how to say mahjong in japanese

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With the announcement of Doman Mahjong (identical to the real-world equivalent of Japanese Mahjong, or Riichi Mahjong), a few posts were made here looking at the response towards "how to play the game". As a matter of fact, Hong Kong boasts about 300 Mahjong clubs, Japan having more than 25,000 Mahjong parlours. >>Subject: Japanese 2-player mahjong >I might be the originator of that way of playing; maybe not the first inventor in all Mahjong history, but there is a big chance I am responsible for its recent popularity this side of the globe. I can only honestly say I never seen it described anywhere, even on Japanese Web sites. Mahjong is a traditional tabletop game usually played by four players at a square table. Mahjong is a four player game, so it stands that if your opponents are a similar skill to you then you can expect to win around 25% of the time (actually less, if you include draws). Japanese mahjong has a potentially interesting balance of luck elements like dora and strategic ones -- furiten to facilitate defensive play, scoring patterns that encourage closed hands, etc. Side note: another variant is 'taiwanese' mahjong … Some tile collectors say that Catalin tiles are rounded from a difference in the molding process, while Bakelite tiles feature sharp edges. If you still don't know, then you really need to learn how to analyze and observe better if you want to live in this world of Japanese Mahjong (not saying that you need to be an expert). That's what most Chinese played around the world during Chinese new year and that term being used anyway. Learn some basic etiquette and what it’s like to join and play at one. The low hand values kinda go along with this -- play tends toward attempts for minimal losses and medium wins rather than big wins. This article is not a full guide to mahjong … Haven't read in detail on op but I don't find it any difference in between Japanese mahjong from HK mahjong. Needless to say, there was certainly some interest. Celluloid mahjong tile -- Celluloid was the one of the first man made plastics, and was developed as a direct substitute for ivory and tortoiseshell. In riichi mahjong, when we deal into someone else’s winning hand, we must pay the full amount of points that hand is worth, so dealing in is … This one probably needs a Japanese and Mahjong expert to decipher: (3)全局を一ハン(飜)しばりとし、二ハン場とする。 This is the third rule about the basic game setup of (my version of) the official Japanese Mahjong Tournament rules. Mahjong Parlors Mahjong parlors (“jansou”) in Japan are one of the best ways to see just how good you really are – with real stakes on the line, the cream rises to the top. It originated in China but there are now countless variants worldwide. Most of the RyÅ« ga Gotoku / Yakuza games feature playable mahjong minigames that all use the same modern Japanese rules and scoring. If one walks through the streets of Taipei, Shanghai or Beijing, he is sure to hear the clicking of the Mahjong tiles shuffling and the noise coming through the open windows. Hence, even though the Japanese Government, which is presently reeling under heavy debt, is still objecting to such parlours, is a real question to be debated. Sure, you might think you are perfectly able to play even if you don’t know Japanese, but you will make the lives of the staff a living hell if you do, so they will have plenty of reason not to welcome you or hope that you leave shortly. Skill vs. Luck Read More > Sample Pro Test Take an example test used by the Japanese Professional Mahjong … What many politicians believe or ‘say to believe’ is that giving a green signal would only allow flourishing organized crime. MMW © Page 4 of 8 Hint: If there are only a few tiles left (e.g. Well, for starters you should know the rules of mahjong and speak Japanese. Isn't this 'common' mahjong aka 'hong kong' mahjong?

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