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Add to Cart. It even had “Have a nice trip!” written on the back, which was a nice touch. SINGAPORE - From April 1, Singapore's 2G mobile network will be gradually shut down, with a complete cessation of 2G mobile services by April 18. Facebook: www.facebook.com/iccsimcard. It was very useful! Which would be the best package to get? A: During the credit grace period, you will not be able to utilize balance quota from your Internet pass. All these SIM cards have bundled local data. This article was last updated on 18 September 2019. International Card Center (ICC) is a mobile shop located in Sim Lim Tower. This article is part of our completely free and fantastic Ultimate Genting Highlands Travel Guide. Purchase overseas SIM Cards before you travel as it is cheaper, convenient and has guaranteed usability. I came across this plan recently, and find it to be an attractive alternative. The SIM card call rate is $0.30 per minute for both local calls within Malaysia and calls back to Singapore. Multi-Country Asia / Australia Data SIM Card (8 / 10 Days). Preorder at your convenience and collect at Changi Airport. As I’ll be going on a 3d2n trip to Genting, just wanted to check with you on this sim card as I’ll be sharing data (hotspot) with my family. SIM card 4: $50. A longer validity prepaid SIM card is suitable for those who live in Singapore and prefer prepaid SIM card over a post-paid plan. I chose this SIM card because I felt it was the most value-for-money option. After discounts, this costs just $6.99. You can use the bundled roaming data across popular destinations like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and more. These include Celcom, Maxis, DiGi and U Mobile. From SG$ ... No more queuing and hunting for local SIM card in overseas. Surf and stay connected with StarHub Prepaid. Hi Sheraine, yes that is the case for my current plan with M1. Digi Malaysia tourist SIM card in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bharu airport. To be able to make call, SMS, & surf the internet, please perform a top up. Do not worry about the “Retail Price” of $35. There’s no need for a local SIM card each time you’re in another country. For the M1 data passport right, you mentioned it’s using my existing data, so does it mean if I have 15gb and I have maybe around 10gb left (and I pay the $10 for the whole 30days even though I’m just going for 3 days), I will have 10gb of data left to use in Malaysia? For example, maybe only 5gb out of your 15gb is available for overseas data use. Initially, I was worried that this might be some dodgy mobile store, but its high rating and thousands of positive reviews on Qoo10 convinced me otherwise. A: Yes, but please note that SIMCARD.SG does not provide long term support for the telco. How To Buy: Visit the Qoo10 ICC Store Looking for advice. Upon your next top up, your unused credit balance will be combined with your top up amount. Q: Why are the plans different from Hotlink Website? Registration is compulsory and done in accordance with Malaysian Authorities requirements. SIM Card will be inactive for 30 days after 5 days unless topped up; after the inactive period ends, it will expire and cannot be reloaded. However, it may differ for other plans. Answer 1 of 8: Hi guys, Im looking for a travel sim card (I only really need data) for Sg and malaysia. The other providers will probably only have SIMs at cellular kiosks. Getting a Malaysia tourist SIM card in a shop. The next day, I went down to Sim Lim Tower to collect them. The mobile provider is Celcom. SingTel and M1 prepaid cards used to have some allowance for roaming in Malaysia but thr credit when your were there would be used up really quickly. For Malaysia, you would need to pay a one-time monthly fee of $10. StarHub has the cheapest package and M1 and Singtel are other options. Roaming, surfing and texting have never been easier with our range of prepaid SIM cards! Phone numbers are randomly allocated. You can check the new expiry date on the Hotlink Mobile App after receiving the SIM Card, SIM Card (Tri-SIM Sized) Our Homemade Instruction Sheet and Usage Guide, Delivery and Mailing Information can be found on our Collection and Delivery Guide. =). Update 18 September 2019: During my recent trip to Malaysia, I was annoyed to discover that on top of the $10 fee, I now needed to pay an additional $5 “activation fee” too. You may purchase a pre-paid card from any 7-11 or Cheers convenience stores in Singapore. Incredible shopping paradise! Reload SIM Card and purchase attractive data plans available – get up to 10GB data for a month, starting from RM3 per day. $50 credit; Free 5GB of 4G local data If you want to have internet access just for a couple of days, here is the solution. Changi Recommends Overseas Prepaid SIM cards. Otherwise, many shopping malls and bus stations have a chance to purchase the best tourist sim card Malaysia as well. The quality and speed of all three networks are very good. SIM Cards. From SG$ 2.00 /Day. TPG 50GB SIM Only Plan is available only to Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, Employment and Long Term Pass holders aged 16 years old and above. Keep your SIM Card active by topping up with additional credit. Keep your SIM Card active by topping up with additional credit. If you’re an M1 subscriber, you can consider using the M1 Data Passport, which will let you use your plan’s existing data overseas. Data SIM card: $20. Minimum Term TPG 50GB SIM Only plan is valid for 30 days which will be automatically renewed subject to successful recurring payment. I'll be in Sg for 4 days then malaysia for another 10. Singapore's M1 now allows you to roam for free in Malaysia (also HK, Indonesia, Macau and Taiwan) whilst consuming your local (Singapore) data allowance - this applies to their M Card Prepaid SIM. This means that even if you are going for less than 30 days, you will still need to pay the $10. Enjoy the most affordable data plans, with free incoming and IDD 019 calls, on Singapore’s fastest and widest network! It is really easy to buy this Malaysia SIM card. Q: Do you have 5G SIM Card? Malaysia - 4G Data. The SIM card comes with a free SIM card adaptor too! To avoid service cancellation, top-up before the end of the credit grace period. In Singapore and Malaysia, you just need to present your passport for line registration. You can call M1 at 1627 to clarify the details. If you choose the store pickup option, there is no delivery fee. You can check on sim cards from those telcos. How do I check how much data I have used and left? The upside of this plan is that it saves you the hassle of buying and changing SIM cards. Discount coupons will be applied automatically and the basic SIM card (Package D) should cost just $6.99. SingTel offers this data SIM card: hi! Q: Can I use card for long term? You will need to show your passport at the 7-11 store when buying the prepaid SIM card. Just go to the Qoo10 ICC store and select your preferred SIM card package. A: We sell Hotlink RED Plan SIM Cards which does not come with speed caps and other limitations that have been introduced in the new Hotlink Plan, such as tethering disabled. For my iPhone it’s under Settings -> Mobile Data. International Card Center Singapore (ICC) You are responsible for submitting documents accurately and in advance. No, I did not share the data with my wife. It offers 2.2GB of 4G data (more than enough), MYR 3 for local calls, free incoming calls, and 10GB of 64kbps data. We do not permit selection of phone numbers. Maxis HotLink Prepaid SIM Card Starter Basic Pack Telco: Maxis (Hotlink) Network: 4G LTE/3G ♦️ Hotlink/Maxis Original SIM Card - Most reliable network in Malaysia! Re: Sim card that works in both Singapore and Malaysia. Klook Japan 4G SIM Card Review - Cheapest SIM Card With Unlimited 4G Data For 8 Days, Klook DTAC Happy Tourist SIM - Cheapest Thailand SIM Card With 4G Data (3GB) For 8 Days. Telco plan is subject to change over time. Check out the best SIM card options on finder.com. SingTel is the market leading supplier, Starhub is in the second rank and M1 is third. If you have any questions, you can contact Vivian at +65 94781225 (Whatsapp only). I chose the store pick up option. She replied promptly that this was possible if I chose store pick up. If you prefer to have unlimited 3G data instead, you can choose Package K. Klook Hong Kong SIM Card - The Best and Cheapest SIM Card For Your Hong Kong Holiday! Most airports in Malaysia have several counters right at the arrival hall. A: Malaysia does not have a 5G Network at this point in time. So an obvious place to start looking for SIM Cards are the airport kiosks. At point of purchase,can check if roaming is available, then to use up any available air time credit balance on your Singapore SIM, then you buy a Malaysia SIM card. If you have any questions, you can contact Vivian at +65 94781225 (Whatsapp only). I do not recommend using the free Singpost delivery, especially in light of their recent delivery fiascos. After buying my SIM cards, I messaged Vivian to confirm if they were ready for collection. Image of Singapore tourist sim card … Available 24/7, collect at Changi Airport Singapore. Otherwise maybe consider getting a separate sim for Malaysia. Taking a sim card is very easy, we exit the arrival terminal next to it, there is a Klook counter, and when we confirm at the Klook counter to take the sim card, the process is also fast, less than 5 minutes and the sim card is activated immediately, so we don't need to wait for the activation process. Just go to the Qoo10 ICC store and select your preferred SIM card package. Celcom is the largest provider in Malaysia and offers good 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE services on a GSM platform. As you mentioned that you only used 800mb data for the entire trip, did you share the data with your wife too? Q: How long is the plan valid for? Singapore Chinatown Buy Tourist Sim in advance and which is the best Phone Service Supplier? It really depends on what you are going to use the data on. Opening Hours: | Mon to Fri: 11am – 7pm | Sat: 11am – 6pm | Sun & PH: Closed | Best Tourist Prepaid SIM Cards for Malaysia from SIMCARD.SG with convenient collection/delivery from Singapore. Actually, I am not sure if the SIM card’s telco allows you to enable hotspot / tethering. 7 days validity; 5GB of 4G local data Q: What is credit grace / deactive period? SIM Card will be inactive for 30 days after 5 days unless topped up; after the inactive period ends, it will expire and cannot be reloaded. The company has a store on Lazada as well. I came across this company on Qoo10 when I was trying to find a Malaysia SIM card for my Genting trip. Local Malaysian Call: 0.15 per 30 seconds Local Malaysian SMS: 0.15 per SMS Call to Singapore: 0.50 per minute or 0.08 per minute SMS to Singapore: 0.30 per SMS. Simply purchase data plan through AIRSIM APP or web ... No more expensive roaming charges and wasting time looking for places to buy local SIM cards in overseas. If you finish using the MYR 4, you can top up the balance in Malaysia convenience stores. Hi I have a question. Please contact the telco if you have any issues outside of the package duration purchased from us. It is really easy to buy this Malaysia SIM card. Q: What will happen to my unused credit in credit grace / deactive period? You can buy 1GB of data from Malaysia’s leading telco provider for as little as MYR15 (US$3.50). Plus get up to 13GB data as well as free 30-day insurance by NTUC Income. It is purely marketing only. Best Singapore Tourist Sim Card And How To Buy A Singapore Sim Card. SingTel Singtel tourist sim card . It worked perfectly throughout the trip, and this is my full review of ICC and the SIM card! Whether you are travelling or visiting Singapore, we have just the right prepaid SIM card for you. SIM Card comes in all three sizes (TRI-SIM): Nano, Micro and Standard SIM Validity extended automatically with each top-up. we stayed connected in Genting thanks to ICC! All Internet Plans come with non-stop RED Social/Chat addon, Maxis Hotlink Starter SIM Card Pack comes with RM5 Value (Valid for 5 Days) + 300MB Data (Valid for 2 Days). Philippines - 4G Data. $38 credit for 100 days; Free 3GB of 4G local data to use in both Singapore & Malaysia hi! Stay connected with Hotlink and Maxis 4G. But since my trip was only for 3D2N, this wouldn’t be a problem at all. All plans do not come with SMS bundled and will be deducted on a pay as you use rate. Edited: 6 years ago. Do not worry about the “Retail Price” of $35. And you won’t lose your package because you can track it. ICC’s service was wonderful too. Phone: +65 94781225 (Vivian) hi! SIM card 3: $38. This was surprising considering that we were high up in the mountains. The SIM card offers 5GB of data for 4G/ 3G networks, MYR 4 for calls, and free incoming calls. Note: Travelex counters are located at Singapore Changi Airport (Terminal 1, 2, 3 and 4). Your passport will be required for registration purposes. ICC SIM Card - Thailand 8 Days Unlimited Data + Call - Truemove/AIS/DTAC Truemove: 31 Mar 2021 AIS 8 Days: 31 Mar 2021 DTAC: 31 Dec 2020 Quick shop During my recent trip to Genting Highlands, I used a Malaysia SIM card bought from International Card Center (ICC) via Qoo10. I highly recommend buying your SIM card from this company. On hindsight, for my short trip, I should have gotten the Package D SIM card instead. Buy online and collect before you fly. We can only assist within the duration the SIM Card is initially valid for after activation. SIM Cards are registered legally with your Name and ID as per Malayisan Telecom Regulations and Law. For example, if you plan to be using Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram a lot, you can consider Package C. This plan gives you unlimited data for Youtube at night, and 10GB worth of 4G data for Facebook / Instagram. There are basically 4 GSM based service providers in Malaysia which offer telecom services. The friendly staff at the shop passed me the SIM cards in a nifty envelope. Travelling beyond Singapore? Report inappropriate content . You will NOT receive any 5G network at all. To activate roaming, just dial #100 * 8 * 1# from your phone. Secured Payment & Browsing. SIMCARD.SG does not provide long term support as stated on our terms and conditions. SIMCARD.SG does not provide long term support as stated on our terms and conditions. For local outgoing calls and SMS, some cards come with bundle while others charge based on pay per use. If you can’t or don’t want to preorder your Malaysia tourist SIM card, you can buy one on arrival at any Malaysian airport or once you get to a city. Top up to continue using your Internet pass. A: Your unused credit in grace period will be frozen, and you can only receive incoming calls and SMS. Get your hi!Tourist SIM Card from any of these shops or at our authorised mobile retailers. The envelope contained an A4 letter printed with the SIM card details, instructions on how to use the SIM card, how to make local calls, how to check credit balance, troubleshooting of network settings, etc. You can check with Vivian on this, her number is in the article above. Address: Sim Lim Tower #02-12 / #03-14, 10 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208787 For tourists to Malaysia, the best and cheapest way is to get a prepaid SIM card. A: Hotlink Prepaid Plan gives you a 5-day active period upon activation with an additional 50-day credit grace period. 2. There was also a free SIM Card Adaptor (for all three “mini”, “micro”, and “nano” sizes), as well as an iPhone SIM eject pin. As you can see from the table above, ICC offers several types of SIM card. We enjoyed fast and reliable internet throughout our Genting Highlands trip. If you are not arriving through the airport, one can also easily get a SIM card from bus stations, shopping malls or shops in the city centre. If you intend to use the SIM Card long term by reloading, please note long-term support is the responsibility of the telco company. Before buying the SIM card, I messaged Vivian (ICC contact person listed on Qoo10) over Whatsapp to ask if I could self-collect the card on the same day of purchase. A: During the credit grace period, you can only receive incoming calls and SMS. Enquiries : +6013 688 1010 (Mon-Fri; 9am-5pm) WhatsApp Tech Support : +6011 2021 8888 (9am-11pm) Email : [email protected] J-2-10, Jalan PJU 1A/20B,Dataran Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. 1. If the 5GB runs out, I would still have 10GB of data, albeit at a woefully slow speed of 64kbps. This is a very reliable delivery method which I have used many times. Please provide your departure date so we can ensure that the card is valid for your travels! Newest products, latest trends and bestselling items、Malaysia Prepaid SIM:Small Appliances, Items from Singapore, Japan, Korea, US and all … I must say ICC really pays a lot of attention to detail! Registration details must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of usage date. Its prepaid SIM card is called “Xpax” and can be picked up for free, although prepaid SIM card plans will have to be added before use. Card activation WILL be delayed for LAST MINUTE ACTIVATION. Celcom Malaysia tourist SIM card in Kuala Lumpur KLIA2 airport. The vast majority of tourists enter Malaysia through Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) or KLIA 1. Should I buy a separate sim card in Sg and in malaysia , or just get one in Sg to do both? This is still faster than dial up internet (56 Kbps), but I probably can’t do much with it other than using Whatsapp. We advice customer to look up the differences and pick the plan most suitable for them. I bought two Malaysia SIM cards and they were each stored in a nice ICC holder. Each major provider: DiGi, Maxis, Celcom and U-Mobile will have a store or kiosk. Know your Malaysian Number immediately upon receiving the SIM Card! Why spend days researching when all your holiday information is simply a click away? The wife and I were very happy with our Malaysia SIM cards from International Card Center (ICC). By the end of my holiday I had only used about 800MB. After looking through the various options, I decided to get Package C. After discounts, the price came down to just $9.99. Qxpress costs $3. Q: What will happen to my ongoing Internet subscription during the credit grace period? Hi Sheraine, you can check the data usage in your phone settings. You can buy a prepaid sim card in Malaysia as soon as you arrive in most international airports to make it extra easy or use a service on Klook to pick up your sim card on arrival which makes it even easier. Celcom kiosks are …

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