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He'd never heard of Astora, and he wondered if that was the name of this ancient ruin. But getting to the former Great Lord isn’t quite that simple. While this isn’t really indicative of anything at this point, it is the first hint of the flame versus rot conflict that exists in the Painted World. Can I get him by simply "killing" framt aswell? Frampt will permanently disappear after taking the Lordvessel to Kaathe. The NPC for this covenant is Darkstalker Kaathe. Then when going to Gwyn at the end of the run, just warp to the abyss bonfire and warp to Firelink altar using kaathe again. Darkstalker Kaathe, also known as Master of the Abyss, ... Also unlike Frampt, Kaathe is a bit harder to find as you need to defeat The Four Kings before you talk to Frampt but after you obtain the Lordvessel from Gwynevere. Your choice! 1 Biography 1.1 Prologue 1.2 The Bells of Awakening 1.3 The Lordvessel 1.4 Alternate paths 1.5 The Lord Souls 1.6 Epilogue 1.7 Artorias of the Abyss After becoming an undead the player character was imprisoned in the Northern Undead Asylum. If you had already met Kaathe, the next time you speak to him he will scold you and leave for the rest of the playthrough. SPOILERSI've encountered something that may be a bug or just the intended consequence of several poor decisions and mistakes.After receiving the lordv So, it is the act of placing the Lordvessel on the altar that causes Kaathe to not appear, not the act of talking to Frampt. NOTE: After talking to Kaathe, Frampt will leave Firelink for the rest of your playthrough. Instead you try to take our Lordvessel, but I doubt that either of you are the Chosen Undead the prophecy spoke of." Kill him and take the key to the seal, release it and reach the Abyss entrance. If the lordvessel is still in your inventory, give it a try if you want to go to Kaathe and join Dark Wraiths. You can join the covenant after acquiring the Lordvessel, defeating the Four Kings, and giving it to Kaathe after the fight. If you still haven't acquired the Lordvessel: Go to New Londo Ruins and find the NPC Ingward. By stealing humanity from players and offering it to Kaathe, you increase your covenant level. Comments . I talked to Frampt in Firelink Shrine after ringing the two Bells of Awakening, then talked to Kaathe in the Abyss after being brought to the Firelink Altar by Kaathe and returning to him in the Abyss without placing the Lordvessel (use a Homeward Bone or the Homeward miracle) and he offered me his covenant just fine. Like Kingseeker Frampt, Kaathe is a primordial serpent, but his intentions are very different from those of Frampt. [1] Put Lordvessel on the altar. After defeating the 4 kings boss, talk to Kaathe and he will return you to Firelink Shrine. Within this Kiln, they find the cindered husk of Gwyn. November 3rd, 2011, 11:36 PM #10: Michelasso . If you do not follow a guide before first playing the game, you will miss so much stuff that requires other play throughs but following a guide from the get go ruins the game. The Lordvessel is a plot item in Dark Souls. 4 Kings (3), talk to Kaathe, place the lordvessel If you want to use bonfires elsewhere for peachness like the ceaseless bonfire before lava skip, you can talk to kaathe again after placing the lord vessel, warp back to the abyss and take the abyss bonfire. RasenZangetsu. If you have already placed the Lordvessel, Kaathe won't appear after you kill The Four Kings. Giving the Lordvessel to Kaathe will also make Frampt disappear for the rest of the game. Replied on April 29, 2013 . I'm not really sure if your locked with framps either after talking to him and him taking you down, or after you place the lordvessel with him. If you haven't done these, then Kaate will appear and he will take you to Firelink Altar so you can place the Lordvessel and side with him. You can rekindle the Flame, as the prophecy intended, or you can let it die. Monday, October 24, 2011 @ 01:42 AM. Unfortunately he's gone for this playthrough. [2] In the second case, for evil character, you have to get help from Darkstalker Kaathe.The snake will appear in The Abyss, once you defeat demon Four Kings.. After putting Lordvessel … The beast will transfer you to a separate location. This is the lady that Gael asked us to find and show flame to. prophetteonit. It is not necessary to place the Lordvessel on the altar to join the covenant. It is though one of the many things that irritates me about these Souls games. Go to Ingward first, if he still gives you Abyss key I'm guessing it's all good. Kaathe will tell you the truth of Frampt's bargain. 1 Biography 1.1 Legacy 2 Trivia 3 Navigation Like Kingseeker Frampt, Kaathe is a primordial serpent, a snake-like being that came from the Abyss spread by … And, as i know, after that you can … He tells you that the Age of Darkness is the age of man, a new era. Gael begs us to show his lady flame. Then talk to Kaathe, the primordial serpent that will spawn in the abyss after you defeat the kings. Gwyn left Anor Londo long ago to set himself alight to fuel the Age of Fire. Kaathe also wants the player to defeat Lord Gwyn, but to bring upon the Age of Dark instead. Darkstalker Kaathe can be found in The Abyss, after you have defeated The Four Kings. =(Up vote (0) BR. Darkstalker Kaathe [DKS Wiki] Comments made to our Dark Souls Wiki 2 .

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