i rehomed my dog and want him back

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[Help] Adopted a new dog. I just think I am not a dog person. His legal troubles are still not resolved. He was your best friend. For 2 days we knocked on doors, put up a sign, but no one claimed him. However, many individuals have similar questions. So before we begin this journey of pet parenting, we need to make sure we’re ready to take on the responsibilities that a living, feeling, creature entails.. 3 days later, the neighbors claim to have not known the dog was gone, and that they want him back. I adopted a dog and didn’t know about the first few days anxiety and I after 1 day took him back and immediately knew I made a mistake and have been begging the rescue to forgive me and to let me go get him..trying to explain the anxiety took over and I made a rash decision and wanted him back…the rescue won’t talk to me. He wasn't 'just a dog'. Posted by 3 years ago. • They took him home. PLEASE NOTE: Responses to legal inquiries are not meant to replace seeking legal advice from an attorney in your state. This website, the information contained herein, and any responses to questions directed to this column are not intended to create and do not establish an attorney-client relationship. They met him before hand and loved him and their other dog loved him too. Also, greyhounds are much more fragile than a lot of other breeds. Photo: speculummundi We’d all like to believe that every adoption story has a happy ending.. I surrendered my dog and now want him back what are my rights? By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Apologies as I'm having a quick break from work, so if my reply seems a little short, it's not meant to be horrible in any way, but please contact the breeder of your dog, if they are a good breeder, first of all they will want to know of your decision, and secondly, they may take your dog back and find a good home for him. Elinor will field as many questions as she can and they will be posted here on this site. I used the money to pay his past vet bill so they didn't have any problem taking him back to his original vet. Now it's been a week and they want to bring him back because their female dog randomly does not like him anymore. But my question is, do I have to return the rehoming fee I charged them? Please help me. I want to start off by saying that yes, I believe that when you take an animal into your home that it should be a forever home. Everyone I talk to thinks I am crazy for having the anxiety I have over a dog. Now the old family is "devastated" and want him back. But now that we have had him a year we have become lax. Why We Adopted a Dog and Then Returned Her Sadie was sweet in our home but aggressive when outside; we were in over our heads and had to make the heartbreaking decision to take her back. How can I ask for him back? My son wanted him and he is great with him. I explained that I am filled with regret & I feel like I did when my Mom died. I am on my second dog and gave the first one back to breeder due to my anxiety. The bad news is that the pain, guilt, and grief you feel about rehoming your dog won’t easily go away. Once you give away a pet, you can’t get it back unless the new owner is willing to return it, perhaps for a payment. I have anxiety all over again. I rehomed my Akita this week because my 10 months old was allergic to him. Thank you for being part of North Shore Animal League America and our no-kill mission. Some rescues will even post your dog on their website and let you keep him … I've now learned there is low income vets we can go to. Thanks, but I still need to rehome my pet If circumstances mean that rehoming is your only option, make your first call to the breeder, rescue, or person you originally got your pet from. they should have thought through how upset their son would be etc etc before they sold him. - Answered by a verified Lawyer. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. You may find helpful information in the categories listed below. I recently got a little old dog from the shelter. But sometimes situations change, so please no Judgy McJudgerson's. The rescue I volunteer for actually requires their adopters to surrender the dog back to them if needed at any time. Particularly if a dog was lost, it's possible that its old family will finally track the dog down and want it back. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. He was my first dog. They took him home. We don't mind it but don't want him to develop an 'entitled' behavior. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5fd154dc6bc4e688 Your IP: While the former owner didn't appeal directly to her dog's new family, it's a scenario that can happen after you've adopted a dog. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Knowing there's nothing I could say in one sentence to explain all of the circumstances, I reluctantly tell them we've rehomed him. I had real reason – cancer and lack of energy (I am clear but it is only 1,5 years, hope cancer never get back) – but now I know I want to be with my dog unless I die. So am I responsible for returning the fee or do they give that up by returning him? You may find helpful information in the topics listed below. After all, we didn’t want our dog to act on his aggression and wind up hurting someone. I emailed her again, now that she knows what it's like to have a dog, to please return her & I would get her a puppy from the breeder that I got my dog. As long as your reason for returning the dog or cat is reasonable, you’ll be welcome to adopt from that shelter again. Had your dog bitten anyone else, especially in a public place, he may have had to have been put to sleep. They met him before hand and loved him and their other dog loved him too. I rehomed my dog and he is being returned. Archived [Help] Adopted a new dog. Now he shows up during the night and when we wake up he is there. When there is no such provision in the agreement, rights are unclear. I hope this dog gets a loving forever home! Is this something we should do something about. I have had his dog since july 2019. Because I know my boy is happy.” And my second dog is a greyhound snob and doesn't get along well with other breeds, so they might not let her in anyway. Elinor responds to as many questions as possible but cannot personally respond to every question. You should not rely or act upon any information provided on this website or in any response to your inquiry without seeking the advice of an attorney in your state regarding the facts of your specific situation. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. • It is me. I’m a strong believer that dogs are blessings, not a right. They would not have rehomed him to the couple if they didn't think they would be FULLY suitable. i gave my dog away 2weeks ago,but i miss her so much we'e her since she was 5 wks old and she 2 now.i text the girl and told her i want her back and she said no.How can i get her 2 return her,i no she misses us because she goes mad when she see my daughter.plz help. If you adopted your dog from a shelter or rescue, start by asking them about taking the dog back. How does a dog feel when rehomed? They can't sell their dog then say they want him back after 3 days :shock::shakeshead: Tell them no and stand your ground! If the new owner offers the dog for sale, you can offer to buy it back, and up the payment until you succeed. I met a lovely couple who I rehomed my dog with. :'( I miss him … Let them think that I'm that weak, shallow person without strength of character. In my family’s case, we had to bid farewell to one of our dogs because he was becoming more and more aggressive. I rehomed my dog, and immediately regretted it.I let them know within 24 hours that I made a huge mistake, I want Jack back what can I do?! I had the dog for 10 months and have been ill. A few days later I asked for back. Their skin is more delicate, etc. If the dog and his past owner had a particularly close connection, or if the new owner does not satisfy certain needs of the dog, it is possible the dog will want to live with his former owner again. I have printed off pictures of him and put them in my hope chest to show my son when he is older and I kept a few little momentos of him, his favorite toy and stuffy, in the hope chest to honor his memory. The materials in this website and any responses to questions are for informational purposes only and are not intended, nor should they be construed, as legal advice. Do I have a legal right to ask for my dog back that I gave away? However, many individuals have similar questions. We assumed he was dumped, so a good friend took him. Please use the form below to submit a question to our legal expert, Elinor Molbegott. He was only allowed on our bed in the morning after we called him up and right before we got up. I rehomed my dog to a woman who I trusted to care for him since I was ill. She had him 1 day said he bit her and wanted to know if I would take him back. "Now and again I see people who mention that they haven't seen me out walking my dog for a while. Now it's been a week and they want to bring him back because their female dog randomly does not like him anymore. I have 11acres i walk dog several times daily, i love him. I love him, he loves me and that’s it. People who believe they are owed money may sue. Last week we decided to rehome our cat because we couldnt afford to take him to the vet. My sons cat was also here and just dies last week of kidney failure. This is actually hard to write. Just say no and ask them to stop ringing x He asked this morning if he could have his dog back. My first dog loved our local doggie daycare. ? Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. My bond with Daniel was very strong, he had always been the only dog, getting all my love and attention… he was my buddy so of course it was a hard loss; I started feeling like an “empty nester” within a few weeks after his passing, because I not only missed him, but our daily routines. I rehomed my dog through my pet sitter. I met a lovely couple who I rehomed my dog with. I lost my lovely labrador earlier this year. She said NO! Then all sudden I come to find out that she surrendered him to a rescue shelter she knew. I'm already sad and just don't want to deal with negativity regarding this. We feel the dog was not well taken care of, and the friends have already bought food, supplies, collar, a vet visit, etc. 0 Like this post Log in Add an account. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Mollie has been gone since I held her in my arms as she took her last walk over the Rainbow Bridge on March 27, 2007. If you love your dog, you will do everything to keep him. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. But I couldn't really afford it then, and certainly can't afford it for two dogs. This is a tough situation for everyone involved. Due to the volume of questions received, not all questions are answered. Think carefully before giving something away. (only have email for the woman). When I am reading about these poor excuses to give dogs away, it makes me sick. Atleast now he has a second chance. The post I Rehomed My Dog—And I Don’t Regret It appeared first on Reader's Digest. My guess is they really wanted to breed them, but I didn't take them as that type of people. Close. Then didn't hear from her since. Hello and welcome to the forum. 105. Related video: This is what pet parents are willing to spend on average a … Guest Posted on 31-07-2009 at 1.44PM . Many adoption agreements provide that adoption fees are non-refundable. Sobbing, sad & can't sleep. hel02guf. But the truth is, not every pet adoption is a perfect match — and sometimes returning a pet to the shelter is the only option an adopter has. The truth is that even though I may sound like I had no problem giving my dog Jazz away, I still feel terrible whenever I think about that day. But now I want her back as my doctors feel she was good for my … 1.4K views. Now the old family is "devastated" and want him back. We took our dog back to the SPCA, and both my husband and I wept like our hearts were breaking. I said yes. No matter how much you love your dog, if he has ever bitten anyone, you need to take him to a professional trainer for assessment and rehabilitation. Mutt-i-grees: PreK-12 Social & Emotional Curriculum, Pet Savers: Cooperative Buying Program for Shelters. I wanted a dog I could go running with so, sorry, but I'm bringing him back to the shelter.” This is an incredibly common problem and affects shelter dogs to such a degree partly because shelters can be such a huge CAUSE of reactivity. This decision wasn’t made lightly, but ultimately, we knew it was best for us all. My guess is they really wanted to breed them, but I didn't take them as that type of people.

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