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Sam also says they could never go back to they way they were. The brothers put their disagreements behind them when Zachariah finds and chases them. While driving, Dean tells Sam about what he has learned about their maternal family while Sam reveals that he knew about Azazel bleeding in his mouth to Dean, and Dean gets angry. Mostly because this soulless version could never be the real one. Well, hell, if this ain't whatever. So once Dean gets Sam, they go after War and cut off his finger. Sam is furious that Dean kept this from him, but Dean begs him to stay with him so that he can protect him. When Sam first sees Dean, he attacks him right away, believing it to be an impersonation of some sort. They find out the angels want Anna. Sam and Dean experience a turbulence due to their grief at losing their family as well as their way of handling it. The brothers reunite with alternate Bobby and are told about Arthur and Charlie going on a mission together and become worried. Sam continues to investigate what happened during the time he was soulless and Dean does not want Sam to dig any deeper. He asks Sam how it feels, and when Sam asks what he means, Castiel reveals that Sam's soul has been put back. They are eventually informed by Metatron that God wishes to sacrifice himself to Amara, a plan Dean pleads to God to abandon. The brothers then bury their grandfather in the cemetery of his fellow deceased Men of Letters, and realize the significance of all Heaven positioning the brainy Winchesters and brawny Campbells together to produce them. They went on a werewolf case with Jack and Castiel, Sam was also amused at Dean's thoughts of retiring. Much later, they get information and Dean allows Sam to get his revenge on Brady. Dean has to deal with Sam remembering hell and not being able to stop it. Dean is shocked at this and tries everything to make sure it doesn't happen. He also tells Bobby that he's given the world enough. Sheriff Osborne agrees to let Sam & Dean go while using the dead Leviathan clones to back up a claim that the real Sam & Dean have been killed (again). When they do find Lisa and Ben, Sam comes with Dean. Dean watches Sam leave as he thinks about things. Dean displays his protective nature again when Sam gets picked on by a bully in Truman High. After meeting Castiel, who reveals himself to be an Angel of the Lord, Sam has to help Dean come to terms that angels exist and how he should feel happy to be alive again. Once they leave town, Dean finally tells Sam what John told him - that Dean needed to look after Sam. That night, things get bad when Sam gets captured by mysterious men who attack them. Dean broke down in tears at seeing his brother's fate for himself and was heartbroken at failing him. Sam is initially overjoyed to finally meet God, while Dean shows resentment until God talks to him. The Winchesters help two girls stop Calliope. The two defeat Abaddon at the cost of Henry who uses his final moment to express pride in them. When Sam became elderly and is on hospice Dean Jr. comes to him and says goodbye to him. In The Song Remains the Same, after Cass tells them that Anna plans to kill Sam, Dean is outraged while trying to dissuade Sam from considering it. Dean's heaven is composed of his family, like when him and Sam lit fireworks in a field or even when his mother made him a sandwich when he was young. When learning of Donatello Redfield's condition, they both share opposing views on it while discreetly relating it to Dean's intentions. Ultimately, Anna succeeds in landing a fatal blow on Sam, to Dean's horror. Later on, Chuck sends them the location of the Michael sword, a weapon that could kill the devil. The brothers work with their younger parents, but Anna enlists the help of a past Uriel and soon catches up with them. Lilith pins Sam and Dean. The alpha comes and takes the baby. This healer just happens to be Castiel, but for the sake of his brother, Dean puts his anger aside. In Devil's Bargain, they learn from Castiel that Lucifer has returned and that their mother and jack are in danger because of an Alternate Michael who seeks to invade their world. Taking his son by the hand Sam dies happy with tears in his eyes. So he took his own life with the blade. Because I have to." When Dean is given a prop of the Samulet, he remarked he didn't need a charm to remind him of how to feel about his brother. Dean was not too surprised by this revelation, as Sam was confused by his reaction though his brother mentioned it wasn't something he didn't find hard to expect. Similar to ‘Red Meat’, Dean injected himself with a drug that caused his demise temporarily. Dean is soon placed in the panic room where Sam talks to him but Dean admits he'll give in to Michael as he's losing faith in everything including Sam and is worried he'll have to kill Sam once he says "Yes" to Lucifer. In Nihilism, Sam is devastated at Michael taking control of Dean once more. Something happens, I feel responsible. During Hammer of the Gods, they are kidnapped by Pagan Gods but Gabriel comes to their aid. The premiere features Dean in ghost form as he tries to get back into his body. Dean doesn't want Sam to know that he went behind Sam's back and killed her. Sam assures him that he hasn't, as it was Dean's dying wish that he stop. There is a string of weird murders in the building, and Sam and Dean team up to solve it. While speaking to Billie, Dean admits he wants to stay dead as he lost so much and is tired as he states Sam is trying to fix things while he slows him down. Afterwards, these Sam and Dean's were trapped between worlds until the brothers freed them and they got acquainted. In Season 2's What Is And What Should Never Be, Dean is in a world created by the Djinn. When they return to the bunker, Sam finally opens up about his pain by stating everyone who gets close to them dies. However, Dean is unable to go through with the plan, and stabs Death instead, killing the Horseman, proving that Dean holds his brother higher than he does to mankind and vice versa, since Sam desperately tries to save his brother while knowing the darkness would be the consequence. Sam is angry, but Dean believes being alive is better than revenge. Then Dean hears the Hellhounds coming for him. Unfortunately for them, Adam is left behind and is taken by Michael. With Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Robert Wisdom, Misha Collins. Like when Dean gets kidnapped, Sam goes has sex with the hippie girl. Unwilling to disappoint Sam, Dean winks at him to reassure him as the latter is curious before Dean kills Zachariah and escapes the room with Sam. The deal had a clause that one Winchester would go to the Empty with Billie at the end, but Castiel stabbed Billie before this happened. Also, Dean lies about not remembering his time in Hell from Sam after he was asked. SAM: (Throwing his taser to DEAN) Here take this! The other angels tells Cass to kill Dean in order to prove his loyalty but Cass refuses causing the angels to leave him and join Metatron. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) combined have died a grand total of 117 times during their decade-long mission to carry out the family business of saving people, hunting things. Sam is shocked and angered by this. However, Sam is furious about Dean tricking him as he wanted to die and does nothing to stop Dean from going off on his own, telling him to go if he wants and that Gadreel is not the problem as Dean thinks. Sam realizes Brady isn't worth it and lets Dean out. Dean voices his lack of concern for himself and that he only cares about what happens to Sam and mentions the last time the Apocalypse occurred Sam died and that he doesn't want that to happen again as Sam tells him no matter what happens they will do things together even if it means death. Sam and Dean realize that the British Men of Letters are behind it, and together they capture Lady Toni Bevell, who not only confirms their suspicion, but only tells them that Mick is dead. Season 9 finishes off there and whether he is a normal demon or a Knight of Hell is not clarified. Just as Alastair is about to kill Castiel, Sam comes and kills (not right away) him. When they head back to the bunker, Sam is surprised by Dean's callous disregard to the Impala. Away from that on-brand goofiness, we have the entire Winchester family sharing a meal together, because for the first time, Sam, Dean, Mary and John are reunited all at once. Afterwards, Sam tends to Gabriel as Dean arrives with his gear and tells Sam to prepare to open the portal to Apocalypse World, as he wanted to save their loved ones quicker. I don't wanna hurt you. Billie then reveals that Jack, Sam and Dean are all in God's book and their destiny is to be the messengers of God's destruction, something that shocks them. Despite the anger, Sam and Dean team up to find Kevin. To Sam's surprise, Dean instantly agrees to allow Arthur to join him when he won't allow Sam. They get into the house and Sam heads upstairs. As they drive away, Dean apologizes to Sam and still can't believe how much trust Sam has in him. After death, Sam goes to Heaven, where he is finally reunited with his older brother. The two are saved by Cass and are left distraught at their allies' fate. He's been a writer for Valnet since 2017, contributing 500+ articles for The Gamer, The Things, Game Rant, Comic Book Resources and Screen Rant. Castiel's return is bittersweet when the angel's determination to deal with Lucifer's child ends with him under the unborn child's control. He agrees that he's not really Sam and tells Dean he doesn't care about anything, including Dean, but he needs Dean's help. Sam saves Dean after a Djinn attacked Dean. A week and a half later (The Mentalists), the two bump into each other again, and Sam is still mad at Dean. There ain't no me if there ain't no you. "Yes you would. After saving two humans from vampires, they get directions and travel through a tunnel filled with vampires and Sam ends up dying like Dean feared. Dean tells Sam it's all true (except for Santa) and how Dad fights these monsters. While looking for Bela, Sam and Dean run into the Trickster in Mystery Spot. They attempt to get Sam's soul back when Sam makes a deal with Meg Masters for help on making Crowley give Sam his soul. Dean took control of his body when Alternate Michael with help from Castiel and Sam. What’s more is that those hunters later returned in a future season. In Tall Tales, Sam and Dean get into their first (on screen) fight. and then runs over to Dean. Clicking "OK" after 5 minutes will take you back to the SAM.gov home page. 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They open the rift and Dean assures his brother he'll be back as he and Arthur pass through into Apocalypse World together, leaving Sam and Gabriel behind. The two work a case and Dean introduces an excited Sam to Castiel. In Let the Good Times Roll, the brothers helped their new allies from Apocalypse World adjust to life on Earth. Dean uses the Colt to kill a demon that was trying to kill Sam. Dean starts to lose faith and begins leaning towards saying yes. So Dean now has to watch out for Sam and find Bela. When Dean does find out, he is angry that Sam is lying to him. In Tombstone, Dean and Sam reconnect with Castiel happy to have him back. Sam chooses Dean over Ruby and they takes her knife. Sam had seemingly been smothered by a thankless person he had rescued, but was revealed to have only been unconscious. Then goes on about how Dean is his brother and how Sam loves him. Sam is also trying to find a way out of Dean's deal. Sam and Dean work on a few more cases, with their trust in Mick growing. Prior to this knowledge as Sam is apparently infected, Dean defends his brother from the townspeople who want to execute him before he turns, and though Sam begs Dean to kill him, Dean refuses. They are at a loss but are convinced when God sends Kevin Tran's soul to Heaven. Examples include Dean selling his soul to bring back Sam and Sam desperately trying to get Dean out of his deal. Though there are dedicated “Dean girls” and “Sam girls,” the show has given viewers several solid supporting characters, many of whom have their own dedicated fanbase. Billie tells Sam and Dean of their greater destiny. Sam even gets Dean to admit what is eating him. He would cook and care for Sam as well as protect him while their father was out. At the end of the episode, Dean runs away and goes to Lisa's before heading to a motel. While Sam and Dean traveled time to stop her, Anna succeeded in finishing Sam by impaling him with a pipe when he tried to fight her. Dean and Sam banter back and forth and tease each other like normal. She put her plans in motion by traveling back in time and looking to dispose of John and Mary before Sam was born. They put Dean under watch in Bobby's house. Sam was horrified when Michael took control of Dean's body. Ruby tells Sam there is another way to kill Lilith, which is to use his powers Azazel gave him. So in Fallen Idols, Dean takes Sam on a case rather than deal with the Apocalypse immediately, since he needed to put the training wheels on and try to fix their relationship. Sam refuses to comply, and shows no sign of breaking. Despite their brief separation, they end up partaking in Project V by hunting down the same vampire nest. As they are leaving, Dean tells Sam how hurt he is that Sam chose a demon over him and started the Apocalypse, and that he doesn't know if he can trust Sam again. Sam tries to talk Jack out of it, but it's too late for Jack who Sam is forced to kill. At last, the real Sam is back. Hurt, Sam leaves his brother who later manages to escape the room after banishing Castiel. In Wayward Sisters, they are sent to the The Bad Place where they are forced to survive in a forest of monster before they get captured by a hooded figure. They arrived in time as Yokoth prepared to make Dean the vessel of her mate and stopped the ritual from occurring. Dean tells Sam if he leaves, don't ever come back. While he's gone Sam's luck gets him kidnapped by two hunters, but Dean comes in time to save him. When Castiel calls them to and tells them to meet him, Sam insists that Dean leaves the blade at the bunker. So now Sam and Dean revert to a new state of normal. It's all become so... expected. Sam took back control when Lucifer was beating Dean until he saw Sam's memories. Even though he lost, Death still goes to get Sam's soul as Dean knocks out Sam when he nearly succeeds in killing Bobby. At the end, Dean tells Sam that they have work to do about God, in reminiscent to the Pilot. There they meet Crowley who claims to be the one who brought Sam back, and forces the boys to work for him. This leaves Dean in shock and he eventually comes to terms that Sam would not save him if he was dying. Sam tries to train Adam as their father did to them so he could defend himself. Since they can't stop Cass, Dean and Sam work on fixing the Impala together. Later Dean confronts Sam and says "if the situation was reversed and I was dying you would do the same" to which Sam says "Same circumstances I wouldn't". Sam quietly looks concerned, clearly unsure what to do next, as he drives on. The latter was intrigued to meet Dean, especially since he didn't kill his brother as Cain did to prevent him from falling under Lucifer's grasp. Dean puts Sam in the room and goes after Bela. You are. This surprises Dean at what Sam considered happy moments. Dean was tasked as Sam's protector and, as a result, views himself as such. All right, uh, the Lindbergh Baby — that's on me. Sam helps gather information for them, and often talks to Dean on the phone. And I'm yours. Arthur present a vial containing Gabriel's grace, stolen along with the Archangel blade. Sam tells Dean the reason is because John is dead, which is why Sam wants to do the job. Metatron flees and Dean is about to die. Sam and Dean are shocked that Michael allows Adam control, but Michael takes control back abruptly from Adam while they are trying to explain the situation. This however fails because doing so could kill Sam and even though Sam accepts this, Cass does not and stops the procedure. Dean comes in seeing his brother drunk and then see Sam go towards Ruby. Sam is still seeing things, but is using the scar he has to keep him balanced. So now with only a year to live, Dean is living large. Dean calls in Bobby to help him search for Sam, while Sam finds himself in an abandoned town with the other special children. In Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie they investigate strange murders at the place, and Sam complains to Dean how in the past Dean used to dump him there. Dean also hides his concern over Sam's physical state as he slowly heals. Sam: I don't wanna hurt anyone else. They spare Rick Sanchez and Agent Camp after telling them what really happened with the President. Later on, Sam confesses how Ruby saved him and taught Sam to use his powers. Although Sam is knocked out, and Dean's leg is broken in the process. This worries Dean, and Sam tells Dean he knows he's not alright. Dean goes to shake his hand and then later whips out the first blade and slashes him with it. Dean noticed Sam had shaved his beard and they went out, with the case resembling a horror film. Billie explains the phenomena that God destroyed the world and they were fleeing. Lilith tries to kill him too, but her power doesn't work on Sam and she runs, leaving Sam with Dean's broken body. In Sex and Violence the siren uses his power to make Sam and Dean fight each other. Sometime after that, they continue hunting until Sam wants to go to college. However, God caught wind of this and they were betrayed by Michael. Eventually Dean discovers that this life is an elaborate illusion created by Zachariah who motivates him to keep hunting. Once cleaning out the nest and getting cured, Dean gets a flashback where he noticed Sam watching him getting turned. So what do you say we kill some evil sons of bitches and we raise a little hell? While Dean mourns the loss of Castiel, Sam goes to check on Kelly Kline, who has just delivered her and Lucifer's son. Dean is silent and then breaks out with a punch. At Bobby's, they figure out Yellow Eye's plan and head to Hell's Gate. During his research, Sam discovers that Castiel is in fact possessed by Lucifer, and is nearly killed until Castiel intervenes, but returns control of his vessel so Lucifer can retrieve Dean. Dean then questions Sam saying how he said he would be okay with Dean killing Metatron no matter the consequences to which Sam said "I lied". This way Dean can find Sam if Sam goes crazy. His excuse for not serving may have been watertight, but Sinatra’s ties to known Mafia members and a revolving cast of characters connected to the underworld weren’t as squeaky clean. After being saved from Zachariah by Cass, Dean then contacted his brother and made amends with him. Throughout the episode, Dean would see his death in colourful ways everyday – at one point being mauled by a god, slipping in the bathroom, having something dropped on him, being shot, and a whole lot more. Sam and Dean continue to show they got each other's back. Sam is angry at Dean for even thinking of asking him to go on another hunt. They work to stop the Crossroads demon Guy before Crowley appeared to apprehend Guy. Dean tells Sam that their dad is a superhero. He tries to drive back, but is unable to due to the attack by the angels. When their dad is found to be possessed by the yellow-eyed demon Azazel, he almost kills Dean, but Sam manages to shoot him in the leg. Castiel asks Sam a bunch of questions and Sam answers. Andy, using his mind-control, makes Dean tell the truth about his feelings on Sam's powers. She tried to spare him the other demon, but before Dean can stop him, Sam uses the Colt and kills both without hesitation, startling Dean.

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