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Be more worried about the bears. Softer point, reef and beachbreak waves on the West Philippine Sea coast, from the northeast “Amihan” monsoon from November to February. There’s some great surfers and talented photographers, and even some guys running some low-key surf tourism, which is done in a cool way because it allows people to go and see the place for themselves if they want to. What you’ll need: Standard shortboard for the better days at the points and the thumping beachbreaks on Masirah Island. And surprisingly, there are some very good ones to be lucked into…. “Norway is a huge country, so it all depends on where you’re going, what you’re doing, what your goal is,” says Chris Burkard. The area is dripping in history to immerse yourself in, and a trip to Jerusalem and the dead sea is a must. Surfers seeking the spot can take a plane from Medellín to Nuqui and make arrangements through local guides or hotels. We went to one village that had about 12 occupants.” Now, the majority of your time spent here will be exploring, but chances are wildly high that you’ll be the first to surf a spot if you discover one. What you’ll need: Small wave boards and one step up, unless you’re chasing a typhoon, in which case you’ll want as much performance volume as you can stuff in your coffin. The national park is home to a historic abandoned fort and some of the least crowded beaches in the world. Our reader suggestions on Facebook. You’ll find enough to have fun around Havana (including a reefbreak near the Russian embassy), and the water is bath temp. What you’ll need: A varied quiver is very important here. Best time of year: May to September, which in Angola are the winter months. It won’t be the best meal you’ll have. But with more than 250 million visiting the Golden State each year, finding your own secluded spot on the sand can be difficult. There’s always a photograph you leave behind there.”. Waves: The Angolan coastline favours long, left, sand-bottom points. Waves: Mainly endless open stretches of black sand beachbreaks. There’s fun waves elsewhere too, the most surprising of which break just outside Rome. But, be prepared to surf on your own – a lot. Cuisine: Where to begin. Above: If you’re anything like Stab, you’ll see this and wonder when the last time you were so deeply stirred by a surf photo was. But most of the time you can drive along the coast and see many lonely peaks breaking. Supertubes, Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa. Above: This Tel Aviv breakwall is about as good as waves get in Israel – see any D’bah resemblance here? Bulabog Beach is the main kiting venue on Boracay Island, a stunning lagoon protected by a reef, which offers calm waters and steady onshore winds that are just perfect for beginners. What else to do in Mauritania? North Shore. I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. Japan's coasts are full of surf spots that crowds of enthusiasts rush to on the weekends hoping to catch a wave. What else to do in Japan? The Aleutians definitely aren’t known for their cuisine. Waves: For the most part, fun beachies during hurricane season. Essentially taboos that arose from ancient folk tales, fady is very powerful and governs daily life across Madagascar. Banzai, near Rome, can get kinda rammed, but you can get spots in Sardinia to yourself. Nightlife: Not much at all, other than the rooftop bar in the one hotel in Dakhla that is popular with the UN mission in Western Sahara, as it’s the only place in town that serves beer. Nearby hotels even cater to visiting surfers. Plan ahead and camp out overnight in one of the few designated spots on the island to really take in the feeling of seclusion. Game, like antelope, ostrich or zebra, cooked on a braai (barbecue). The capital, Luanda, which in 2015 was the world’s most expensive city, is built on a rather wild divide: At the top, oil-rich biz class, and at the bottom, gutter-poor locals. “You’re surfing slabs, points, perfect beachbreaks… it gets the largest amount of swell in the world, those islands,” he says. None of whom surf. The great Frenchman, Zinedine Zidane, is of Algerian origin. Thirty years ago, it didn’t exist in Taiwan. Certainly not Spanish, despite being a Spanish colony for more than 300 years. Like other countries in the region, there are basically two cultures in Oman: The traditional (and quite conservative) Omani Arab world, and the the rest of the population, which consists of Indians, Filipinos, Sri Lankans, and people of many other nationalities working in the country. Best time of year: Go between (and including) September and December. It would be for about 5 days. Our surf spots (just about anywhere now) just can’t hold as many people as want to show up and surf … A stable government, great roads, good infrastructure, many foreign residents and none of the violent chaos of nearby Yemen or the oppressive religiosity of Saudi Arabia or Iran. Go get it. If you tap into the local scene, you get a different experience and see a lot of places you never would have gone to, had you not had the help. Wave type: reef break; Level: professional. Omani citizens are at the top – everyone else works for them. Skip a stay in the boisterous and crowded resort haven of Cancun and head to Isla Mujeres, a small island just off the coast of Cancun. Yeah, timing is everything here, and if you nail it, you’ll know it. Iceland, a first world country with every possible modern amenity, engaging culture and world class waves is still, somehow, very young as a surf culture (though, no less enthusiastic for it). Sardinia is the pick, with good options in Puglia, Tuscany and Rome. Drop-ins are commonplace. I want emails from Lonely Planet with travel and product information, promotions, advertisements, third-party offers, and surveys. Locals: Italians generally take great pride in their attire and hair curation; Italian surfers, less so, making them easy to spot. Waves: World-class left points, reefs and beachbreaks on offer around the only three coastal towns; Luderitz, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. Cuisine: If you’re heading out to Kamchatka, you’re packing for yourself, so get whatever will last. And, some very unique scenery to accompany. Just don’t forget to dial your visa well in advance. The simple act of hopping between the 14 islands via ferry may well be iced by a storm or huge swell. No wetsuit for the hot and wet summer typhoon season, but it can get chilly in the winter northeast monsoon. Many a surfer has gone on a flat spell bender in town for a week or more, only to be sucked into the maelstrom and never seen on the coast again. Because of their kink for barbarically slaughtering whales! But so does the North Shore. Nightlife: High-spirited salsa clubs and bars, and a Parisian-style cafe culture of drinking out on the footpath. Peaceful Ngor – a tiny island just off the tip of Dakar, Africa’s most western point – offers a range of reliable surf options. Sake and karaoke, while somewhat cliched, are musts. Welcome to Tel Aviv, the brightest city in Israel, a country surrounded on all sides by unfriendly neighbours. Cuisine: Oh, sweet baby Yeezus. Madagascar is a wild ecosystem of rainforests, beaches and reefs. Surf-wise, typhoons are king here. Above: Did you know that Japan could hurl like this? Which isn’t to say there’s no partying - it just doesn’t really happen at “night.” Once you’re out into the remote areas (where the better waves are), there's usually not a whole lot more than one or two restaurants, bars, and bakeries per town. The school caters to all levels, and runs a summer surf camp throughout July and August. Good times, there. “It’s a place that is so ripe for discovery. Or, a more welcoming canvas? Hours of driving are usually necessary to follow weather conditions and find waves. “They’re asking, ok, how are we going to get food? “The winter is pretty consistent, it’ll be fun four times a week. Access to the world's best surf forecast team at Surfline. Eight lesser-known surfing spots around…, Nikon's popular free online photography classes are back, Climb aboard for the USA's 6 most amazing train journeys. You won’t be needing a step-up. Locals dialect is traditional Mandarin Chinese, spoken and written (no “simplified” characters for Taiwan, thanks). And, more beachies. Teahupo'o, Tahiti, French Polynesia. Cuisine: Basic fare, with plenty of rice and meat. Isolated, spectacular and eerie in equal measure, the dubious-sounding Skeleton Coast is fine fodder for an African pirate ... Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. Russia’s hardly famous for its food. Tons of potential, but unfortunately, access is often difficult to impossible, at best. Yep. Most surf spots in Rio will suffer from massive crowds. Then welcome, comrade, to Cuba! Since you’re in the Sahara, it’s desert style all the way: Locals wear the traditional flowing kaftan robe and observe the rituals of Islam by praying in the direction of Mecca five times per day. Localism isn’t really an issue, though with Chile becoming more of a surf destination, that could change. Sharks: A few spearfisherman have been nibbled, but there’s been no fatal bites since 1957. Although just up the drag from the madding crowds of Kuta, surfers should not be fooled by Balangan’s tranquil beauty as the sharp coral reef just in front of the beach calls for booties. Typhoon season, honey. Sardinia has a good nightlife in the summertime, but the waves ain’t as good. However, some people prefer surfing at night when spotlights from the beach will light up the ocean. P-Pass, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia. From spring to summer you’ll surf but not as often. But you can still do a great, classic road trip where you hop in the car, point it where you wanna go, and drive there. The beach – which is only accessible via a short boat ride from Nuqui – offers consistent swells and rideable waves, as well as opportunities to spot colourful birds and humpback whales. Now, this is one sparsely populated region – and for good reason: The harsh desert environment is a difficult place for people to live. Since the influx of the defeated Kuomintang Army in 1949, after the victorious Communists declared the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing, these migrants have sought to preserve their separate political culture against encroachment from the mainland at all costs – except a declaration of independence, which is a red line even the most committed “splittist” will not cross. You don’t have to travel around with them – if you prefer, they’ll just tell you where to go. Nightlife: Whatever you can find outside of the capital Antananarivo. Nightlife: Surprisingly good. A number of shops in Ixtapa arrange surf and SUP trips to La Saladita, including Catcha L’Ola. The culture of the Sahara is strong in Mauritania, with many people living urban lifestyles in Nouakchott and Nouadhibou but maintaining a connection to the vast, empty interior of the Sahara Desert. But don’t worry: It certainly isn’t like that everywhere. Do you want to surf one of the most beautiful & uncrowded destinations in the world? But the real diamond is Skeleton Bay. Pipeline. Waves: Large, long-period north Atlantic groundswell from October to April is the recipe for pointbreak perfection on the Nouadhibou Peninsula. Skeleton Bay, Namibia. Waves: Several swell sources, from western Pacific typhoons from July to November to the Northeast monsoon from November to March. Wave type: point and beach break; Level: advanced. Kuta Beach is one of the most popular surf spots in Bali and the waves here rival some of the best beach breaks on the planet. A great event for the surfing enthusiast. While it isn’t all peaches with the neighbours, Oman is easily the safest country in the Middle East. Locals: When it comes to surfing, there are no locals. There are a considerable number of experienced and dedicated local surfers along with a core group of long-term expatriate foreign surfers in the south, around Kenting and the east coast town of Taitung. A small community of enthusiastic surfers exists around Algiers and the the city of Annaba in the east, near the Tunisian border, where you’re likely to find waves. Thus, unsurprisingly, corruption and bribery is rife. 4. Adventure One offers classes in surfing and SUP, as well as accommodation packages, group bookings and equipment rental. All the good parts of the middle east (food, culture, gals), and the safest of all its neighbours, Oman is an oasis. Surfing is hardly a national sport. New Chums Beach – Whangapoua, New Zealand. “I was surprised to see how similar it was. Remember Kai Neville’s Dear Suburbia? Waves: Longish-period winter windswell, with many point and beachbreaks on offer. Welcome to Algeria! Ramen, udon, and most kinds of meat served over rice are the staples in most places. Severn River, UK. There’s always a photograph you leave behind there. This huge island nation off the southeast coast of Africa is home to thousands of animal species that you won’t find anywhere else, and a cultural mix of Southeast Asia, East Africa and European influence. Slurp a ramen, guzzle a Kirin and get to know one of the most bizarre, entertaining places you’ve ever been. We surfed with an old Russian military truck, all through the volcanic black sand beaches. It’s raw, and I kinda loved that. Taiwan seeks to maintain its political autonomy at all costs and the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? But, when things do manage to line up… “We found incredible surf,” says Burkard. Iceland, there’s always somewhere to go, because it’s an island, you can just go to the other side of the island. Stop reading this right now and go watch the trailer for Cradle Of Storms. What you’ll need: A snowmobile to actually get out and check new waves. Cuisine: Delicious Mediterranean fare with considerable French influence, excellent coffee and fantastic fruits and vegetables. Sharks: The country certainly ain’t notorious for them. You’ll also eat a LOT of minimart food, which is far better than it sounds. Falafels! Sharks: Nothing that’s really known to attack humans. The people that work there are used to this stuff. Despite being featured in the iconic 1966 documentary The Endless Summer, Ngor island hasn’t been overrun by surfing enthusiasts, and Senegal remains an often overlooked destination, despite having some world-class waves. Unless you’re planning a few nights in capital Luanda, entertainment in the desert is mostly non-existent. Nightlife: Not much, but interesting when you can find it in the capital of Muscat. A beautiful mess of 1950s cars rolling unhurriedly past an architectural mix of perfectlypreserved buildings, and wildly decrepit ones. “I didn’t know what to think, I thought I’d landed on the moon.” And he’s right. Due to its sheltered location, the bay requires decent swell to break and is best enjoyed around mid-tide. And if you’re into amazing, empty waves and wild culture shock, then travelling there is absolutely worth it. It’s so easy online now, in Iceland it’ll take you 10 minutes to find another Icelandic surfer who’ll show you around.” Get there within the next three years, before it’s overrun with travelling surfers looking for an ice-cream headache and some dinner party stories. Locals: There’s a small group of core surfers in Iceland who spend their days exploring every inch of the country's coastline. This ... Halawa Beach Park – Moloka'i, Hawaii. But if you’re simply after the most wave-rich zone, then take photographer Chris Burkard’s lead and shoot for the Lofoten Islands. The really open, ultra-raw ones have the best waves. From August to November, it can be absolutely world-class with a solid typhoon swell and seasonal offshore southwest “Habagat” winds. “But try to decide before you get there how you feel about whale, as there’s a good chance you’ll be offered it. Obviously there’s good times to be had in the bigger cities. And, fisherman pulled off the beach by large Zambezi/Bull sharks while fishing. Point breaks better than Bells and Moroccan cuisine? But I digress. They have built Indonesia’s reputation as one of the world’s best surf destinations, and for good reason.

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