fender original 62 p bass pickup

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However, if you want to change the pickup on your Precision? So, What’s The Best Precision Bass Pickups…. Thundering depth, as much top as you dare apply, they give you that vintage Precision sound, so mellow at times, so angry at others. Fender Custom ’62. Compare 17 from $89.99. I also now have each installed in 2 very similar P Basses. Very clear and articulate yet warm and round. We say similar because it will not be exactly the same, but some pickups will get very close. I'm guessing that, while a 40-year-old Fender P-bass is likely to be as good today as it was when it was made, the Squier won't be. Put simply, the electric bass didn’t exist before Leo Fender invented it. Free shipping. Seymour Duncan is nothing if they are not creative and they always try and push the boundaries. Many would say the best bass guitar ever made. It does quite a bit more than that though, making a significant increase in the volume of the guitar. It has tonal options but is designed to be this way and therefore will lose some of the great sounds that made the original Precision’s so good. $179.99. We understand that but here is a change for those that do. The purists are running in all directions, and they have a point. Der Original-Tonabnehmer hat keine Grundplatte wie die Fender-Pickups, nach dem Lösen der 4 Schrauben hat man die beiden Tonabnehmerhälften und die Abdeckungen in der Hand. Picture Information. Learn more. I'm not sure what the usual descriptors mean to others, but this sound is rich and distinct, with loads of character, and thumps, pops, and growls when you want it to. Custom Shop '62 Precision Bass® Pickup. 38 . EMG Geezer Butler Precision Pickup Set Model: EMG-GZR-P. Price: $146.00 . Time To Get Some Vintage 62 Precision Or Just Be A Bit Different? € 170 . Maybe you like your Precision but just want it to do more sound-wise, which if you have a guitar that is a bit lacking in the tonal department, the big changes to the sound will give you. Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide-spanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear. This is finally the sound I've always wanted. This pickup is very sensitive and will create a lot of sustain. If you have a Fender and it just doesn’t sound good, that may be the reason, and it is time to change. 4. Last one. $129.99 $ 129. Fender Original Pickup Precision Bass - 099-2046-000 An accurate reproduction of the pickup from the 1962 Precision Bass®, this split-coil humbucking Fender pickup is made with flush-mounted Alnico 5 … Genuine Fender Precision Bass Original Pickups Set Kit - Black - 099-2046-000. At first brilliant, then not so good, sometimes made so poorly it made you weep, it has now recovered, but still, those pre-65s. $65.02. 24. They brought my bass to life. 35 . Your email address will not be published. Be the first to know about new products, featured content, exclusive offers and giveaways. Was: Previous Price $109.99. You can have most of those settings built right into the pickup. Compare 2 from $112.02. It’ll still feel like a Precision, the neck, the weight, the body is all still there, but the sound will be different. Why would you not want a Fender sound on a Precision bass? Because the P utilizes ceramic magnets coupled with short, squat coils, the tone has brilliant high-end articulation, warmth, and incredible low end punch. This one is going to wake up the neighbors. 2 Reviews . All pre-65 were outstanding instruments, but do you want to sound similar? It is an easy replacement and will drop straight into any American made Precision, but you may need to ensure they will fit into those made in other countries. Add to Cart. Single Pure Vintage ‘63 split-coil P Bass pickup; Thick "1963 C"-shaped neck profile; 9.5”-radius fingerboard View Now. Delivers Classic P Bass Tone Beef up your bass guitar's tone with the Fender Original '62 Precision Bass Pickup! I finally got a new, inexpensive Fender Original '62 P Bass Pickup to compare with the elusive Vintage 59 Pickup that come in a Fender Mike Dirnt P Basses. Fender Original Precision Bass Pickups Model: 099-2046-000. Recommended for Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Country, Pop, and Jazz. 3. 31 product ratings - Fender Original Precision Bass (P-Bass) Pickups. Fender Pure Vintage ‘63 P Pickup in the middle/bridge position: this is a split-coil P pickup that follows the original specs of the Precision bass. It is never easy choosing from products we have reviewed. 6. The SPB-1 is the vintage-voiced Duncan P pickup (along with the more expensive Antiquity model) and some have said it sounds similar to the fender Original P pickup. From early blues through the embryonic rock and roll period, to Motown and finally to the heavy rockers, driving it, all on somewhere was usually a Precision often with these pickups. GENUINE FENDER '62 precision BASS pickup assembly without shield brand new. Original Fender pickup cover for '57 or '62 Fender Precision bass. Add to Compare . $99.99 + $12.00 shipping . € 95. Only 2 left. The difference is that the finish is better on the American-made Fenders, and I assume the materials. So, what can you expect from this pickup? Are you thinking of changing pickups when it is really another reason? ... $179.99. It is bright and clear but still resonates at the bottom end. The Fender Precision bass, the 62, is possibly the greatest bass ever manufactured. I'm not sure what the usual descriptors mean to others, but this sound is rich and distinct, with loads of character, and thumps, pops, and growls when you want it to. $109.99 $ 109. It fairly thunders along as you would expect. Original Precision Bass® Pickups. We though will be traditional. Sooner or later someone was going to put a humbucker on a Precision. Powerful and Period-Correct As Heard on Fender American Vintage Precision Bass guitars The Fender Custom Shop has artfully reproduced the classic 1962 Precision Bass split-coil pickup, presented here with flush-mount Alnico 5 magnets, enamel-coated magnet wire and cloth-covered … Sponsored Listings . € 90. Fender Custom Shop 62 P-Bass Pickup. $42.00 0 bids + $9.99 shipping . FAST & FREE . They offer it with flush-mount alnico 5 magnets, cloth covered output wires and … 3 new & refurbished from £130.95. Fender Original Precision Bass Pickups Model: 099-2046-000. Dual mode coil splitting bass pickup housed in a 3.5" soapbar. Only 3 left. Fender Original '62 Precision Bass Pickup. Please choose your region below. NEW - Fender Pickup Covers For 57/62 P. Bass - BLACK. 91 . Fender 099-2046-000 Original '62 Precision Bass Pickup Set. Fender is the founder of the P Bass and arguably the source of the “old school” sound most are still on the hunt for. They are a custom modern design because they feature larger coils, which is why the are overwound. This pickup has received design changes that have produced a big, full sound with plenty of mid sounds and a significant increase in volume. Changing the pickups is going to alter the sound of your bass, sometimes drastically. Add to Compare. They have that classic "P bass" sound to them like you hear in so many 60's and 70's music. FAST 'N FREE. $159.99. Fender 001-0116-070 American Vintage Precision Bass Pickup Cover. Fender 099-2046-000 Original '62 Precision Bass Pickup Set. It has a full, rich sound but when you begin to drive it when you hear what it is capable of. Free shipping. The Fender Custom Shop 62 P Bass Pickups has cleverly reproduced their classic 1962 Precision Bass split-coil pickup. The options are there in the reviews, have fun choosing. The sounds it creates lend themselves to blues and hard rock and leaves little room for too much in the way of finesse or mellow tones. The fender original also claims to be a recreation of the '62 p bass pickup … £119.99 Inc. VAT. It just won’t cut it for “how much is that doggy in the window.”. Some players though may want to get just a bit more from there pickup, and it will certainly do that. In many respects, DiMarzio has enhanced the sound that you get in some Precision bass varieties somewhat. Opens image gallery. It has all the mellow tones we know that can be achieved with a Precision, but they have also been able to accent the mids to create an aggressive attack rock sound. A lot of players will appreciate this pickup for the sound it delivers which is powerful and strong. 1 . Was: Previous Price $109.99. Typical P-Bass wiring diagram. Only you can decide. Copyright ©2020. If you have bought a Precision at some time from wherever at the time they were being made, you have bought a decent guitar. I am now 98% certain that these are the same pickup, after comparing them visually, dc resistance measurements and playing/listening to them in the same P Bass. Order now and we expect to ship within the next 30 days. $8.69. Seymour Duncan SPB-3. ILS 66.26 shipping. $79.99. All Rights Reserved. 099-2218-106 Genuine Fender Twin Head Modern Bridge Humbucker Pickup Black. NEW - Fender Pickup Covers For 57/62 P. Bass - BLACK. EMG has teamed up with Black Sabbath’s bass guitarist Geezer Butler, to produce this signature Precision bass pickup. It sounds vintage, gritty, punchy, and has a … $40.00. Humbucker on a Precision? £104.99 Inc. VAT. Great sound, great price, does a wonderful job. EMG Jazz Bass Vintage X-Series Pickup Set ... Fender Custom Shop '62 Precision Bass Pickup Model: 099-2214-000. It does have its quieter moments, however, and if you can control it, this pickup is capable of producing some nice warm tones. ILS 195.95. It’s not designed to be. 40CS . These pickups will turn it into the real deal and at a very realistic price. Fender 0992101000 Custom Shop 60s Jazz Bass Guitar Alnico 5 Replacement Pickups… ... 099-2046-000 Genuine Fender Original Precision/P Bass Pickup '62 AVRI. stoiker Active Member. AMERICAN ORIGINAL ‘60S JAZZ BASS® Released in 1960, the upscale Jazz Bass quickly found favor among working bassists thanks to its premium appointments and versatile sound. All good reasons to upgrade to a better pickup. 5 . It is powerful. I've had a '60s Fender Jazz bass and it was certainly no better than this one in terms of playing and sound. In our opinion, the 62 Fender Precision is the best bass ever made and to have the option of that sound, or as near as you can get to it, then that is enough. genuine fender original 57/62 pickup set aged white covers. Some of them have tried to stay as close to the tried and trusted vintage sound as possible. ILS 332.09. Those mellow ‘Motown’ sounds are now richer and warmer, and they seem to have made the top end more pronounced without sacrificing anything at the low end.

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