered elsewhere in Myanmar, and tastes different once again when ordered in Shan State, but the beaming vendor next door to the Soe Brothers Guesthouse in Hpa-an sold us on this delicious dish for breakfast; I think his conversation and tips went just as far as the soup in starting our day out on the right foot! And let me know if you have any questions before you go! Add the tofu, chickpea flour, spices, and salt and stir to … Oh my goodness, what a fabulous resource. Now just to get the pronunciation right! Instead, these salads blend a range of veggies, nuts, and flavors. Serve this coconut curry over sweet coconut rice for a bright and refreshing comfort dish great for any season! Note that I never got served meat when I said it, and even in this list of dishes, always order the dish, then specify “thut thut luh” to make sure that they do not add in fish sauce, shrimp paste, etc. What an awesome list and set of photos Shannon! Now knead them hard with salt to get out excess bitterness. If you have not tried it and eat Chinese, Thai, Indian or Malay food you will not be dissapointed. This post contains affiliate links. Fiery Burmese Chicken and Veggies- a flavorful, Burmese style stir-fry that can be made in 20 minutes. Hope your tohoo was tasty, there are twinges of jealousy creeping up in me right now at the thought. See more ideas about Burmese food, Recipes, Asian recipes. Such a amazing post about Burmese foods! The Burmese severed us boiled noodles, fried noodles, noodles in salads, noodles with crunchy toppings. Thank you for this wonderful culinary trip you just sent me on .. now just to visit there again one day! Yum! :). She was served Kauk Nyin Paung  for breakfast one day, while Ana and I were served yet another helping of eggs. Add the sesame seeds after 2 minutes. We don’t need nearly the amount of meat the food industry claims is healthy. Vegetables done without any enriching agents are delicious if they are very freshly plucked and tender and cooking is quick. I started cooking burmese food for the first time this year. Just found it slightly amusing…, Do you have plans to head to Burma any time soon? Why We Love This. When I entered Myanmar with plans to stay for a month, I had no idea I had picked up a diarrheal illness in Laos. Ana and I stocked up on bananas and clementines before a bus ride and snacked on yellow watermelon for a fun spin on a familiar treat! Cut each radish in half. much appreciation for all your myanmar info, but especially this; my appetite has been thoroughly whetted! Fresh avocado is also fantastic in the Inle Lake region. Some of the Burmese foods made from vegetables and fruits are: Mandalay-Style Eggplant. Thank you to the my Burmese friend for her tips, advice, and guidance. I don’t agree with factory farming practices. When are you heading there? I’ll cross my fingers for you that you can make it there soon! This search takes into account your taste preferences. Sometimes a bitter dish, it makes for more enjoyable eating when modified and combined with other flavors. To use a trite expression, I could wax poetic all day about the delicious food I ate in Myanmar. Love the dishes you highlighted, your photos and descriptions. The dhal and Indian flavors also offer a nice change after since there aren’t always a ton of hot Burmese foods to sample. This dish is reliably served vegetarian and vegan no matter where in Myanmar you sample it. Then, beyond these influences from other countries, Myanmar is home to a range of ethnic minority groups with their own customs, language, and foods. 5,671 suggested recipes. I have just finish an eBook – 11 Dishes from Myanmar you Have to Try – and I am currently working on a photobook about Myanmar People, Food and Culture :). Add 1 tablespoon water, lower heat, and cook till water is absorbed and some fat from pork is cooked out. Vegetarian Burmese Recipes. Breakfast and lunch are the big meals of the day. The Chinese influence is strong in the northern border regions, and many dishes and customs flowed into the rest of Myanmar. Turned out, Myanmar did not even sell the only medicine that would have treated it, so I was left downing oral rehydration salts every day to combat it until I could get treatment in Thailand. 11. I know what you mean about crossover foods. "4 easy ways to bring the taste of Burma to your dinner table", The Globe and Mail - featuring me and a chicken recipe inspired by one of mine. I’m told it’s trickier to find, but we sampled this throughout central Myanmar, in both Bagan and Inle Lake—like many of the salads on this list, it’s reliably vegetarian and vegan no matter where you travel in Myanmar. There’s also “jet oo parata” (eggs with parata) and “[name of any ingredient] parata” :). Happy (and tasty) travels! The fermented tea leaves are very tart and strong, so mix to taste with the other ingredients when it’s served to you this way! 1/4 teaspoon turmeric. Anyways, THANK YOU! Heat oil. Cut in 3/4-inch long pieces. Enjoy all your tasty treats, I am jelaous! To begin making the Vegetarian Burmese Khow Suey, first prep all the ingredients and keep them ready on the kitchen counter top. When ordered, they flash boil thin noodles, add the liquid tohu and top with the cook’s favorite toppings, including: smashed nuts, sesame seeds, parsley, cabbage, and a huge dose of ground, crunchy chili paste (unless you ask for it not spicy, then it will still come with chili, just not as much :) I love this dish so much I took several visiting travelers to taste it at the Friday morning market in Chiang Mai. This search takes into account your taste preferences. I love Burmese food, its so tasty it warms you through to your heart as do the Burmese people. Add shallots, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, and chiles, and cook, stirring, until fragrant but not browned, 2-3 minutes. I’m a big fan of dessert in general, but I steer well clear of all jellied desserts. Mandalay was the best spot for a our street-side chapati stands. It wasn’t until my nine months in Northern Thailand that I happened upon delicious Burmese vegetarian dishes. I listed this dish first for a reason, I have a full-on obsession with shan tofu soup. And it paid off. I recommend World Nomads (here’s why). MMMMmmmmm!! I honestly thought I might run into that issue in Burma (like I had in China) but I was delightfully surprised by the options. Thanks for this! Garlic forms part of the Burmese mirepoix along with onions and tomato, but it also crops up in noodle dishes, salad dressings, infused oils, pickles, salsas, and as a fried garnish. Safe travels! So glad this came in handy. :), Thanks a bunch for this post! These are a hard pass for me. Not inherently vegetarian—you must specify. :). I always mix up vowel sounds in other languages and it would be helpful to know the sounds a bit better. Puree in a blender, solids first, until smooth. This was, admittedly, not my favorite. I’ve been in Burma for a week and I’m glad that now I can expand my restaurant vocabulary past the word “lephet tho” and “jezu” :), Glad you found it useful! I should ask my friend if there are any places which sell a vege kind.. Cook about 10 to 15 minutes until leaves become dry and oil can be seen. Give it a try since it’s a favorite of the Burmese friend we traveled with for a week. For the food lists, you can quickly jump to any of the sections: Or, for another phonetic writing of it: thouq thouq lo. Be warned though, this is a street treat, so avoid the ice and choose a vendor with a generally clean machine and stall! Then sit back, relax (with an empty stomach! wow – great pictures. Atho has become the most popular and fastest selling fast food in Chennai during the recent times. Except for in the case of soups, you’ll be served rice with almost every meal. Add turmeric, then onions, and fry till onion is clear. Indian samosas abound in Yangon and make a great vegetarian food there. If there is a crossover item that you may have sampled from Burmese cuisine, it’s probably this one! Add the water, cover the skillet, and cook for 5 minutes. Stands serving these have a range of options and pointing can work well. 3. Good point, I usually recieved the one without veggies as a little extra at a restaurant when we were waiting for food, not sure if that’s the norm, but I love it both ways! Where: New Delhi Restaurant (262, Anawrahta St) in Yangon. Ana and I also hunted down several Shan restaurants near the ET Hotel in Mandalay. Add the tomato, chili, soy sauce, cuminseed, and salt and stir fry for 1 minute. A delicious pennywort salad. My wicked sweet tooth was beyond happy with the quick sweet options. 1/4 medium Cauliflower (separated into florets) 1/4 medium Broccoli (separated into florets) 2 medium Yellow zucchinis (halved with skin), sliced. My recipe is a vegetarian version of Burmese curry that uses potatoes and green beans to replace the chicken and by omits the fish sauce. It looks & sounds so amazing. Really a lovely “sweet” Burmese soup–fragrant, spicy, and with an even balance between light and filling. Hi Eeva! Cut vegetables into bite size strips and boil for only 1 or 2 minutes in lightly salted water, just until tender but still crisp. made good use of it prior to my initial visit to myanmar a couple years back. 2 cups bread cubes, cooked in an inch of hot oil and butter until golden crisp–watch carefully, this goes fast. This is it’s reliably vegetarian and vegan. Once discovered, dishes and flavors from Myanmar are my passion, and Burmese friends ensured that I spent my time sampling delicious dishes, salads, and flavor combinations my palate had never before considered. Sugarcane juice is available all over the streets of Yangon—and throughout much of the country, really. A “Beq Parata” is awesome…beans with parata bread. Cut in thin diagonal slices and then strips. Yep, Burma Superstar, :) Let me know how it tastes! Yes, there is sometimes a huge language gap in Myanmar. Add greens and salt, toss lightly, cover, and cook till greens are tender. Drain, grind to a paste in blender or put twice through fine screen of mincer. Looks amazing! And as a bonus, our friend spotted a vendor from our early morning bus too; once we knew the dish was out there, we were able to pay closer attention and find it on our own! Wash and soak in water. :), Wow! Fruit should be tender enough not to have hard seeds and to have insides that can be used. Recipes of Burma: Burmese cuisines displays an awesome influences from her 2 biggest neighboring nations which are India and China. Cut chives in 1 1/2.inch lengths. Tart and delicious, my palate delighted at the new combination of flavors in Pennyworth salad. Hope you found something tasty for lunch yesterday! But they’re popular all over Asia, and are served chopped, shredded, or cubed—then with ice, coconut milk, tapioca, or a variety of other sweet concoctions layered on top. :). Myanmar food recipes and Burmese cuisine includes dishes from various regions of the South-East Asian country of Burma (Myanmar). Season with salt and pepper. It’s some sort of freshwater plant that no one can figure out the name for. Jul 11, 2013 - Burmese Khow Suey is a vegetarian version of the traditional Burmese dish. Drain and run cold water over the vegetables in colander to prevent overcooking. Slice the cucumber (not too thinly), and cut each slice in four. It shares influences with its neighbours Thailand, India and China, combining them with techniques, ingredients and … Chin Hin. Not to be confused with the actual salad that comes out mixed together, this one has just three ingredients and is served as a snack/dessert, not a full part of the meal. I couldn’t agree more about the tea leaf and ginger — it was SO unique and flavorful, and I had also come from Thailand, so it was fun to have some new flavor combinations to try out! Thanks for weighing in and adding some of the names, I put them in the post along with your tips on the dish. Also, ask your first hotel to write it down for you in Burmese script, and that can help! We ate this daily in Hpa-an. 30 Minutes or Less 45 Minutes or Less No Restrictions. If you haven’t tried pennywort before (and I certainly hadn’t thought of it as any more than a weed in my garden) then you owe yourself a taste! Hope you get a chance to try them, thanks for weighing in! I might do some homestays in that region, so I will ask my hosts too! Or you can keep it simple and just cook Moh Hin Gha, one of Burma’s most popular dishes. If your soup is luke-warm, particularly if you are eating at an off time of the day, consider a pass (but pay for it if it’s at your table) and find a boiling-hot soup option. Thanks Mark! :). Apr 23, 2020 - Explore khan2khan's board "burmese", followed by 208 people on Pinterest. It can be really tricky, but all the various ways to say “vegetarian” is one of the first things I learn before i go to a new place! Jul 11, 2013 - Burmese Khow Suey is a vegetarian version of the traditional Burmese dish. And when all else fails, find the fruit! Thanks. A Burmese reader emailed in to tell me: “Beans and black Rice (Kauk Nyin Paung) is eaten as breakfast in Shan state. Make small balls and flatten to 12 mm (t/2 inch) thickness. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t fish paste / animal stock in it. Add the onion and sauté until soft, about 5 minutes. For good results, a wok or heavy, deep frying pan with rounded bottom should be used to facilitate tossing of vegetables over high heat. Glad it’s helpful! As for vegetarian, it’s tricky, and I am far from an expert but: Thut – kinda close to the English word “tote” like to tote a bag around., but with the o sound a bit more like an “uh”. It usually consists of tomatoes, onions, crunchy peanuts, sesame, and oily dressing of some sort. Sprinkle with a little soy sauce and lemon juice and serve hot with sesame tahini to taste. For food taxonomy purposes to help you the next time you come (or anyone else who will use this): – Seaweed salad is “Japwint Thoke” in Burmese. Although it’s a common breakfast food, she also ate it all throughout the day at bus stop food stalls. One thing we particularly noticed that I didn’t see mentioned was that the papaya seemed extra good. This phrase is easy to say, but hard to put the sounds into the Roman alphabet, so have your first guesthouse teach you once you arrive. By using a This has made me SO excited to get to Burma!! Ah, OK, thanks for the clarification. Add the rutabaga slices and stir fry for 2 minutes. It’s a delicious condiment to sample with other dishes, or mix into your rice for an extra jolt of flavor. I really want to eat that Shan Tofu soup! I love portion control and that was easy in Myanmar since they opt for a small bite of jaggery candy, or a bowl of sweet jelly rather than a huge piece of pie/cake/ice cream like we would in the west! Then add soybean powder or paste and toss again. Recipe and Photo from Snixy Kitchen. Glad you have some new ones to add to your next visit, hope you both are well! Ooh my mouth is watering so much right now – thank goodness it’s almost lunchtime! Aug 20, 2020 - Explore Global Eats & Treats's board "Burmese Recipes", followed by 222 people on Pinterest. Sounds like I will love Burma, You will be in heaven in Burma becuase the foods are so different from what you find in Thailand, Malaysia, etc. If you’re vegan, this should generally work for much of your travels as well since dairy is not prevalent in the region, but note that the phase doesn’t exclude eggs, honey, or things of that nature from your Burmese dishes. Glad you enjoyed Sheila! Look at all that food! A Little Adrift™ is proudly ad-free; all opinions and suggestions are my own. Really anything the local cook prefers is an accent flavor. Some Burmese garlic is so sweet and mild it's eaten raw as a snack. The hotpot is tasty and worth seeking out! Last updated Nov 28, 2020. – Vegitable hotpot is “Myae Oh Myi Shae”; “Myae Oh” is the clay pot and “Myi Shae” is the name of the curry/sauce. Sub crispy tofu for the chicken and keep it vegan! sorry the pear bpyo is the dahl like curry they serve with the naan for breakfast at tea shops.. the soy bean stuff i was talking about is called pear bo.. and the dried cake things are for cooking.. so not sure how where they would sell it already cooked up.. but check around if you go up to inle area. Place all the ingredients apart from the sweet potatoes in a large saucepan, bring to the boil, stirring then reduce the heat and simmer for 5 minutes. A Burmese style vegan coconut curry recipe with mushrooms, cauliflower, and spinach. Hotpot food stalls lined the streets of Yangon in particular, so when we were hungry we would simply walk up to these, point at the delicious veggies and spices, say “thut thut luh,” then they served a tasty steaming hot bowl of tofu, noodles, and fresh vegetables. From the simple sweet or savory pancakes on the streets of Yangon, to the more complex  flavors in samosas, we never lacked for food options. Salads Rainbow Salad (Lat Thut Song) Latest Recipes 1. Hi Sharyn! But what about cuisines that never made the leap across oceans and seas? Shan people would consider the soft one not good, me too. While the rice is cooking, wash and prepare the vegetables. Known throughout Myanmar as Khayan Thee Hnut (but in Su’s household as ‘That Amazing Brown Dish’) this Eggplant Curry will have you coming back for seconds, thirds and fourths!. There was a huge range of deep-fried, pan-fried, and street-side snacks available all throughout the day. I grew up on crossover foods in the U.S.—American versions of a country’s most famous dishes. Soup is a wonderful and usually very safe meal throughout Asia because they boil ingredients just before serving the soup piping hot. :). Heat oil. Where can you find these treats? Add okra and toss. These cookbooks best capture the flavors of Myanmar; and the cultural reading in the books helps better understand the relationship between Burma’s food, history, and politics. 100 Great Recipes (Absolute Press).. MiMi has appeared on BBC Radio 4's award-winning Woman's Hour and Food Programme, as well as the BBC TWO show A Question of Taste, and her recipes have also appeared in METRO, The Evening … Remove bay leaves before serving. Though I was on the fence when I first tried it, by the end of my time in Myanmar I appreciated the tart, tangy salad as a compliment to the rest of my food. I have a love affair with tomatoes, it goes back about a decade (before that we were fierce enemies) and now we’ll never part ways. 2 hot green chili peppers, cut into rings and soaked in white vinegar to cover for at least an hour. Try it at restaurants and if it’s not on the menu, simply ask because there’s a good chance that it’s on the Burmese version of the menu. In short, this list of foods is so long because the country is rich with flavors and international cuisine influences. I have offically added Burma to my travel list because of the food! It’s funny, I forget so much of the tidbits of languages I learn along the way, but I use the “vegetarian” one so much they are pretty ingrained in my memory! It’s excellent! We found the best Indian food in Yangon and Mandalay, which is really no surprise since these are the two major cities. This one is particularly tasty with fried garlic, sesame, and other seasonings. Serve hot. Steamed glutinous black rice has firmer texture, while the cooked one is soft.

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