warrior level 50 quest

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The quest is called 'Saving Zarees' and is available from the NPC 'Tym' in the starting area (Cotswold, Mularn, and Mag Mell) of each realm. What is the Best Level 50 Build? I just did it on my warrior (currently level 51, so he'd get the full exp as the quest is level 52). This has been the case since Cataclysm with the quest boards located in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. 0. Silver Dagger and some Mana Potions spawn in another chest in this room. Recast. This is an INI that's made for a level 50 Warrior and should work on both live and TLP servers. I'm having some trouble getting the level 50 Warrior class quest. Sanctimonial Rod - 35.6 DPS - Lvl 42 - Quest Reward “A Hero’s Welcome” Feralas. Limit Breaks 1-4 (50 → 70) The first 4 limit break quests are the same for all 22 jobs. Completing all quests in a specific zone won’t guarantee you a full level either; you’ll often find yourself needing to grind mobs or run dungeons to have a more fluid experience. Level 35 skill reminder – Inner Beast: Real talk – Inner Beast is a massive skill that uses up your warrior resource: Wrath. Level 50 Warrior Quest. Bit disappointing to read. Warrior Tank - Level 50-59 Welcome to one of the more interesting and also horrible level brackets! However, there's Boahn's Fang BoE 2h axe, which is usually cheap because of the weird stats, and there are much better … Ravager - 37.3 DPS - Lvl 37 - 25% Drop off Herod in Scarlet Monastery. Darkshore: Once the starting area for your race has been completed, you have a few options on where to quest next. Arms is overall a better leveling tree simply because the damage output and damage taken values have less fluctuation. Look for NPC Bath'rat the Windwatcher in Hilsbarad Foothills. 0. Level 50 – Recklessness. Mobs are hard to kill. … The Barrens: Aside from the infamous ‘Barrens chat’ and Mankrik’s wife memes, The Barrens is a very important zone for the Horde. 30 - Whirlwind Axe - Warrior quest - ... 50+ not many options pre 1.10/1.4 apart from a 2h off emp and a couple of BoEs, so you can't rely on getting any upgrades before you hit 60. Before we get to the meat of the article, let’s first address those who may have only played WoW in the last few years. Beastslayer - 42.6 DPS - Lvl 50 - Quest … I'm having some trouble getting the level 50 Warrior class quest. This guide starts at level 50. If you’re a Troll, it will also work nicely with their Regeneration racial. Jump to: navigation, search. To start the final Warrior class quest, simply talk to any Warrior Trainer in any Capital City. There are quest addons you can download, but getting immersed into a zone and getting lost is part of the Vanilla experience. For Alliance, one of the best zones to go is Darkshore. I read you need to complete the on whispered winds questline. This is what is missing from a lot of MMOs these days, the desire to actually explore an area fully. I just did it on my warrior (currently level 51, so he'd get the full exp as the quest is level 52). It is available for characters level 7 to 10 and characters level 48 to 50. Whirlwind Axe - 35.6 DPS - Lvl 30 - Warrior Quest Reward “Whirlwind Weapon”. Documentation on how to edit this page can be found at Template:ItemInfobox/doc Hints, Guides and Discussions of the Wiki content related to Fossil Warrior's Raiment (Level 50+) should be placed in the Discussion Topic.. If the topic isn't already created (i.e. Pretty easy to solo if you've leveled first aid a bit. But yeah, for the most part just get whatever green 2h is best. level 15 mage quest for alliance in stormwind, the first one in the chain for the robe* When you start the game, your initial level cap is set at 50. Level 50 Warrior Quest. i recently leveled a paladin to level 50. Lasts 2 minutes. Warrior Level 50 Kissassist INI File . You should to be doing them together, as they go through the same enemy areas. Share this post. Type. Sanctimonial Rod - 35.6 DPS - Lvl 42 - Quest Reward “A Hero’s Welcome” Feralas. This article’s aim is to help prepare you for an almost ancient Azeroth. Level 54 – Mortal Strike (rank 3), Battle Shout (rank 6) Level 56 – Execute (rank 5), Heroic Strike (rank 8). Arathi Highlands: 30-40Ashenvale: 18-30Badlands: 35-45Burning Steppes: 50-58Desolace: 30-40Eastern Plaguelands: 53-60Felwood: 48-55Feralas: 40-50Hillsbrad Foothills: 20-30Searing Gorge: 45-50Stranglethorn Vale: 30-45Tanaris: 40-50Thousand Needles: 25-35Un’Goro Crater: 48-55Western Plaguelands: 51-58Winterspring: 53-60. We touched on this briefly above, but completing zones doesn’t guarantee a specific amount of levels.

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