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Economic Uses: - Most of the important bush and tree fruits of temperate regions are found in this family. Central rii cellece i e ccess International Journal of Plant Biology & Research Cite this article: McQuate GT, Liquido NJ (2017) Host Plants of Invasive Tephritid Fruit Fly Species of Economic Importance. Economic Importance. Commercial and Medicinal importance: Rose petals are used for making Gulkand International research has pointed to family size and birth order as important influences on child development. They are herbs, shrubs and trees. Source of food (or) Vegetables-Asparagus. Top 25 Plant Families of Economic Importance 2.1 Anacardiaceae 2.2 Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) 2.3 Arecaceae (Palmae) 2.4 Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) 2.5 Convolvulaceae 2.6 Cucurbitaceae 2.7 Dioscoreaceae 2.8 Euphorbiaceae These are significant issues in Ireland since, despite the fall in average family size in ... current levels of socio-economic vulnerability between different types of family. It is considered to be the second largest family of dicotyledonous plants. Rose is very much important plant from various aspects. The economic importance of the plants belonging to the Liliaceae family are: Source of Medicine -Aloe vera, Smilax and Colchicine. *Corresponding author Grant T. McQuate, USDA-ARS, Daniel K. Inouye US. Rosaceae The Rose Family 95 genera 2,800 species Distribution: Family is worldwide but with maximum development in the temperate to subtropical zones of the northern hemisphere. These pulses are used as food and are rich in proteins. The rose family (Rosaceae), in the order Rosales, is a large plant family containing more than 100 genera and 2,000 species of trees, shrubs, and herbs. It has broad economic importance in cold (temperate) zone or region. The plants are of great economic importance. 1- Fruit: Many fruits are cbtained from the plants of this family. The magnificent simplicity, or to some, the monotonous consistency, of the actiniomorphicflowers of the rose family has been recognized for millennia. This family is also known as Papilionaceae or Fabaceae or commonly known as pea family. This paper reviews evidence about the incidence and impact of unemployment on the family. Economically, the most important Food: Most of the important pulses belong to this family. It has great importance in temperate (cold) region. Rosaceae is a larger plant family which have hundreds (100) of generas and over thousands of species which contains shrubs, herbs and trees etc. Roots: Ornamental Plants -Lilium, tulips, Gloriosa and Ruscus. It finds that while the unemployment rate faced by husbands and wives is relatively low, many unemployed people fall into this category (36.2% were husbands and wives in 1998). This fain lb has a great economic importance for mankind. Fabaceae are also used as ornamental plants. In regard to poverty, This angiospermic Rosaceae family is ranked third in the flowering families for commercial importance in the temperate region or zone. Rosaceae has a great economic significance for humanity. •The angiospermic rosaceae family has a great economic significance for humanity •Third ranked of the flowering families for commercial importance in the temperate region (Cold) except Antarctica Economic Importance. This family is ranked third in the flowering families for commercial importance in thetemperate zone. Bulbs of Allium cepa and the roots of various species of Smilax are used as flavouring agents. Int J Plant Biol Res 5(4): 1072. It is a source of high protein food, oil, and forage. It is a terrestrial plant widely distributed in temperature and tropical countries of the world. Introduction 2. Economic Importance of Fabaceae. Fabaceae family has great importance. Pinaceae, Piperaceae, Poaceae, Rosaceae, Rubiaceae, Rutaceae, Solanaceae, Vitaceae Contents 1.

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