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Rapid control of numerous diseases at an economical price. Do not apply with 72 days of harvest. Read and follow all precautions listed on the Vangard 75 WDG and Vangard 75 WP labels. DOESTHE JOB WELL . Remove contaminated clothing promptly and wash affected skin areas with soap and water. Pyrethin leaves. volume of water while mixing. It is a very good protectant, but if you already have potatoe blight it will not cure it. mixing and applying pesticides in quanti-ties that far exceed the 1-, 3-, or 5-gallon (gal) sizes of common backpack and handheld sprayers. Always add Dithane 75DF into solution prior to adding any additional materials to the tank. • Aerial application: 1. Dithane f 45 alternate brand name. 17268. Fungicides Copper Fungicide Dithane M 45 Sulfer Amp More Seed Find labels for this product. Thoroughly launder clothing before re-use. Mix well and use the solution immediately 4. Dithane DG 75 Fungicide plus Vangard 75 WDG or Vangard 75 WP Apple Scab – Apply 3.6 kg/ha Dithane DG 75 Fungicide plus 190 g/ha Vangard 75 WDG or Vangard 75 WP. Pour MANCOZEB slowly into a ¼ filled spray tank while the agitator is running then add remaining water. These lists are brief and provide just a few examples. Apply on a 7-10 day schedule between green tip to postbloom. Dithane Dry Flowable Neotec Registration expired. Add the recommended quantity of powder into a clean bucket. Pour Dithane Rainshield Fungicide slowly into a 1/4 filled spray tank while the agitator is running. Use 2-5 teaspoons/g. Mixing Mixing Procedures for Agricultural Applications Slowly place into spray tank as it is being filled or thoroughly premix in a nurse tank for concentrate or aircraft sprayers. Forty years and counting, Dithane Rainshield fungicide, the world’s most trusted fungicide. Do not apply this tank mix by air. DO NOT let Dithane Rainshield Neo Tec Fungicide settle out in an unagitated spray tank. Resistance management. Diazinon is an effective pesticide that affects the nervous system to kill insects. of mix to each mound area by sprinkling the mound until it is wet and treat a 4 foot diameter circle around the mound. Protect crop yields by managing damaging diseases in a variety of crops. … Nufarm UK > Dithane; Dithane Broadacre. Mix recommended quantity of DITHANE M-45 800 WP NT in a little water into a slurry, add more water, stir well and add to the spray tank whilst filling with the bulk of water. Mix well and add more water to make up a total volume of 2.25 litres. method: Agitate the Spray Tank Powders (Soluble) • • Agri Tin (dry) • Champ ChampION++ Powders (Dry) • Badge X2 •COC • 3. Product formulations also change frequently. Dithane DG 75 Fungicide should be used only in accordance with recommendations on this label. 3. Yield. A protectant fungicide for the control of Blight in potatoes and certain cereal diseases. For best results apply the material in the early morning or late afternoon when the ants are most active. Mix mancozeb fungicide at the same rate as applied to the seed potatoes and spray the stems, undersides and topsides of all leaves on the potato plants when they reach 4 to 6 inches tall. Does anyone know to buy a box od=f dithane, rather than a little box with 6 sackets which will not do much, as I just used 9 sackets this evening, though I have about 800 potatoes plants to spray but becomes expensive at £3.90 per 6 sackets that I pay, if spray every week. Add a little water and stir thoroughly into a thin cream, ensuring all lumps are broken down. Controls leaf spot, downy mildew, blights, anthracnose, botrytis and other listed diseases. Dishwashing Soap. Add the contents of the slurry tank to a 1/2 filled sprayer, continue filling tank with remainder of water and mix well. Plant growers usually mix cooking oils into homemade plant fungicide. Add 1 litre of clean water to a sprayer, then add 4g of dithane (about 1 teaspoon). This labeling must be in the possession of the user at the time of application. Dithane is a good but old product, it needs care when mixing, otherwise it will block sprayer nozzles. It is used in agriculture as well as for lawn and garden insect control. MIXING Add half the required volume of water to the spray tank and begin agitation. FIRST … 5 out of 5 stars. Mixing order is probably the single greatest controllable factor to avoid chemical precipitation in your spray tank. It is also a popular homemade plant fungicide but makes sure that your dishwashing soap doesn’t have greaser or bleach. Anthracnose is a fungal disease that affects plants of all kinds. Dithane 75DF Rainshield when plants are well leafed out or at first sign of disease, with a full coverage spray at seven- to 10-day intervals. Make a slurry with the mancozeb. It is also effective against Algae. Careers. Premix Dithane thoroughly in a nurse tank to create a slurry. Industrial; Go. How to Treat Anthracnose in Infected Soil. This is to make them cling to leaves and stems. Fill tank with water. 2. John How to Mix Diazinon. Indofil Industries - Fungicide. A spreader-sticker may be used if needed. Add other co-applied fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators, micronutrients, and spray adjuvants after Dithane F … Mix recommended quantity of DITHANE 750 WG NEOTEC in a little water into a slurry, add more water, stir well and add to the spray tank whilst filling with the bulk of water. Economics. 2. Spraywise; Phenoxy Stewardship; Bentazone Water Stewardship ; Contact Us. Ornamental plants treated with Dithane 75DF Rainshield should not be used for food or feed purposes. Sprays (Ground or aerial equipment) - Use Dithane DG 75 Fungicide at the rate shown; ensure good coverage by using 200-1000 L per ha for ground equipment and 50-80 L/ha for aircraft. Mancozeb is applied as a spray (aerial or ground) and is supplied as wettable powders and granules which are mixed with water. Add slurry from Step 1 to spray tank. Tank Mix App; Technical Bulletins; Tools and Advice; News; Sustainability. Cooking oils. promptly when mix degrades, remove infected tissue with sterile tool and repot ; Multisite Contact Fungicides: Daconil . Rotation option. David advises growers to plan their requirements with their distributor to ensure a good and timely supply of Dithane. Mixing Instructions Do not premix Dithane Rainshield Fungicide into a smaller tank. Add other co-applied fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators, micronutrients, and spray adjuvants after DITHANE M-45 fungicide has been placed into suspension. 4. Mix the 4 teaspoons or 1 heaping tablespoon of baking soda in 1 gallon of water. by rhay2803 31 Jul, 2019. DITHANE 945 may be tank mixed with Engage or Flomide after 1st October on crops which are beyond the 3 true leaf stage. Spray plants thoroughly - apply to the upper and lower surface of the leaf The maximum concentration cannot exceed 4g per 2.25 litres of water. It is dependent upon product formulation and in the absence of specific mixing instruc- tion provided by the label, NDSU recommends the A.P.P.L.E.S. Unique multi-site activity explains why no fungal resistance has developed in over 40 years of use. Dithane f 45 label. Per the product label: Apply 1 gal. Wear coveralls, chemical resistant gloves, and goggles during mixing/loading. Add additional water if necessary to make solution flowable. Formulation: a water dispersible granule formulation containing 75 % w/w mancozeb details of which are specified in the ‘Confidential Conditions’ section (Appendix 3) of this approval. Fill spray tank to 1/3 to 1/2 the desired final water volume. Dithane f 45 rainshield fungicide is a broad spectrum protectant fungicide labeled for outdoor crops for turf. Thanks. Mix the measured amount of mancozeb into a small amount of water in a separate container to make a slurry before adding it to the rest of the water. MIXING: DO NOT premix Dithane Rainshield Neo Tec Fungicide into a smaller tank. Do not breathe spray mist. Mancozeb alone is used on a number of crops world-wide to control a number of fungal diseases, such as Anthracnose, Pythium blight, leaf spot, downy mildew, Botrytis, rust and scab. Top off tank to desired final water volume. MIXING: Do not premix. Pour Dithane Rainshield Neo Tec Fungicide into a ¼ filled spray tank while the agitator is running then add remaining water. A broad spectrum fungicide for use on a wide variety of vegetables and ornamentals. Mix until the Dithane 75DF is thoroughly wetted. UK Careers at Nufarm; Subscribe To Technical Updates; About Us. After Dithane has been mixed into a suspension, add other co-applied pesticides, growth regulators, micronutrients or spray adjuvants. As a result, accurate conversions must be made to avoid a spray mix or application rate that could result in a treatment that is either stron-ger than recommended, or too weak to be effective. Tank-mixing Dithane ® 75DF Rainshield specialty fungicide is … When used with emulsifiable concentrates it is essential that the DITHANE M-45 800 WP NT is first added to the spray tank, as described above, before the emulsifiable concentrate is added to the spray tank mixture. Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New. Dithane DG Rainshield E 20553 Oct11f SPECIMEN Page 2 PRECAUTIONS KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN May cause irritation of nose, throat, eyes and skin. This site uses cookies to improve security, performance, and to better understand how users navigate the site. Applications made under prolonged hot and dry conditions may be ineffective due to the location of the ants deep within the nest. DITHANE M-45 ® AGRICULTURAL FUNGICIDE ... MIXING Slowly place into spray tank as it is being filled or thoroughly premix in a nurse tank for concentrate or aircraft sprayers. Use one teaspoon of mancozeb for each 1000 square feet you are treating. With Dithane you can use up to a maximum of 8 applications per crop and it has a Harvest Interval of 7 days, making it easy and flexible to integrate in mix with other blight fungicides.” “We have seen significant changes in the UK blight population with much more aggressive strains developing plus new strains such as the newly discovered Green 33 being identified. This is done so we can make improvements to our website for future users. Anywhere i can get a larger box filled with dithane that used be available before. Products from FRAC Groups: 1 (Cleary’s 3336, Thiomyl) 2 (Chipco 26019) 11 (Empress, Heritage) 12 (Medallion) 14 (Terraclor) Combo 7 & 11 (Pageant) Combo 1 & 14 (Banrot) Southern Blight / Collar Rot caused by . 80% w/w mancozeb. • Dithane ® M-45 • Mancomix ... For additional information about products that might contain carba mix, go to the Household Product Database online (http:/ at the United States National Library of Medicine. Do not let MANCOZEB settle out in an un-agitated spray tank. When used with emulsifiable concentrates it is essential that the DITHANE 750 WG NEOTEC be properly creamed in a little water before adding to the spray tank. When preparing spray solutions for use in a hand sprayer, premix as a slurry in a small container and add to sprayer containing ¼-½ final water volume and then add remaining water. They are not comprehensive. "You could consider mixing straight Dithane to other late blight products to increase the mancozeb concentration and assist in keeping Alternaria under control."

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