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VAT: 884847859. WCC Rose , Pink Gin , Monin Bubble Gum are amoung the ingredients, so you can imagine how fun this is to drink ! Online Contact Form As of June 2012, flavors available in the UK include strawberry, original and apple. Wrigley's Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum Mix 5 Flavours 5X Strawberry 5X Apple 5X Orginal - Total 15 Packs / Total 75 Pieces of Gum 4.4 out of 5 stars 20 £13.82 £ 13 . 1980s. The original bubble-gum flavor was discontinued for many years in the United Kingdom, with only apple, strawberry, and cola flavors available. There’s even Custard Cream and Cherry Bakewell, for those who fancy their drinks inspired by their favourite tea companion.. Of course, low-alcohol, sweet gin liqueurs have been making waves for a long time now causing all sorts of debate in the gin world. Made with vodka, strawberry Bon Bon syrup, bubblegum syrup, strawberry purée and lime juice, the drink also includes a piece of strawberry Hubba Bubba chewing gum. … Mimicking the flavour of the famous gum , this one is super easy to drink and very enjoyable! Oddly, it came in a diet iteration, too, though it seemed marketed only to kids, being sold at toy stores and the like. Our Hubba Bubba flavoured drinks syrup is a unique and nostalgic as it takes you back to your childhood when you're sipping on this brilliant Hubba Bubba Syrup Info & Contact 247 Enterprises UK LTD. Company: 05847379. Bring it back! Hubba Bubba. Hubba Bubba's main competition for most of the 1980s was the brand Bubblicious. Hubba Bubba Soda was hard to located, but a real treat when you found it. Hubba Bubba Original Bubble Gum Soda was a gem from the 80s and early 90s and as the name suggests was a Bubble Gum flavoured fizzy soft drink. The Wrigley Company jumped into the crowded soft drink field with this bubble-gum drink in the totally awesome '80s. I loved that drink, the flavour of original Hubba Bubba in a can, I'll bet it was stuffed full of all manner of … If I was playing "100,000 Pyramid" in 1988, and was the one giving the clues, and the category just so happened to be "Things You Shouldn't Put into Your Mouth", you can bet that "Hubba Bubba Soda" would be the first thing I would say (after I had a good chuckle about all the OTHER, much … 82 (£0.18/count) 15 Fear not - you can still get your chewing gum flavoured gin fix Credit: What happened to the Hubba Bubba drink in the UK? Can it still be found in some remote corner shop? Premises: PRL1234. In particular, the Hubba Bubba Gin Liqueur has taken the internet by storm, followed by Fruit Salad and Jammy Dodger flavour. One disgusted user tweeted: "Couldn't think of anything worse than hubba bubba gin, wrong." A light and refreshing cocktail this is a definite to add to the list. An Aberdeenshire bar has started offering Hubba Bubba frozen daiquiri. Cheers Cafe Bar & Tavern, based in Fraserburgh, now sells the funky drink. When did it last leave our shelves? Why did it disappear? AWRS XYAWOOOO101533. No Allergens 6.25% Alcohol Shelf life 5 Product: Hubba Bubba Soda Company: AJ Canfield Company - AKA "Novelty Beverage" Years: 1988 - ?

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