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Still waiting to meet him an an NPC. Lastly, this pairing is unparalleled at utilizing animal companions to their fullest. MyMiniFactory @MyMiniFactory. You’re a Dwarf bard. I named him Greymil, the Tale-Weaver! So I'll be DMming for a group which includes a Bard. D’ye know what it feels like when everyone is expectin’ ye te fail before ye’ve even started? Seek God honestly – in a way that is unafraid of changes you might have to make. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 369 objects. He became something of a freedom fighter. He might not be as smart as some or skilled in magic, but his dwarven waraxe has saved his companions more times than I can count. While in this goblin’s company, Greymil’s heart was softened, for this goblin, too, knew the horror of being a slave all it’s life, even among it’s own kind. Relevance. 4. I didn’t cheat any of the stat pools. By: Fianchetto. He and Drogan would be great friends I think. I just needed to find it. The book’s author took great care to give nuance to each variation of bard. Levi Blodgett, D&D, D&D Character Generator, Dungeons and Dragons, Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator That’s his life. He deflected pain with sarcasm and bad jokes, but the scars still hurt sometimes. ... My favorite plot-relevant backstory was actually originally a 13th Age character. You’re a Dwarf bard. That moment really cemented Greymil’s passion for fighting against all forms of oppression, even among exotic and “creature” races. Every DnD character has a story, even before the campaign starts. Saves: Proficiency with DEX and CHA are pretty great.DEX is the most important save in the game. If you have to take a stat-penalty to follow after Him, it’s worth it. It’s a common practice in writing and storytelling. The dwarf is a race from Dungeons & Dragons. This isn’t always the easiest to do unless you know exactly what you want to be. Well, first of all, this is a backstory that doesn’t involve a 100-year-old 1st-level elf adventurer, so that’s already a plus. Dwarf … Some of these claims might be exaggerated, but can point you in the direction of adventure. A list of premade characters for 5th edition D&D, in a variety of different classes, races, and levels. What do you like most about him?” I really like DMming for players with intricate backstories, and for this one I need a real kicker! 3. Also, when my DM made up a character on the spot to teach us how to fill in our sheets for 5e, he made a dwarven bard named Sir Featherbottom the Pure. No matter how the dice fall, the game plays on. ; Size: Dwarves are Medium creatures and thus receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size. Why I Like This Backstory. Character backstory ideas Bard. The benefit is not worth the penalties.” Several of the guides I found did not even bother to mention dwarf as an option, as if the sheer thought of such a thing were preposterous. He would sooner die than see anyone else feel the pain and dishonor that he had in his misspent youth. There is a newer version of these… IRP Victoriana: Session 3 – The Edna Equation. My search unearthed a source book that broke down the class based on style, racial benefits, and spell options. Answer Save. The obvious choice of race for this build is the wood elf, but a hill dwarf also makes an excellent Nature cleric/ranger character. Seek God honestly – in a way that is unafraid of changes you might have to make. I have a friend who loves Dwarves and has grown to love poetry and performance, when he created a Dwarf Bard (Twigo Tiberius VonPalmdrummer) he was a true menace when it came to persuading enemies to attack each other. He fits in the Pathfinder world. His weapon of choice was a dwarven battle axe which was painted with dragons and basically looked like a guitar, he also "played" it as his instrument for bardic music. Press J to jump to the feed. Natural Fighters The bonuses to constitution and strength make it clear that many players are going to go the route of dwarf when looking at boosting a fighter or barbarian. Celebrated the victory by having a cookout in the woods 5. And I never cared about min/maxing. It offers a lot of interesting combat and support options, and they make for a great face of the party. It sucks. Apologies for any syntax errors, I fixed a few then realized it was impossible to make it 100% fluid. He became the defiant soul refusing to believe that he was worthless and had no place. Hey all! But I just don't know how go continue from here. That’s right. I swatted away ‘That’ll never work’ and ‘he’ll never be able to pull that off well’ like flies buzzing around my face. Result. It simply said, “There is absolutely no benefit to playing a dwarf bard.”. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Your cousin from out of town wants to sit in and join this week's game? They have been outside the box on just character creation. Ability Score Modifiers: Dwarves are both tough and wise, but also a bit gruff.They gain +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, and –2 Charisma. Xanathar's Backstory Generator A quick generator for character inspiration or NPC backgrounds. However, there were those who would tell me that he should have never even existed. He took a hit to charisma for being a dwarf, but that didn’t stop him from convincing a contingent of town guards that he was a doctor treating a case of plague they needed to avoid lest they catch it themselves. I always enjoy the characters I play in games. Dwarf: [+2 Con] A CON boost is nice for survivability, the other racial traits could be situational. So I'll be DMming for a group which includes a Bard. Even my adventuring party, because of min/maxing, most were elf or half-elf, so it was really cool to play a dwarf who didn’t mind roughhousing, yet who wasn’t xenophobic at all, among a group that initially thought very ill of him. Father: Oskar Steelfist, Neutral Dwarf Wizard that works as a Priest. Any help for awesome backstory ideas are appreciated! “Drogan, what did it feel like when you phased out of time and talked to Cayden Cailean?” If you are dealing with obnoxiously buzzing voices telling you that you aren’t doing it the best way, let this be your guide. Thanks for sharing. Roll. I had never played Pathfinder before we started. The dwarf was the only party member that spoke goblin, so he was the diplomat. I’d never heard of such a thing. I stopped looking at guides and started asking Drogan what he wanted his story to be. A backstory tells the tale of your hero as they grew up and became the adventurer they are today. Mother: Eldeth Steelfist, Neutral Dwarf Bard that works as a Merchant. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! “Don’t. Every proper dwarven name has been used and reused down through the generations. He would defend the downtrodden and make foolish those who smugly looked down on them. And while he’d much rather talk his way around a fight, he’ll never run away from one when it happens. Your relationship was friendly. One day, an adventuring party came through, causing a ruckus. When he was a child, his home was raided by goblins, his family slaughtered, and he was taken as a slave among others. Teamed up with a paladin and rogue to go fight a small Cult of Orcus. When I go to conventions, I have a button that is displayed proudly on my bag. Local figures are more willing to tell you interesting facts and folk lore about their place of birth, recent events, and important figures. His charisma was crap. Standard Racial Traits. Keep asking the character questions until you begin to define their worldview – their perspective on life. The other options contained tables and charts that broke down the best skills and spells to take to maximize their effectiveness, but the entry for dwarf bards barely even had a paragraph of text. Drogan has become something special to me, and I think it is because he refused to let anybody call him sub-optimal. After working for years as a violinist in an orchestra, playing the dramatic background music to plays and operas, you became unimpressed by the recycled dramas and their predictable scores. 3. 1 The Knowledge Cleric/Bard. I’ll save you Drogan Anvilsong’s character story by saying he’s a storyteller whose magical skills focus on ways to protect his friends or embarrass his enemies. I’m expecting this crew to really challenge me on the storylines. Backstory description generator This backstory description generator will generate a fairly random description of either a fortunate or unfortunate backstory depending on your choice. This isn’t even the first article I’ve written reflecting on a past character. The player is going through some rough times in real life, and has therefore asked, and I happily obliged, to help him with his character backstory. It simply says “Dwarf Bards Rock!” It’s become a personal catch phrase. Oeh, that website seems like a ton of fun and inspiration, thanks! Close. Hope you find this useful regardess! Bards, after all, are a jack-of-all-trades sort of lot. Love it. Bleed with ’em. FIRE_LORD1. The best stories are yet to be told, and your melodies will be the tune of their telling. I kept asking questions, but the answers often came through the filter of the guide books I’d read beforehand. You travel the world, curious and ever listening, to find your next muse. And Bards love music, dwarves can hold their liquor with the best of them. The Gamer Glossary: Beginner Board Gaming. If I was going to ‘kick the tires’ on this system, I might as well go with something that gave me a lot of options. Dwarves were a race of Middle-earth also known as the Khazad (in their own tongue) or Casari, Naugrim, meaning 'Stunted People', and Gonnhirrim, the 'Masters of Stone'. Recently, I fell in love with druids again. If you’re confused about why this is worth mentioning, I suggest that you read our article Roleplaying Long-Lived Races . Race: Dwarf Birthplace: Carriage, cart, or wagon Current Age: 22 Charisma: 19 (4) Parents: You know of your parents. While I know my way around an RPG book, there is a lot of math and a pile of little rules that make the machine of Pathfinder function. Amazing thoughts. Just don’t play a dwarf bard. Likewise, it can be hard for me to admit I need work in my personal life. 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