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You should base your decision on your affinities and strengths. Concert promoters are usually paid a percentage of the proceeds, so there’s no fixed salary. 15 Great Examples of Careers in Music Production. Or maybe, you’d like to help musicians with the paperwork and legalities? Booking agents have similar duties to promoters, though the focus is on arranging and negotiating performance deals on behalf of the artists. While similar to publicists, a public relations counselor’s main duties are pitching album, concert, and tour coverage to various press and media outlets. Many music … Instead, they get a percentage of what the managed artist makes. If you can't major in a music business-related field, consider a general business degree, and find other ways to get music industry experience. © 2020 | All Rights Reserved | Content may not be duplicated without express written permission. If you can’t decide which way to go, check out Music Business Accelerator and learn all you need to get started. This includes personalizing content and advertising. Do you want to share your love of music by playing amazing remixes and crowd favorites at parties, nightclubs, and special events? 10,342 Music Business jobs available on Bachelor of music degree programs are designed to prepare you for a variety careers in music, in one capacity or another. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies, revised. If you want music to be your job, then start treating it like one. ​Sign up via the form below to receive our ​BEST recommendations for independent musicians & ​EXCLUSIVE discounts: Please log in again. Signs Songwriters to write demos, then pitches these demos to artists and labels as possible cuts on their records. Publicists write press releases, make press kits, and are in charge of securing for the artists they represent sufficient media exposure. Become involved with campus radio. What are the Types of Music Business Careers? Artist Relations and Development Representative. A degree in Business, Marketing, PR or Communications will help. Book shows at local venues. Get an insider view of the careers that make up the Music Business. As a concert promoter, your job is to book the shows and organize marketing campaigns. Handles all personal and business related financial needs of music business clients, including taxes, tour budgets, investment strategy, and contract negotiation. That way, you’ll be able to contribute the most and make both yourself and the artists happy. Accountant, Tour Accountant, Music Specialist Accountant, Entertainment Accountant. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the music industry, it is advised to choose the segment that suits your skill set and your personality. You could carve out a career in performing, song writing, composing, live music entertainment, music education, music production, artist management, marketing and PR or music journalism. Also known as tour coordinator, the tour director is focused on the financial aspects of the tour. The music business offers many interesting career paths for a wide array of people. Sometimes, they might be charged with hiring personnel. Careers in the Music Business: Looking for your Dream Job? However, in reality, there is a small army behind every successful musician and band that keeps the wheels turning. Music Business Accountant. While the recording engineer is there to capture the artist’s sound, your task is to find that perfect volume balance for each track and improve its overall quality. Marketing Rep, Marketer, Marketing Staffer. Their salaries start at $25,000 and up to around $125,000. Apply to Production Intern, Music Manager, Blogger and more! Music Business Accountants advise and work with musicians and music industry companies on financial matters. Poster Artists design show posters for artists and music/lifestyle companies like record stores and concert venues. More Job Descriptions The field of music is a huge part of the entertainment industry and employs many different types of performers, technicians and support staff. 4. A strong passion for music is a key ingredient for getting accepted into a music business program – and for succeeding in a career in this field. Accompanist. Entertainment Attorneys handle all legal matters for musicians. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. The low-stress way to find your next music industry job opportunity is on SimplyHired. Salaries here start at around $35,000 and may go well over $175,000. Distributes merchandise and promotional materials to retailers and wholesale departments. Description: Record company executives work in senior management at record labels, where they make high-level business and creative decisions concerning the company's strategy, vision, administration, and operations, as well as … Implements surveys for specific market analysis, and briefs radio stations and trade magazines on record sales. A public relations counselor also has to book interviews and TV/radio appearances for the artist, as well as coordinate musician-journalist relations. Singers and musicians are the most visible careers in the UK music industry, but there is an array of job opportunities for those with talent, tenacity and drive. One of the beautiful things about having a career in music production, is that it provides for a lot of upward mobility. That includes both professional and personal finances, as well as tour budgets, taxes, contract negotiation, and more. Booking Manager, Agent, Booking Representative. Download ​​The ​ULTIMATE Pro Musician ToolBox! All Careers. Roadies are often paid by the gig at rates of $80 to $400 per gig. The music industry has undergone radical changes in recent years, but abundant career opportunities still exist for beginners with talent, imagination, and a love of music. Establishes a presence on the internet, markets and promotes the label and its artists, maintains and develops web campaigns, creates partnerships on the web and maintains publicity and press. Typically, salaries run between $35,000 and $75,000. Internet Marketing Director, Website Marketer, Internet Advertising Representative, Digital Marketing Manager. An Accompanist (or Collaborative Pianist) is a Pianist who accompanies Singers, Dancers, and Instrumentalists for performances and rehearsals. Common rates per gig are $500 up to around $1,000. Salary: $59,317 Salary Range: $44K-$79K Alt Titles: Accountant, Tour Accountant, Music Specialist Accountant, Entertainment Accountant. Find the best music industy jobs, music business Jobs in Los Angeles, London, NYC, Nashville and entry level music industry jobs including sony music careers. Artists Representative, Manager, and Manager. The Advance Person travels to each city on a tour, days or weeks before the band and crew arrive, in order to quality-check facilities, accommodations, and promotional material. The music business offers many interesting career paths for a wide array of people. Sound like fun? While popular singers and band members have some of the most visible music careers, there are many ways to work behind the scenes. Salaries usually range between $25,000 and $150,000. 7. However, they are the people who make it possible for the musicians to keep making music. Careers in Music Business/Management Personal Manager (or Artist Manager, Agent) Personal managers represent one or more musical groups or artists and oversee all aspects of an act's career. They are also in charge of finding supporting acts and ironing out any problems regarding the shows and tours. Mastering engineers are charged with creating the final mix of the album. Front End Developer, Web Developer, Web Admin, Webmaster. Surveys consumer methods of purchasing, while analyzing and formulating consumer purchasing strategies. Be the first to rate this post. Record Producer Business managers usually start at $25,000 and there’s no upper limit to what they can make. Additional duties may include maintaining and setting up the recording equipment. Also, the manager plays an important role in other areas of a musician’s career. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the music industry, it is advised to choose the segment that suits your skill set and your personality. Some of them may be former musicians who switched over to the business side, while others may have been there since the beginning. Learns the ropes at a music business organization through administrative support and assistance on projects. Licensing Consultant, Music Licensing Coordinator, Recording Artist Website Content Producer. College Marketing Representative, College Representative, Campus Rep. A Marketing Coordinator handles tour, retail, and digital marketing opportunities for a record label and its artists. CareersinMusic.comPO Box 43562Las Vegas, NV 89116United Statescim_mail( 'info', 'careersinmusic', 0, false ); This site and your information are secure. The production manager is in charge of all things technical. Booking Agents negotiate deals and plans tours for the artists on their roster. The record industry and its dealers have suffered recent setbacks, but most other aspects of the music business continue to flourish--and this book tells beginners how and where to find rewarding jobs. Career Profile: Manager. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t learn things from the ground up and make a successful career. You bridge the gap from artist to record-buying public. Licensing Representatives pitch music in their catalog for use in film, TV, commercials, movie trailers, and video games. Many famous musicians started out as roadies, such as Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. As a recording engineer, it is your task to capture the artist’s music and shape the album’s sound. DJ: $58K (average) 2. Most Common Examples of Music Production Careers: If you’re interested in starting a career in music production and you believe that you already have both the credentials and determination to work in the music industry, here are a couple of important jobs that you may be able to get into. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. More successful bands will have at least one roadie for each major task. He or she plans the tour budget, hires the crew, processes bills and salaries, reconciles show settlements, and negotiates with vendors, among other duties. They also pitch recordings for use in film, TV, and commercials. Does booking concerts or promoting cool events gets you pumped? Music publishers represent the bridge between songwriters and artists. He or she makes sure that everything that’s needed for the show to go smoothly is there and working properly. Works with artists, providing career direction, artist representation, marketing strategies, and help with merchandising and sponsorships. Lighting technicians are also expected to help with loading and unloading equipment before and after a gig. DJing is a creative career with plenty of potential for growth. Apps like TikTok and SoundCloud have changed the way listeners consume music and how businesses market artists and their work. Managers don’t work on a fixed salary. Music Business Accountants advise and work with musicians and music industry companies on financial matters. Prospective students who searched for Careers in Music found the following information and resources relevant and helpful. Meaning, there is no “glass ceiling” preventing you from personal growth and net worth accomplishments. Apply to Marketing Intern, Intern, Music Manager and more! Learn More Avg. Alternatively, they can pitch the music to TV stations or filmmakers. Also called: Music Executive. Find music jobs and jobs for hire. You have to wholeheartedly believe in your artist and help them build a strong and sustainable career through planning, organization, directing, and negotiating. Salaries commonly span $25,000 and $150,000. Merchandising Representative, Field Representative. Scouting for talent, then working with them to produce albums for a recording company, is the primary job description. Promote releases by fellow students who are musicians. Recording engineers and video/sound engineers are … No votes so far! Their duties include inspecting the tracks and making sure the quality is consistent throughout the recording. But if you're determined to make your mark in your hometown, in addition to hard work and hustle, there are a few ways you can increase your chances of being hired in the music business. Accelerate your careers in music, daily job postings worldwide. In general, good internships offered through a reputable school are helpful. Artist Relations and Development Representatives work with artists to cultivate and develop their careers, both artistically and financially. Review albums and performances or write about music for the school paper. Record Producers guide the production of a record by coaching the musicians, advising in pre-production sessions, and directing the in-studio recording and production process. If you can’t decide which way to go, check out Music Business Accelerator and learn all you need to get started. Sound technicians play a huge role in the band’s sound during a gig. ​Though it is sometimes easy to get the impression that the music business is made up almost exclusively of musicians, the truth is a bit different. Concert Promoters organize shows by booking talent, securing venues, and marketing their events. Artist Relations, Development Staffer, Artist Development Rep, Product Development. Usually, the salaries go from $20,000 to $200,000. While the production manager takes care of the technical stuff, it is up to the tour manager to organize transportation, financial aspects of the tour, scheduling, hotel rooms, and other non-technical stuff. You may also come across other titles, such as PR person, press agent, or staff publicist. Pitches musical compositions to labels and artists for performance and recording. 2,402 music industry jobs available. Music Careers is a community website aimed at helping individuals start or build a career in the music industry. Consider the following: Contracts can protect your rights and protect your friendships. ​The Toolbox includes PMH's ​#1 recommendations and exclusive deals ​to: {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}. If you’re considering a career in music business, you should first determine what kind of job would suit you. The rates can be anywhere from 10% to 50%, though most managers get no more than 20%. There are over 2,402 music industry careers … Use the following descriptions to identify the type of program that best suits future interests and goals. This includes lighting, sound, instruments, and staging. 7,215 Music Industry jobs available on Poster Designer, Screenprinter, Illustrator. Manages day-to-day operations, supervises workers, and opens and closes the store. It is their job to set up, rig, and operate the light show during a concert. You can check out Music Business Accelerator to learn all you need to know about the music business. Web Designers use their creative skills to design the look and feel of websites for record labels and artists. Negotiates terms to secure rights to songs, masters tracks, delivers songs to DSPs, and ensures projects are under budget. Once the album is out, an artist will need to play shows to support the release. As with other music-business careers, knowing the intricacies of today's music industry can help you make connections. What are 5 careers in music? You make things happen. Salaries usually range from $25,000 to $150,000. The login page will open in a new tab. Artist Manager. A&R Coordinators find fresh talent for a label and oversee the completion of new albums. Commonly, the salaries for sound technicians go from $60,000 to $120,000. Managers take care of the business side of things for musicians so that the artists can focus on their music. There are a ton of careers in music business. Their duties include live mixing and making sure the band sounds their best at any given moment. On a weekly basis, production managers may earn between $1,500 and $8,000. Join the Music Starts Here Community. Musicians need managers to represent them and negotiate with record labels on their behalf. This includes contractual agreements, negotiating, advice, and counseling. Website Content Manager, Website Content Editor. Don't be afraid to ask for one, and don't be … You're a mover and shaker. These programs typically offer practical training in music combined with the literary, critical, historical and scientific perspectives acquired … The music business isn't like the banking world, but it's still a BUSINESS. “Being able to hear, read and talk about music with musicians in their language is a big help,” says Keith Hatschek, program director for Music Management and Music Industry Studies at University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music . The duties of a roadie involve anything and everything from tuning guitars to programming stage lighting and sound engineering. Many of them only get mentioned in the liner notes of CDs and vinyl records or in music video credits. Learn more about working as an artist manager . Salaries in this department start at around $20,000 for novice publishers and can grow manifold over time. Our careers team, The Hub, hosted a masterclass with a number of music industry professionals on how to work in the music business. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. A complete list of record industry careers, including Director of A&R, Staff Publicist, Music Intern, Licensing Representative, Music Web Designer, and more. They deal with and advise the act(s) on all business decisions, as well as Produces content for the record label and artist’s website, writes articles and updates site events. Managers are the face of the musicians when it comes to the industry and they carry a ton of responsibility. Your best shot at getting work in the music business is to move to an area where the music industry is a major employer, like Los Angeles, New York City, or Nashville. Hanging out at concert venues and music festivals are part of your routine. Would you like to manage bands and artists, or maybe recording and mixing are your passion? This image stems from the overwhelming portion of media attention on artists. Truly a hidden gem for anyone who is a music creator. Your music business internship can be one of the most important parts of your college career. 12 Music Jobs That Can Pay Six Figures According to a recent report by Berklee College of Music, the average musician earns $55,561 per year. Some "internships" offered casually, or online are little more than invitations to fetch coffee. The 13 Best Online Music Distribution Companies (+ Guide), The 9 Best FREE Music Distribution Services Worth Checking Out, Top 8 Best Online Mastering Services for Instant and Automated Magic, 7 FREE Online Audio Mastering Tools to Get a Quick Master of Your Track, 16 Great Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for Musicians (2020), Beatstars Promo Code: Get 1 Month Free of Pro Plan. That makes you a good prospect for A&R (Artist and Repertoire) staffer. Assuming you’re ready and willing to help create the next superstar, here’s a quick overview of some of the most prominent career options in the music business. With training and experience, business graduates can pursue careers in many fields, including accounting, marketing, and management.Most business professionals are tasked with analyzing and improving organizational operations and performance. Business managers are also often called account managers and their task is to handle the finances of the artists. Degrees in music range from two-year associate programs offered by countless community colleges to PhD programs at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Promotes a label’s artists through social media, online marketing campaigns, and organizing campus-area events. When most people think of music careers, these glamorous roles come to mind: Singer; DJ; Music Producer; Songwriter; Lyricist; But … They represent songwriters and it is their task to pitch the demos to artists and record labels. Our exhaustive list of virtually every career in the music business, including Music Therapist, A&R Coordinator, Tour Manager, Music Photographer, and more. New music industry careers are added daily on An artist manager exists to create opportunities, connect, and propel the musical act forward in the music business. "Business professional" is one of the most flexible categories of employment, offering diverse work opportunities and environments. They are also in charge of taking care of the equipment and making sure it’s in top-notch condition before every show. Salaries typically start at around $20,000 and up. Taking care of the equipment is also part of a sound tech’s responsibility.

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