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As long as you don't block a mini PC's air vents or keep it in an unnaturally warm location, you shouldn't have much to worry about, and you'll easily surpass the performance of, say, the Playstation 4 or Xbox One. But, as gamers, what good is a piece of tech if you can’t run games on it? We would hate to be the ones to say “have you considered this other option?” while you’re shopping for a mini PC. More than ever, this is apparent on its APU lineup. The ability to browse the web, play breathtaking ultra HD content, access KODI, Skype and more is packed inside a 5-inch square that’s less than 1-inch tall! This is the best small gaming PC build for those of you that want a discrete graphics card but still want to keep things cheap and cheerful in a compact PC. Though it’ll almost be impossible to fit it in a backpack, it’s still compact enough to move it around easily. The truth is, even consoles tend to get hot at times. lll Gaming-PC Vergleich 2020 auf ⭐ Die 11 besten Gaming-PCs inklusive aller Vor- und Nachteile im Vergleich Jetzt direkt lesen! With its NUC Gaming Kits, Intel aims to deliver a great gaming experience in the size of a console. Here are the best mini PCs on the market – some running Windows, others ready for you to install the OS of your choosing. PC Gamer is supported by its audience. We went for the Chopin as it comes with a built-in 150W PSU, which delivers just enough juice to keep the Ryzen 5 3400G APU running, even with both the CPU and GPU components overclocked. The Build & Components. Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard. You should find a small antenna inside its packaging, which you can simply screw in. So, if you're comfortable with the challenges of building a mini gaming PC, let us check out some of the best PC cases that ExtremIntel Core TM I9; … The mini PCs that work best are the ones that are laid out well and don't hide components in the corners or obstruct air inlets. See On Amazon . The 1TB WD Blue NVMe SSD will give you super-speedy loading times in games and on boot up. Only the best gaming PCs can offer you that smooth, immersive gaming experience you’ve been dreaming of. Virtually any mini PC with fast enough ports (typically Thunderbolt) can get its gaming capabilities seriously boosted by connecting to an external GPU. While the Home series should be enough for anything work-related and are also VR ready, they might struggle if you decide to crank up the settings to medium or higher. Barebones sind eine besondere Form der Mini-PCs. Check our guide to the best gaming monitor to take full advantage of the 2080 Super’s muscle. You’ll be able to set it up anywhere around your house, and you should be good to go if you have a strong enough Wi-Fi signal. GIGABYTE GA-AB350N-Gaming WIFI Get it now on This mini-gaming PC offers you access to a single x16 PCIe Gen 3 connector for GPUs, storage, USB 3.1, as You can either build your customized kit or order one of the prebuilt ones featuring an i3, i5, or i7 processor. Learn more Home Features Black Friday 2020: the best PC gaming … The most important thing is to ensure the case you buy will fit the components you want to cram into it. Als Gaming-PC eignen sich die Mini-Versionen jedoch nicht. Zotac's ZBox Edge CI341 is a workable bare-bones mini-PC for jobs that require minimal muscle. But keep in mind that the models labeled as “barebone” come without storage and RAM. What makes this stick PC unique is that it even comes with an Ethernet port, in addition to two USB 3.0 ports, which just goes to show how serious it’s to become your daily driver. However, the NZXT case does have spare 3.5″ hard drive slots available if you want to expand on this for your large collection of games. NOTE: As an alternative mobile gaming computer option, check out our guide on the Best RTX 2060 Laptops for powerful gaming laptop options at a similar price range. Mini-Computer sind vielfältig einsetzbar. You might be surprised at just what you can fit in a chassis this small, but thanks to the advances in mini-ITX motherboards, high-capacity PSUs in a bitesize package, and the use of intelligent partitioning and ribbon cables, you can squeeze a high-end gaming machine into a mini gaming PC this small. They also have more ports than an average laptop so a mini PC can also end your struggle of carrying around dongles. The possibilities are almost endless with the Intel NUC Home series. This case is a little bigger than the InWin Chopin, but it has enough room for graphics cards up to 310mm in length, and it will fit a standard-size ATX power supply. Vom High-End-Gaming-Desktop bis hin zum kompakten Gaming-PC, bietet MSI für jeden Anspruch ein System mit individueller Anpassung und herausragender Performance. If you’re already in the Apple ecosystem, you can definitely consider the Mac mini. The Intel HD Graphics 530 graphics card inside is more than enough to satisfy your low to mid-level gaming needs. Mini Gaming-PC oder Desktop-PC? And that’s how easy it is to create a mini PC for gaming, whether you’re building on a budget or looking to create a monster rig with a miniscule footprint. Well, those specs can also be used for gaming when you’re at home. Get involved in the conversation by heading over to our Facebook and Instagram pages. Keep in mind that some models come without RAM and storage. Mini-ITX Build For 1080P / Budget Tier. Gökhan Çakır. Like most mini PCs, this gaming beast also comes with a Wi-Fi antenna that further increases its portability. And with a 1080p screen, you can play all the latest games at the highest settings without batting an eyelid, and with a minimum of 60fps. Some even rock a top-tier RTX 2080 or an RTX 2070 Super graphics card. There are a dozen iterations of the Magnus. If you’re planning to go down that route, make sure that what you’re planning to use fits your model. The HP Elite Slice is being marketed as a productivity machine but should really be considered a decent all-around system. The updated base version of the Mac mini features an eighth-gen i3-8100B alongside an Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics card. Most of the popular games out there, like League of Legends and Fortnite, are fully optimized and take advantage of your hardware completely. There’s a lot to consider when picking your ThinkCentre M720q since there countless options when it comes to the internals it stores. In unserem Mini Gaming PC Sortiment finden sich ausschließlich schnelle CPUs und hochwertige 3D Grafikkarten, perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt und selbst auf kleinstem Raum bestens gekühlt, teilweise sogar mit einer Wasserkühlung. The best high-end mini PC for gaming is this AMD Ryzen 9 3900X- and Nvidia RTX 2080 Super-based system. Size is an important concern when selecting the best mini PC, because they’re available in a fairly wide range of sizes. The best mid-range mini PC for gaming is this AMD Ryzen 5 3600X and Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti based system. Amazon. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore with a great small gaming PC – you don’t have to make massive compromises on performance just to lessen your PC’s overall footprint. Die Größe ist die gleiche, jedoch sind sie zunächst weniger gut bestückt: Barebone-Computer bestehen lediglich aus Gehäuse, Mainboard und Netzteil. Combine it with one of the best graphics cards you can buy, the Nvidia RTX 2080 Super, and you’ve got one of the most space efficient setups. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up MSI - MPG Trident 3 10SI 002US MSI Mini Gaming Desktop - i5-10400F - GTX 1660 Super - 8GB 1TB+512GB - Windows 10 Home The competition in the mini PC market is intense. When shopping for a new gaming PC, it's important to have a goal in mind. The Best Gaming Desktops for 2020. List of Top 10 Best Mini Gaming PC in 2020 #1. But they should be enough for anything work-related. It could get a bit loud in there when the system’s under load, but the noise isn’t close enough to be annoyingly loud. If you find yourself spending more time on mobile games, then the CXI3 may be the choice for you. Small form factor PCs from ASUS are ideal for family, gaming or business. It's stable and affordable, but double-check competing options (and mind the total cost) … Ein stärkerer CPU-Kühler wird nicht benötigt, da der beiliegende für dieses Modell absolut ausreichend ist und seinen dienst mit ausgesprochen niedriger Lautstärke verrichtet. The kits are compact and weigh around two to 2.2 pounds. Most mini PCs come with Wi-Fi adapters inside, but it’s hard to match the quality of the one inside of Lenovo’s ThinkCentre M720q Tiny. $120. Because of the slightly larger case design here, we managed to fit in a 120mm liquid CPU cooler from Cooler Master with RGB lighting. PC Gamer is supported by its audience. You can pull the trigger on this one if you’re looking to consume more gaming-related content than playing, however, since it was designed to do just that. And sometimes you’ll want a PC that’s not seen and not heard, and thanks to AMD’s Raven Ridge CPU-GPU hybrid platform you can create some incredible mini PC gaming machines. Getting the best gaming PC into your home isn't as hard as it used to be. Sacrificing a good GPU is just the price we have to pay for a smaller form factor and a lighter weight. Dell ist ein Anbieter von Technologielösungen, Services und Support. Learn more. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a really powerful mini-ITX gaming PC, this build will meet your needs now and for a long time into the future. Though the Elite Slice doesn’t come with a GTX graphics card, it features an i5-6500T and 16GB of RAM (upgradable to 32GB) and a 128GB SSD alongside a 1TB HDD. If you’re dead set on a mini PC that will fit in your palm, for instance, your gaming options will be limited, as The best mini PC for gaming is likely a workstation-class mini PC, as it will have the most powerful CPU, more RAM and decent onboard graphics—possibly even a … We’ve paired up this InWin Chopin case with the Gigabyte Aorus B450 I to create the smallest of our gaming rigs. With more modern games you’ll have to drop your resolution down to 720p to get some decent gaming performance. Though connecting your PC to your router with an Ethernet cable is the best way to eliminate ping and lag, sometimes it may just not be possible. Velocity Micro's 2019 Raptor Z55 is a straightforward, cleanly assembled power desktop that posts excellent all-around performance. Home; Features; The best CPU for gaming in 2020 You’ll be getting 4GB of RAM, which may make you say, “hey, my phone has more RAM than that.” But it’s the sweet spot for this little device to perform everything it was designed to do. For a small bunch, they pack a huge punch. Theo Binns Acer Chromebox CXI3 comes with an i5-8250U and 8GB of RAM. Jetzt alle Bewertungen im Mini-PC Vergleich bzw. Back in the day, if you wanted to get a computer that you could carry around, the go-to options were laptops. Initially, most mini PCs were being marketed as productivity machines. It’s no surprise that Zotac, a company known for its mini graphics cards, is also one of the pioneers of the mini PC industry. They’re quite compact and easy to carry around. You can choose which categories you want to be notified for. Vergleich 2020 auf 1. The best mini gaming PC: Intel Ghost Canyon NUC 9 Matthew Smith / Digital Trends. If your main goal is PC gaming, the Razer Huntsman mini keyboard offers a … According to the mini PC reviews on the internet, the Zotac Magnus surpasses other popular gaming mini-PCs as the best one for gaming; thus, it must be seriously considered while you search for your ideal machine. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Dimenticate di fare spazio sulla vostra scrivania per un nuovo PC desktop: i migliori mini PC riescono a mettere la potenza di un PC desktop Intel o AMD in uno spazio piccolissimo. The Build & Components. This article includes affiliate links, which may provide small compensation to Dot Esports. EGPUs are basically graphics cards that are housed inside specially designed panels. The Best Windows Mini PCs for 2020 Some are bare-bones kits. The only thing standing in the way is your imagination. I think if I were to choose a mini gaming PC, this would be closer to the one I would pick. The Intel Celeron N4100 processor inside is less than ideal for gaming, but it’s enough for casual content consumption and performing simple tasks like working with documents. If you need your system to provide excellent framerates in AAA games at 1920 x 1080, you won't need the absolute best … Most mobile gamers invest in tablets to give themselves the advantage of a bigger screen. Whatever the … The classic image of a gaming PC is some hulking behemoth of a machine, all frantically spinning fans, blazing rainbow RGB LEDs, and monstrously large graphics cards. This mini-gaming PC offers you access to a single x16 PCIe Gen 3 connector for GPUs, storage, USB 3.1, as well as general-purpose PCIe connections, which make up the bare minimum for an enthusiast-grade gaming system. And for the RAM, we’ve chosen 16GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX running at 3200MHz, which should be more than enough for general productivity and gaming. We've teamed up with Zotac to giveaway the Magnus EK701080 mini gaming PC. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. If you’re not desperate to squeeze a mini gaming PC into a shoebox and are prepared for a little heft without the full ATX tower aesthetic, then the sleek design of the NZXT H210i chassis – with a great cable management system and USB-C connectivity on the front panel – is perfect. If you’re thinking of buying a new desktop PC and you don’t need to use it for serious gaming, I highly recommend that you buy a Linux-based mini PC. There are small form factor cases which can still house full-scale components in their TARDIS-like innards.

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