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Yes, he might've been entertaining, but, as a singer, Not a Chance!FREDDIE MERCURY deserves this more than anyone! Mick Jagger has said it himself, he is top ten no questions asked. Author: THE_Music_EXPERT. Greatest showmanship, voice, charisma, the whole package. This guy is amazing. Jon is one of the most talented frontman the world has ever seen. Go to graceland and see his trophy room of Gold and Platinum Gold records and awards and it is without a doubt the greatest and the most beautiful room you could ever imagine and the most remarkable display of accomplishments in the history of music and of entertainment. Justin beiber is higher than him, who's voting on this website? Francis Albert Sinatra is the obvious choice and is the right choice. A beautiful American, great guy and a very special singer. Jon Bon Jovi should at a place higher than this!.. He has also left behind his beautiful lyrical legacy. Then he released Versace on the Floor, which is better than the two R&B songs he made (tl;dr: I used to hate him and now I love him). He also has a very good soft voice, this is in songs like Something In The Way, Silver, Dumb, R#pe me, etc. If you haven't heard confessions part two, the album. Josh Groban is very talented. He has a TON of emotion and can hit such high notes. for amber waves of grain" I'm so grateful and proud that Ray Charles and I both share that same country. Not to mention his brilliant vocal control and power. They can also make you feel the music that they sing in your heart and soul. His voice is both soothing and upbeat to listen to, he sings from the heart and the lyrics of his songs have real meaning and are beautiful to hear. Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara, ... the BEST male singer in the world! He was music in a physical form, and though his work will live on, there will never be another person like him. I wish that he was still alive so I could see him live. For many years, this amazing singer has been followed by fans who want him to make a comeback. There's a reason why he's been singing since he was 12. And don't even get me started on his deep voice like DAMM! Musical Genius all the way. Such a great talent if composing or performing.. With all his gifts to us, it's hard to pick one. Thanks to his awesome voice, energy, showmanship, and charisma, as well as his excellent songwriting ability, he put the rock group Journey on the map. Tiny Dancer, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Levon, Someone Saved My Life Tonight, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Candle in the Wind, Bennie and the Jets, and Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me. Vote him he worth it! I love Smells like a teen spirit, lithium and in bloom. "If I Was your Girlfriend" is my favorite song (from him and generally speaking) so far but even today I'm still discovering new Prince songs so hopefully I will gain more favorites. Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest male singers of all tome and should definitely be in the Top 5. His staying power in the music industry was proof enough to consider that he's one of the best!BON JOVI FOR LIFE, He in no means should be number one, that belongs to MJ or Freddie, but come on World! He is amazing the first concert that I have even wanted to attend since the 1970's He is an Angel God sent with talent and the most amazing message for people of today. X Ambassadors. I do not condone R. Kelly behavior but if these girl were example they would not have allowed him to be intimate with them in the first place. Mike is a much better stage performer than Kim. The emotion he would convey with each performance is what makes him so great. I recall asking the NYC Rainbow Room conductor to play us some Beatles music to dance to. My gosh!?.. Schon did a huge dis-service to "true" Journey fans by cheapening the memory of Journey by stooping to You Tube for Steve's "replacement" (a very poor one at that! Of course! Listen to songs like Oh Darling and Maybe I'm Amazed, they show off his range perfectly. His secret to becoming such a great actor singer.. rat pack leader? Robert Plant was the Golden God of rock and a mesmerizing front man in Led Zeppelin. I love all his songs I am one of his biggest fans... All his fans out there should vote for this amazing guy.. He should be at the top of every this type of list. His voice is so incredibly unique. Be as crazy or people, who is considered not to pursue the person, or is everyone looked at me and shook his head off and never mind, my youth at least because Kim Jaejoong and full of bright light, good move, a lifetime worth treasuring memories of time. Michael Jackson's history proves that he should be listed as number 1. Michael could sing beautiful melodic ballads, fast, complicated rhythms, rough, edgy staccatos, and so much more. The kudos go on and on. List of the 100 Greatest based on the following criteria: the number of great records they cut, and how much vocal talent they possessed. Many other singers and musicians around the world are amazing and have different voices. Best Male Singers. He is simply the greatest singer of all time! He is so soulful and can rock with the best. Who's your favourite, let us know in the comments below! The swinging star.. Who fell out of favor.. Then an academy award and many acting roles reminded us Sinatra always said you have to sing the WORDS. Despite all the highest and widest of acclaim from fans far and wide, Adam remains hardworking, grounded, and humble, endearing him to people of all ages and persuasions. Rocket man is one of my favourite songs, and since I was very little I have loved Your Song. Even though the band has had three frontmen since Steve Perry has recorded and performed with them, his voice is still THE voice of Journey. Radio Airplay + Sales Data + Streaming Data = HOT 100 SONGS, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons With Logic & Ty Dolla $ign Feat. There are no words to accurately describe just how much I adore this man's voice. Most of the singers on this list are whiny and they put no emotion and meaning behind their voice, unlike Kurt. He is amazing! Best Male Songs of 2021... We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts. Girls are all crazy about him! Freddie was the best I have ever seen. He should be at least number 3, behind mj and freddie mercury. The song had the same name. By setting his heart free! Unbelievable how only this one man was capable of writing 7 minute-long, debatable absolute best rock song of all time "Bohemian Rhapsody" with multiple movements covering and combining both rock and OPERA. Mr. Perry a voice like yours cannot be replaced it is a gift. I only wish he is a bit more open on other genres. I love that he sung about dragons, rainbows and deamons His lyrics were full of wonder. He is admired and respected by those in the music industry who have made it to the top - which is where Josh belongs. I can talk for hours about him...he is and he will be one of my idols but sure the top of singers! Come on, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake are above Ray Charles? Why is their such tasteless rubbish above him. Jon has been an amazing singer for decades now, and still sells out arenas and stadiums. But no one cared of such a talented vocalist. His vocal range is legendary, from deep and low to awesome scheeching. He's not just the pop star on the radio. Another example of someone who couldn't see the world around him but was not blind to his love for music and his need to share his talents and his inner sight with us all. He wrote my favorite song ''I Look to You'' and it was sang by my favorite artist Whitney Houston, Top Ten Most Bizarre Things that Have Fallen from the Sky, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. ). I just listen to him night and day and hope he has found some happiness now and is in a better place now because if anyone deserves it, he does. I think that he is someone that the teenager and an octogenarian can listen to in the same room and at the same time with equal enjoyment! On Let it Be and Long and Winding Road he was sounding like a gospel singer. There were jazz albums from the likes of Robert Glasper and Terrace Martin. One of my favorites. He really deserves this. As a solo artist he continues to reinvent himself. RIP Chester. Mike is more known world-wide than Kim. Along with Stevie Wonder, other recording artists such as Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Gary Puckett and more belong in the Top 20. The UK Singles Chart is one of many music charts compiled by the Official Charts Company that calculates the best-selling singles of the week in the United Kingdom. And he, along with the rest of the Beatles, wrote some of the best songs of all time. I like the fact that this young man doesn't try to emulate anyone else, he's "Just Josh" who has real talent as well as being a kind and giving person. He is also one of the celebrities I really wish to meet and wish that he sings to me personally. He deserves it! Make him number one! This list was created by heathens. How fortunate we were to have had the British Invasion as part of our musical history. The 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards ceremony, organized by CJ E&M through its music channel Mnet, took place at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. They move me in a way that nothing else ever has and there will never ever be another like him. He's got such a unique, powerful, special and outright amazing voice! What can I say? He was also a real singer and artist, unlike about 95 percent of the singers ranked higher than. (I'm a white female. He's amazingly talented. So shouldn't Dad be The Number One?. He has an excellent rock voice and he's what makes Led Zeppelin so awesome. He's good, but not better than Luther, Joe, Brian McKnight or Johnny Gill. There's a reason: A wall of sound surrounds and envelopes so thoroughly that the effect is so unbelievable people want not just to see and hear this magnificent performer, but to repeat "the Voice" experience not just once, but many times over to discover if Adam is for real, so incredibly unearthly his gift is. His lyrics are beautiful poetry that can transport you to another time and place. The best voice I have ever heard in all my life and always will be the best! But Still I'm glad because his range is so wide and something about his voice that can touch my heart like a bird singing in the sunset and a beautiful man. I must say that I have really cried about these things and almost belived them, I have also be angry with him and sometimes scared of him but the other day that was just a nightmare. Have almost run out of words to describe Adam Lambert. Led Zeppelin FOREVER! Go out an listen to a greatest hits and more. Okay I guess not first but at least at the top. I can't believe he is so far down this list. Steve Perry is the consummate performer! Kim Jaejoong is my life! The ceremony was the seventh consecutive Mnet Asian Music Awards to be hosted outside of South Korea and the 18th ceremony in the show's history. For those who have somehow missed or dismissed his abilities... Adam Lambert is an amazing, energizing, sizzling, charismatic, magical, shockingly powerful vocalist and performer. His range and ability are impressive, as well as his aptitude for different styles. He has a huge catalog of songs to choose from, sings each one as if it's his favorite, and can perform for hours to the delight of each and every person in the audience. His voice is raw, real, seductive, and perfect for rock n' roll all at the same time. It was an ...more. His huffy answer.. WeDon't play THAT here. ... Québec, Canada as Leonard Norman Cohen. 1000 of all time get two … I honestly think I should’ve been born in the 40s or 50s because I love the oldies music and fashions, and hairstyles! He had both the heaviest and the softest voices. Anyway, Elvis was amazing in EVERY way. I sometimes feel Raising Sand gets overlooked when it comes to Plant's accomplishments, and it certainly shouldn't. Jaejoong is a great singer and composer. I'm 14 and even I appreciate a great voice. His ear for music and finding melodies, and ability to create it have only improved. It is an understatement to say he is a good singer/songwriter. He plays well to the very young to the very old. The music 99% of our generation was conceived to. Eminem is sexist and homophobic, has an awful voice, and is not even a singer, he is a rapper and the worst musician ever. He was soft and could at the flick of a switch turn in to a legendary "scringer" Everything about Chester was top notch and world class. I <3 you usher! Josh Groban is by far the best male singer out there at the moment, he's not in league with anyone else. 1. An unlikely pairing, but one that really clicked, thanks to the genius of T-Bone Burnett. This list is a real joke :( I can't think of one artist that could play over 20 instruments. I have seen most of these performers, not including Sinatra. Mike is far more creative than Kim. The amount of amazing music that black artists released in 2016 is impossible to fully recap here. Another song he wrote iss Don't Stop me Now, which is my all time favourite song and he songs in it amazingly. Stevie Wonder has shown everyone a variety of various songs that he has created. One family that made sure everyone had glitter on. Mike is the only POP MEGASTAR that has ever received the title. Bieber is a gimmick, he cannot sing for his life. That is only part of what a great singer is. May 16 – Emilio Navaira, 53, Tejano and country music singer, best known for the 1995 hit "It's Not the End of the World" (heart attack). Lots of people said and still say things about him, very bad things about him. I believe he should be in the top 5. The genius could play over 20 instruments. There will never be another Ronnie James Dio no matter how long humans exist. He is dynamic, electric, mesmerizing, just the BEST ever! Any male lead singer or member of a group or duo is ineligible for inclusion, qualifying instead for the Top 100 Music Groups and/or Music Duos lists. 2. The Best male vocalist with the widest range, emotion, and sexy soulfulness, that can belt out a Rock love ballad to a true rock classic and hit high notes most only dream about! Nothing against any of todays singer because there are some very talented ones but nothing compares to real old school vocal training. People say he danced weird, but I think he danced amazingly! He's both an amazing pianist and singer who has inspired many artists to be creative. A true legend. I can't believe he is this far down. Steve Perry is the best singer in the world! His voice is one of a kind and ranges from primal howls to seductive to folksy. He can scream like a beast and can also sing you to sleep like an angel. He has very beautiful and healing voice. Solo male vocalists in all areas of music (pop, rhythm and blues, country, jazz, folk, etc.) This could only be done with a tremendous amount of talent. He has such a great voice and can sing absolutely anything, which is proved in his most popular song Bohemian Rhapsody. ONe-LOve. Everyone at least loves a handful of his songs, and shows his surprising and incredible vocal range. Watch Florida Georgia Line perform the hit single from the album "Dig Your Roots". I don’t blame those girls, I’d be screaming with them too! In addition, he is one of the few male true virtuosos out there today and that gets noticeable inspiration from many different elements, past and current. This man should be the #1 greatest artist of all time. Mr. Perry, (the "VOICE") is a true gentleman with the way he has been treated and rumored about in the press and by fellow band members. music Hall nyLooking around that huge venue I saw a United Nations of people, costumes and ages, the younger even leaning forward more in their seats than the rest. See Billboard's rankings of this year's most popular songs, albums, and artists. Whatever kind of joke it is, placing the worst musician ever who isn't even a singer and is a rapper above Marvin Gaye. The 50 greatest male R&b singers of all time by ruffcoaley | created - 11 Dec 2013 | updated - 15 Nov 2014 | Public The best singers, song wtiters, best sellers of all time. Come on people! I can't believe people like bruno mars and adam lambert are in the top ten but robert plant is only at number 18. He deserves to be in the top ten or even top five! Joe is the true king of r&b. He had perfect pitch, perfect tone, and, at a 4 octave range, untouchable! They judge him like he is a criminal or I don't know what, like he is the worst person you can imazine. I've been a fan of His from the very first time I heard Him sing. Only, who is at the people have asked me ' you like most people ' time without thinking answers -- Kim Jaejoong; but, in all the moving has been unable to shake my time will still be utterly routed because one of his eyes. No doubt that he's the best male singer alive, such a shame we had to lose him so early. Pages in category "2016 singles" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 1,358 total. It is said that it is about him being bisexual, which relates to me a lot.. buthe I'm not going to comment too much about that because nobody knows weather Freddie was gay or bisexual, and we should respect whatever sexualit he actually was. Paul is one of the finest singers in rock. Freddie is an absolute phenomenon, putting his heart and soul into every lyric, imbuing every word with such passion and vigor. No one can sing like Dio. : His singing style characterized itself for mastering several styles, every single musical style or sound feature John Lennon took in his hands he demonstrated to master it and even perfect it, taking it beyond any limits in terms of artistic expressionism and full enrichment, but even better than these facts is the one that he created a style of his own, yes, that is, I mean such IS the height of the transcendence of his Multipowerful Legacy, you just need to listen to a couple of his songs and will get what I and many many more are saying, and he achieved all this by only being true to himself! Come on dear friends, John Lennon taught the world how to sing and gave birth to almost all the good music we are listening to right now, who else has contributed like this and given birth to such a vast musical universe followed by millions around the world for more than 60 years and counting? When you first hear it and it first starts you think it's going to be a calm song, and then later on it has opera, then a heavy rock section and finishing off the calm bit. 20 Best Male Singers Ever (Voice Only) by mdswamp | created - 26 May 2015 ... Morten Harket is the singer and front man in the Norwegian pop-group, A-Ha since 1982. In my humble opinion He should be right up there with Freddie Mercury in the top five of all time. I can almost guarantee you that more people in China knows who Michael Jackson is than Kim. Thank you Mr. Presley, you're on the top of my list. Today's people just don't know how good they used to be. The Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance was a Grammy Award recognizing superior vocal performance by a male in the pop category, the first of which was presented in 1959. Mike is legend and he will be remembered for centuries to come. The Best Of The Boys from The X Factor UK. If you need convincing, just listen to a few of his songs such as Jailhouse Rock, Are you Lonesome Tonight, In the Ghetto, If I can dream, Suspicious Minds, Heartbreak Hotel, Burning Love, Kentucky Rain just to mention a few and then try to come up with another singer who could perform all of those songs anywhere near as well as he did. Goes to show just how his voice can sound in many different tones, not a lot of singers can sound like he could.

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