marrying a widow in islam

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Our Prophet (pbuh) said, “When you marry, prefer virgin girls because they are more soft-spoken; they can satisfy their husbands better and they will be content with fewer things." — 2:230. Islam considers human nature, hence, it permits the marriage of the widow and sets a specific period for her ‘ Iddah ’ (waiting period), which is four months and ten days or until delivery for pregnant women. This hadith does not mean that Islam does not give importance to widows. I suggest that you discuss it with your wife and see what she says. Or Allah forbid, if I was to get re-married again I would do the same. My question is, what if she is a widow and nobody is ready to take responsibility for her? Also, from experience, it assist her and the family members of her late husband in looking after her children. A fornicator. If you get the sense that it will damage or ruin your current marriage, then you should avoid it. In Islam, re-marriage of widows has been greatly emphasized. Allah says in Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 234 that: And the widows have been instructed to remarry more especially because there are some people who think it is below their dignity that they should get the widow in the family to remarry. — 4:3. It only becomes permissible to marry her if she happens to gets divorced from another marriage. Kaleem, from an Islamic legal sense there is no prohibition against marrying your brother's widow. Just as Islam has instructed the virgin to marry so also it has instructed the widow to remarry. Considering the Sharee’ah (Islamic Law) perspective on the widow’s remarriage. Our Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH)’s first wife Hazrat Khadija was also a widow. But the permission of plural marriage is given in the context of protecting widows, as they need to be taken care of. It is allowed. This should give a very good idea, as to what is the reward for someone who gets married to a widow and supports her children from her deceased husband. For instance, if the second marriage is likely to upset the first marriage and the family structure already established, then a second marriage should be avoided, as it undermines the very purpose of the Islamic rules of marriage. Any woman if marrying her would bring the number of current wives to five. Allah Almighty said, Islam permits widow to marry again if she wants. I want to … Whether or not it's a good idea for you, that's another story. There is no drawback for a bachelor man to marry a widow in terms of Islam. I think unfortunately most Muslim men view divorced women especially with a child, as damaged goods and don't even want to meet and give her a … At the same time, it has also been often stated that people, who bring up orphans, are very dear to Allah (swt). The act of accepting widow as a wife is considered as Sunnah in Islam. A former wife who has been divorced thrice. We know that Islamic rules do not allow marriage with wife's sister. Depending on the madhab it is forbidden to marry her before she repents and before istibra — 24:3 Marrying late husband's widow by the husband's family is not condemned from Islamic point of view, as long as it is her wish to marry within the family members of her late husband. The religion of Islam gives great importance to virginity. I would definitely marry a widow or divorcee, preferably with children. Marriage under Islam is a matrimonial relation and an institution which legalizes the sexual activities between a male and female for the object of procreation of kids, promotion of love, mutual support and creation of families which are considered an essential unit in a society.

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