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The south transept of the world-famous landmark was almost destroyed by fire in 1984 after a lightning strike on the roof. It took four years to complete repairs - costing £2.25m - and the Minster was finally re-dedicated in a service attended by the Queen in November 1988. The narrative scenes were replaced by new designs using the Old Testament as their theme (starting with a strikingly contemporary Hand of God for the Creation and following with Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel and Noah. with the university orchestra in York Minster, the cathedral which was the sub-ject of a very mysterious fire early in the morning on July 9, 1984, following re-burial, the day before, of Jewish bones ... spectacular lightning storms light the sky above York the night before the fire. The night of 8th July had been hot and still. Jonathan Smith, UK, My wife and I lived in York at that time and clearly remember seeing a flash of lightning and waiting, counting for the thunder, but it never came. The York Minster fire As your readers will be aware, in the early hours of the morning of 9 July 1984, the Minster at York was severely damaged by fire. I was a Tenor Songman in York Minster Choir from 1983-1985 and lived in a room at No. After much debate, the South Transept roof was rebuilt with a hand carved wooden replica and the cracked glass of the rose window was painstakingly restored with additional reinforcement. The York Minster article on the Internet says simply, “On 9 July 1984 a fire, probably caused by lightning, destroyed the roof of the South Transept.” The days following the fire were full of theories, accounts, interviews, and speculations. It is thought that a lightning bolt was responsible for starting the fire that subsequently destroyed the south transept. The clock bells ring every quarter of an hour during the daytime and Great Peter strikes … York Minster upped insurance cover when controversial bishop arrived …then disaster struck CLERICS increased the insurance cover on York Minster because they feared a … Menu. 7 Precentor's Court - a beautiful cobbled street which gave me a stunning view of the west face of the Minster. There was lightning over York, although no thunder. The massive blaze destroyed the roof of the south transept of the Gothic cathedral, which was completed in the 15th century. Mic, UK, I was nine years old and attended York College School which is at the far side of the Cathedral. However it was sparked, the fire caused massive damage to the 13th century cathedral, destroying the roof of the South Transept and shattering the famous rose window into thousands of pieces. The cause of the fire is unclear, but early suggestions are that the medieval cathedral was struck by lightning. Staff braved heavy smoke and flames to salvage the Minster's priceless artefacts while the building was still ablaze. On July 9, 1984, a fire believed to have been triggered by a lightning strike caused severe damage to Britain’s imposing York Minster. The 15-hour fire damaged or destroyed more than 100 rooms, one-fifth of the castle. York's divisional fire commander was fast asleep when the phone rang in the early hours of 9 July 1984. It was (and still is) very beautiful, and I remember thinking the fire couldn't have been all bad if it allowed people to get a closer look at the details of the window. Afterwards £350,000 was spent on installing modern fire alarms. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie. 1984: Lightning sets fire to York Minster. 3. The cellar was totally dedicated to the restoration and I remember the Great Rose Window was laid out and on display and it was the closest anyone had got to it for centuries. We immediately connected the two events in our minds, but it is impossible to say that they were connected. Thirty years ago a bolt of lightning hit York Minster starting a blaze that would destroy the roof of the South Transept. Workmen stare in disbelief at the damage. He was at the scene this morning, after giving a service at the Minster yesterday, he said: "there's a certain obvious poignancy which makes one a bit lost for words, immediate reactions and slick comments.". Yorkshire Fire Brigade concluded it was more likely to have been a lightning strike. On Jul 9, 1984, a fire believed to have been triggered by a lightning strike caused severe damage to Britain's imposing York Minster. There was also criticism that smoke detectors had been set too low in the roof to provide early warning of the fire. John Beaumont, London UK, Aged 13, I was a runner up in the competition back in 1984 to design new bosses for the roof and still treasure the piece of (slightly singed) wood from the damaged roof sent as my prize.Iain Duthie, UK. Gilded ceiling boss, a detail of the nave vault at York Minster, which was destroyed by fire in 1840 and rebuilt soon afterwards. At first I thought this was one of Phil's pranks since we'd both spent the evening drinking in the choir local, the Hole-in-the-Wall pub on High Petergate. On July 9, 1984, a fire believed to have been triggered by a lightning strike caused severe damage to Britain’s imposing York Minster. Crews from across North Yorkshire were called to the scene, with 114 firefighters tackling the blaze. I was also choir music librarian at the time and when I was given access to the Minster at 8.30am the next morning, the entire floor of the building was sitting in three inches of water. Other possibilities such as arson and electrical faults have been discounted to a large extent. Apart from a veiled reference to "divine retribution", you seem to have entirely omitted the fact that the fire took place immediately after the controversial and much disputed ordination of Dr David Jenkins, elevated to such high office in the Church of England despite his views that undermined the very foundations of the Christian faith. The fire in the Minster turned the bishop into a … 1984: Historic York Minster engulfed by flames, 1991: Bank collapse costs taxpayers millions, 1973: Bahamas' sun sets on British Empire, 2001: Scientists discover why we are here. Hundreds of people gave their support, which ranged from cash donations to oak trees. Ironically the greatest damage to the choir music library, which was located in the south choir aisle adjoining the South Transept, was from water, not fire and smoke. Pictures: Devastating fire at York Minster in 1984 remembered as prayers are held for Notre Dame. The task included replacing a medieval roof and precious stained glass windows The fire was concentrated in the 13th Century South Transept and left its roof destroyed. The fire had started during a spell of hot, cloudless weather and a lightning strike was the most likely cause. Fire investigators estimate that repair bills will total £1m, but the government has already pledged assistance. But when I went outside and saw the surreal sight of the bright orange glow enveloping the south transept, time seemed to stand still. UK News Published: Apr 16, 2019. July 9, 1984: Lightning bolt is responsible for catastrophic York Minster blaze A fire destroyed the ancient roof of York Minster's south transept, causing £2.25m of damage and leading to dark mutterings concerning the origins of the blaze. BBC News reports on the fire at York Minster, 9th July 1984. There are fears that the 16th Century stained glass rose window has been badly damaged but experts are optimistic that it can be repaired. A fire early this morning severely damaged the ancient cathedral of York Minster, particularly its 13th-century south transept, but authorities … Flames engulfed the huge Gothic church in York on July 9 1984 in a blaze prompted by a lightning strike, with hundreds battling to save the building. It Factsheet 16. The 1984 Fire - The Cause. Notre Dame tragedy stirs memories of 1984 York Minster fire. My eyes simply couldn't process what I was looking at. York Minster: struck by lightning three days after Jenkins was consecrated there. Eyewitness reports suggested that the tire began around 0230 B s r as a result of one or a number of lightning strikes on part of the Church roof. At around 3am I was woken by my choir colleague, Philip Daggett, banging on my door. When I opened it he shouted, "John, get downstairs; the Minster's on fire!". He had caused a fuss inside the Church and out by questioning the literal truth of the virgin birth or miracles such as Jesus walking on water. It triggered alarms at York’s Clifford Street and Acomb fire stations, where members of Red Watch were on duty. 1984: Historic York Minster engulfed by flames A massive fire has devastated large parts of York Minster causing an estimated £1m damage. It took four years to complete the repairs - which included bosses in the South Transept vaulting designed by winners of a competition run by the BBC children's programme, Blue Peter. Many of the weather events on this list can be viewed as “biblical,” but none more so than the lightning bolt that set fire to York Minster in the wee hours of July 9, 1984. Then, at about 2.30am, a fire alarm shattered the silence around the deserted Minster. The York Minster fire broke out in the early hours of 9th July 1984. York Minster, England On July 9, 1984, a fire believed to have been triggered by a lightning strike caused severe damage to Britain's imposing York Minster. But within minutes, Alan Stow was fighting to … Shortly after 0200 BST the alarm was raised and 150 fire-fighters from across north Yorkshire spent two hours bringing the blaze under control. By doing this, they saved the rest of the Minster since the flames from the transept were already curling into the tower space, threatening the whole building. Six of the transept ceiling bosses were designed by the winners of a competition run by the BBC children's programme, Blue Peter. Before this, it had been set very high up in a wall.Michelle, UK. This is the way he governs the nations" (The Bible, Job 36:30-31). York Minster was hit by fire in 1984 after being hit by a lightning strike. It has been responsible for some of the most famous fires in UK history, most notably the fire at York Minster in 1984. Finally the weather was considered. A devastating fire, possibly caused by lightning, severely damaged the great Gothic cathedral of York Minster early today, a police chief said. Some attributed the cause of the blaze to divine retribution - or even a UFO. Firefighters are seen working in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris early on April 16, 2019. 1956: 'Laughing stock of the world' - Suez veteran, 1963: 'Stunned into silence' by JFK's death. 1984: York Minster ablaze The devastating fire at York Minster took hold in the early hours of the morning of 9 July 1984. The carving around the arch of the main west door of York Minster had deteriorated badly by the late 20th century and was thus entirely recarved by the Minster masons in 2002. We loved it - we had to have the whole week off school because the site was too dangerous! He noted two fires involving important medieval structures in England: the York Minster fire in 1984, probably caused by a lightning strike to the church’s roof; and the Windsor Castle fire in 1992, caused by a spotlight left against a curtain. The fire brigade took the decision to collapse the South Transept roof by pouring tens of thousands of gallons of water onto it. The fire happened two nights after David Jenkins was consecrated as Bishop of Durham in the Minster. P, UK. Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Guardian. Explanations ranged from UFOs to divine retribution, but North Yorkshire Fire Brigade's report to the Home Office confirmed that lightning was the most likely cause. It was only the next morning that we learnt of the devastating fire at the Minster. Hidden away up a steep narrow staircase at York Minster is the evidence that proves you can restore historic cathedrals to their former glory. Christ's feet disappear into the sky surrounded by the heads of Mary and the remaining eleven apostles. I moved to Yorkshire only days after the fire, and one of my first trips was to the York Minister.

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