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What Amis means by gloomy is, perhaps, humourless, and it is clear that he regards humour as an essential part of sane, civilised humanity. And this is before we get on to Iris Murdoch, stepmother Elizabeth Jane Howard, much more about Kingsley and Hilly; and then Trump, and all the countries that, impishly, Amis decides to cast as characters in his geopolitical musings, Israel and America chief among them (“If Israel were a person, what kind of person would Israel be? Martin Amis: The only places Inside Story makes any impact are where it is straightforward and sentimental. Once you get used to it, and it is he admits a device to maneouvre the reader into a new relationship with the author, a relationship born of the social media age but allowing for the hard-won, centuries-old trust and patience the novelist has been able up to now to command. Very effective and funny. Amis is too deliberate a writer not to be consciously opening up questions of narrative truth, memory, accountability, self-disclosure, etc. Though his writing always had the heft of an author who knows his own power, you cheer for the ruffian underneath, the upsetter, the hatchet-wielder and smasher of conventions. It's also, perhaps slightly less characteristically for Amis, tender, self-questioning and sentimental. Inside Story by Martin Amis. Delivery charges may apply. Thank you Mr Amis for all you have given us and that you have left to reveal. Martin Amis’s “Inside Story” contains so much autofiction, metafiction and just plain nonfiction (there’s an index) that one doesn’t know how to classify the book. It's also irritating. Do you think. Inside Story, by Martin Amis (Jonathan Cape £20, 576pp) She says Kingsley told her it was OK because Martin wasn't actually his son, but Philip Larkin's. You felt, though, as a reader, that you would always be inadequate to the task of meeting his expectations, and this made it hard to like his work. Which happens to be true of its form, too. . Knopf, 560 pp., $28.95. These are long, plotless, digressive, and essayistic novels with extended asides on such things as theosophy and angelology... Amis also estimates that, since 1975, the audience for such books has dwindled by up to 90 percent. What an incredible novel/autobiography. Inside Story: A Novel by Martin Amis, Jonathan Cape £20, 576 pages Join our online book group on Facebook at FT Books Café Get alerts on Fiction when a new story is published Main Inside Story. Shattering. Inside Story is all over the place. This novel had its birth in a death - that of the author's closest friend, Christopher Hitchens. Inside Story. The British novelist, who … It's all but plotless, and it's frequently interrupted by non-novelistic voices and perspectives and concerns, reading more like a scattered miscellany than a novel-shaped whole. Amis, it seems, is hell-bent on not fitting into any category, which is fine, yes, but the footnotes are annoying, and unnecessary, and make the whole text feel like a test of some kind: 'Are you bright enough/tenacious enough to get through all this?' It’s a tiny dollop of bathetic overwriting: while, oceans away, men are hijacking technology to kill thousands, Martin is helplessly making a cuppa. He tells us it is likely to be his last. Excellent book for those who love reading about writers and the writing process. The depth of Amis' voice. It's billed as a novel, and its author insists it is on the page, but it isn’t much of one. Novelist Martin Amis on "Inside Story" Writer Martin Amis has never been at a loss for words, in person or on the page. But I’m gonna give Amis the benefit of the doubt and treat this as nonfiction with a nominally stylistic veneer of fiction, ie. Save for later . In his heyday, Martin Amis was hailed as a rockstar-ish literary figure, possibly because of a fleeting similarity to (a shorter, blond) Jagger, a studied insouciance, and the then audacious themes of his novels. Inside Story: How to Write, By Martin Amis, Jonathan Cape, 522 pp, £20, ISBN: 978-1787332768 On page 208 of Martin Amis’s new novel I developed a toothache. I can't imagine what someone who hadn't already read him would make of this self-referential anthology of anecdotes and memories, many of which have appeared elsewhere and thus are handled pretty elliptically at times. The opening first person intro is very inviting as he welcomes us into his home and his life simultaneously. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Not that you’d always know it. It's a deeply pleasurable read, but one that depends so much on its reader knowing not just the Amis corpus but the whole history of his circle--and devotees will tend to, given the status of the figures concerned (Larkin, Bellow, Hitchens, et al.)

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