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I'm here to talk about the ban list and if some cards are prime ideas for unbanning. Below is a list of all banned cards in the Commander format. Baral, Chief of Compliance is banned as as commander only. I don't recommend this as the hill you want to die on. This is what I would call a spite play. From EDHWiki. They already have a Restoration Angel in play. All forms of Commander are incredibly diverse, but a large difference stems from the philosophy of cEDH. These cards can’t be your commander, but are still allowed in your 99 cards decklist. It doesn’t seem like much, but cEDH actually has a lot in common with traditional, casual Commander. But, like most things in life, this format is defined by its differences, not similarities. Different cards are good in both formats. Well, I’ve reached the end of the similarities. If Player B casts Pact of Negation, they have prevented Player A from winning. Duel Commander – Banned and restricted lists. Now I’m going to show you the magic of this unique format. From a purely competitive standpoint, Player A should attack Player D. Games of cEDH seldom come down to combat damage determining a victor, but in the off chance that Player D can be finished by such damage, it is correct to go for it. 3. What does Player D do? Click here for list. t h e g i g i b e a s t S h a p e r S a v a n t LabManiac_Sigi. If you are attacked, you shouldn’t take it personally. The Rules Committee has provided a Philosophy Documentto demonstrate the reasoning behind banning decisions, including a card's impact on the social dynamic … This is in addition to points 1) and 2) in this document. According to the information received, on November 23, 2020, the Cairo Criminal Court published in the Egyptian Official Gazette the decision it made on November 19, 2020 to add Mr. Alaa Abdel Fattah and Mr. Mohamed El-Baqer, along with 27 other activists, to Egypt’s “terrorist list” for a period of five years in connection with State Security Case 1781/2019. Does casting Pact of Negation here win you the game? Updates and Community content. The ban list seeks to demonstrate which cards threaten the positive player experience at the core of the format or prevent players from reasonable self-expression. How 2020 Magic Will Change the Best Format. Picture you are playing a casual game of EDH. Better not attack me.”, Player C notices that you are now shifting your focus to him. Cultivated Content. Jim: Flash was a templating mistake. Let’s say later in that same game Player D has three 5/5 Wurms with trample on an otherwise empty board. Where cEDH is concerned, the main principle of the format is to either: That’s it. While you are bound by the same deck construction rules as traditional EDH, the cEDH deck list will often look much different. Most likely, they should attack the player with the lowest life total in an attempt to eliminate them. Player A has a Tasigur, the Golden Fang and is deciding who to attack. You attack Player D, they cast Path to Exile on your Krosan Cloudscraper. You shouldn’t attack me.”, Player B *internal shivering* “Um, well I too have a removal spell and I’ll wipe the whole board if you don’t attack player C!”. Banned List. Can there be cool plays? What would you do? 9 cards that reference "playing for ante." Player C is at 20 life with 1 white mana open. Player B is tapped out with 3 Islands in play and the only spell they can cast is a Pact of Negation in hand. If a player is relying on cards like Necropotence or Ad Nauseam that require their life total to be relatively high, that may also warrant an attack. The philosophy for Magic as a whole is to have fun. The fast subgame card (which is not an effect, but is a real card) Shahrazad is also. Does casting Pact of Negation prevent your opponents from winning the game? I'm sorry, Sheldon, but "Restrict the cardpool to standard, reduce deck size to 60 cards and let planeswalkers be commanders" just won't cut it. Speaking of which… Your Banned List. Player D is tapped out and has no responses to Kiki Jiki. 2014, I piloted Karador Boonweaver and Zur's Prison. If you want to play competitively, access the threat and attack that player. On top of interesting games and new decks, M20’s impact on cEDH, the Ban List updates, and community questions are discussed. Player B has no creatures in play and is at 38 life. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Unban: Recurring Nightmare, Painter's Servant, Sway of the Stars, Worldfire, Biorhythm, Braids (for use as one of the 99 but still banned as a commander), Rofellos (full unban), Griselbrand (for use as one of the 99 but still banned as a commander) Ban: Flash, Thrasios. The differences between the formats have created a divide in the player base. Cameron and Dan are joined by cEDH subreddit mentor and PlayEDH Moderator MaynardFerguson as we look back at August and the first half of September in the cEDH Community. Everything in the format is and should be viewed through the lens of winning the game. The limits of the rules are quite clear, and I would say the rules of the format and the ban list are all precise. An Introduction to cEDH: Part 1 Multiplayer. Player D understands why you attacked them—they were the best target for the attack. Sure enough I did, I figured I would just reiterate here the importance of the distinction. 3 talking about this. More common ground between the formats are the rules and ban list.

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