which statements are true of all scientific endeavors?

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Question 11. Which statement is true about rubber, a polymeric material? select all the correct answers. Which of the following statements about a scientific theory is NOT true? prove or disprove a hypothesis. Other two statements are false!. B.A normal rubber band … breaks when the strain is less than 10%. develop a hypothesis. Investigating the relationship between facts that have been gathered b. Therefore it is the government’s responsibility to balance the usage of tax payer’s money between funding purely scientific endeavors and humanitarian science projects. The author finds that it is necessary to post a generalized statement of scientific ethics intended to cover all forms of scientific endeavor as society, government, and Science change and evolve. C)The multiple causes of abnormality can be easily captured in a single study. Answers: 2, question: Which of these statements are true about scientific theories and hypotheses? 3.a theory has strong predictive power. ask a question. a. Scientific knowledge can not answer all questions is true.Science is changing always. 4.a theory is formed before experimentation begins. 3 points . most scientific endeavor are kept confidential and are not communicated with the public or other scientists true or false? A(n) _____ is a series of interrelated propositions which attempt to describe, explain, predict, and ultimately control some class of events. Data is the information used to: Answer. Which of the following statements is true of the study of psychopathology? Question 10. Which of the following is not a scientific endeavor? 2 points . 4. 1.a hypothesis is a tentative statement. In conclusion, funding for purely scientific endeavors is a long-term investment, while funding toward humanitarian science projects marks a rather short-term investment. All scientific endeavor accepts a priori that the universe and universal laws can in no way be the products of chance occurring every now-and-then out of vanity; it attempts to verify the accepted principle that, in every trace of this vast universe, highly precious … It would, however, be of no avail if, at the very beginning of an occult-scientific presentation, we were to speak of all kinds of aberrations, which in the souls of prejudiced persons discredit all research in this direction, because they conclude, from the presence of really quite numerous aberrations, that the entire endeavor is unjustified. A)Self-reports are often accurate and reliable sources of information. 5.a hypothesis is formed after experimentation is complete. B)Observer assessments ensure the absence of any type of bias. 2.a theory is the same as a fact. 2 See answers daniellemberger daniellemberger I think that that information is true, however the information could be given after the endeavor. C.When a small amount of sulfur is added, to provide cross-links between molecules in rubber, the elastic limit is … Scientific endeavor is often driven by both curiosity and societal need. [1] A.A normal rubber band breaks when the strain is greater than 1. Answer True False. Scientific method refers to a standardized set of techniques for building scientific knowledge, such as how to make valid observations, how to interpret results, and how to generalize those results. A It has the same meaning in science as it does in daily life.. B It enables scientists to make accurate predictions about new situations.. C Scientific theories tie many hypotheses together.. D It is based on a large body of evidence. Building a database of information c. Investigating paranormal phenomena d. Interrogating witnesses at a crime scene 5.

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